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Robert Dello-Russo

Robert Dello-Russo, PhD

Curriculum Vitae

In the mid-1970s, Dr. Dello-Russo began working with the Bureau of Land Management as a cadastral surveyor. That work involved the retracement of original 19th century Government Land Office surveys and the documentation of numerous historic cultural resources in Colorado and then Montana, starting in 1977. In 1984, he began archaeological contract field work in the Pacific Northwest with both Washington State University and private contractors and took classes in Archaeology at the University of Oregon in Eugene. In late 1986,he moved to New Mexico, where he continued doing contract archaeology. In the late 1980s, he enrolled in the Anthropology program at UNM and started working periodically with the Office of Contract Archeology. By 1991, Robert had completed his MA in Anthropology (Archaeology) at UNM and, in 1993, he opened his own CRM firm, Escondida Research Group (ERG). He did contract work throughout the state, research work with the University of Wyoming and completed his PhD in Anthropology (Archaeology) in 1999 at UNM. In 2005, Robert was hired by the New Mexico Department of Game & Fish to create their Section 106 compliance program, so he and Patrice moved to Santa Fe, where they still currently reside. In 2007, Robert accepted a position of Deputy Director with the Office of Archaeological Studies, Department of Cultural Affairs. In that role, he oversaw the completion of many CRM projects across the state. He accepted the position of Director at the Office of Contract Archeology in late 2013. He has pioneered sourcing studies for silicified rhyolite quarries in west-central NM using XRF, undertaken rock shelter archaeology at Lemitar Shelter, and is currently engaged in Paleoindian and paleoenvironmental research at the Water Canyon site.