Entrance to OCA laboratory

OCA archeologists process and document artifacts

Flotation processing of soil samples at OCA laboratory


The OCA facility, located at 1717 Lomas Blvd. NE on UNM’s North Campus, occupies 8560 sq. ft. and houses laboratories (3100 sq. ft.), office space (4000 sq. ft.), and artifact and equipment storage (1460 sq. ft.).  A secure fenced vehicle yard is attached to the building.  Space used for general administration includes a reception area with a dedicated FAX line, and offices for the Director, Associate Director, and Office Administrator.  The facility also has separate offices for CAD/GIS, data processing, and report production. Eight fully equipped secure offices are dedicated solely to Project Directors.  The facility contains analysis pods equipped to support 15 individual  analysts,  with  desks,  files,  and  network-linked microcomputers.  OCA also houses a 5000+ volume  library, and a conference room for meetings and presentations.

Volunteer Opportunities at OCA