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Peggy A. Gerow (BA, Anthropology, University of Massachusetts; MA, History, Northeastern University, Boston;
PhD, American Studies, University of New Mexico)

Peggy Gerow has over 28 years experience in archeology, 25 years of which includes experience in survey, excavation, analysis, archival research, and reporting in all regions of New Mexico, portions of west Texas, and southwestern Wyoming.  These projects include working with Paleoindian, Archaic, Anasazi, Jornada-Mogollon, Rio Grande Pueblo, early Navajo and Apache, Spanish Colonial, U.S. Territorial, and twentieth century historical materials.  Since October 1987, she has been employed full time at the Office of Contract Archeology and has served as Project Director since 1988.  She is OCA’s primary historical specialist and has conducted such historical projects as the Butterfield Trail surveys, overview of the Quemado area for the Salt River Project, the documentation of the historic towns of San Pedro, Socorro County and San Pedro, Santa Fe County, NMARNG historic structures documentation, survey and excavations at Fort Craig National Historic Site, and the Oliver M. Lee Ranch excavations. Work at military sites includes structure documentation, excavations, archival research, and artifact analysis.  Military sites worked at consist of Fort Craig, Camp Luna, the 1918 NMARNG cavalry facilities in Deming, and the Nike-Hercules facility at the NMARNG Roswell-Weekend Training Site (WETS). In addition to her work at OCA, she directed a 5-year public archeology program (1990-1994) at Fort Craig in cooperation with the BLM and co-directed the 2002 public archeology excavations at the Oliver M. Lee Ranch house.

She has extensive analysis experience in the Archaic, Formative, and historical periods with an emphasis on Formative period ceramics and the Euro-American artifacts from the various historic periods. Historical analysis includes artifacts, architectural documentation, archival research, and oral history interviews.

Gerow is listed in the NM SHPO Register as an archeologist and as a historian.