Department Name

Patrick F. Hogan – (MA Anthropology, 1977, University of Utah; PhD Anthropology, 1986, Washington State University)

Dr. Hogan has 26 years full-time equivalent experience in Great Basin and Southwestern archeology, including over 20 years experience in New Mexico. His particular areas of expertise include prehistoric and historical hunters-gatherers in the Southwest and Great Basin, the transition to agriculture, and Anasazi agricultural strategies.

Since joining OCA in 1980, Dr. Hogan has served as project director for 28 cultural resource management projects, and as principal investigator for more than 50 projects. He was principal investigator of the cultural resources management program for the MAPCO Four Corners Loop Pipeline Project (much of which was located in the same corridor as the Equilon pipeline), and was senior author of the cultural resources sections of the Environmental Assessment (EA) for that pipeline. He also prepared the cultural resources sections of the EA for the Viveash Fire Timber Salvage Project, working under subcontract with Foster Wheeler Environmental; and he authored the full EA for implementation of the New Mexico Army National Guard Integrated Cultural Resources Management Plan.

Major projects include survey of Cox Ranch Land Exchange (ca. 12,000 acres), south-central New Mexico; excavations at three multicomponent Archaic sites near Farmington, New Mexico; excavations at 12 Archaic and Basketmaker III–Pueblo I sites, Bernalillo County, New Mexico; excavations at 22 Archaic and early Formative sites on the Cox Ranch Land Exchange, south-central New Mexico; excavation of two early Mesilla phase sites near Las Cruces, New Mexico; overview and research design for BLM Fruitland Coal Gas Development Area, San Juan and Rio Arriba counties, New Mexico; excavations at 12 Archaic sites on MacBeth Land Exchange, Bernalillo County, New Mexico; survey of Boyd Land Exchange (ca. 14,000 acres), west-central New Mexico; excavation of 14 early/middle Archaic campsites near Quemado, west-central New Mexico; exca-vations at Pueblo III and early Navajo sites and an ethnohistorical study of recent Navajo sites on the Bolack Land Exchange near Farmington, New Mexico.