OCA projects associated with housing development often include auger testing of buried deposits and monitoring of initial ground disturbing activities.

Housing Development

The OCA projects conducted for clients working in housing development business are commonly involved in performing pre-construction surveys of state or privately owned land. This work is intended to ensure that significant cultural resources will not be destroyed during the proposed construction. OCA's work on housing development projects include numerous surveys in the Placitas, New Mexico area for High Mesa General Partnership and KGA Development as well as for the Santa Fe Canyon Ranch LLC, Maestas and Associates, Construction Analysis and Management, Inc., and Safe-Waste, Inc. These projects have resulted in the following publications:

Trevor Kludt (2005): Archaeological Survey of the Santa Fe Canyon Ranch, Santa Fe County, New Mexico, OCA/UNM Report No. 185-868 (report cover shown above)

Alexander Kurota (2005): A Class III Cultural Resources Inventory of 44 Acres in Placitas, Sandoval County, New Mexico, OCA/UNM Report No. 503 (report cover shown below)

Janette Elyea (2000): An Archeological Survey of 15 Acres in Placitas, New Mexico, OCA/UNM Report No. OCA-058.

Peggy A. Gerow (2001): An Archeological Survey of 13.13 Acres in the Sundance Mesa Subdivision, Placitas, New Mexico, OCA/UNM Report No. 068.

Marie E. Brown (1997): Test Excavations at Two Historic Sites in the Town of Taos, New Mexico, OCA/UNM Report No. 185-571 (report cover shown below)

Marie E. Brown (1997): Cultural Resources Survey of the Lower Tijeras Arroyo, Bernalillo County, New Mexico, OCA/UNM Report No. 185-562 (report cover shown below)

William H. Doleman (1996): Survey and Excavation in the Hidden Mountain Area: The Trisect Landfill Road Project, OA/UNM Report No. 185-521 (report cover shown above)