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Alexander Kurota

Alexander Kurota (BA Teaching, MA Anthropology) has 12 years of archeological experience in supervising surveys, excavations and reporting in Arizona, New Mexico, Kansas, and Texas panhandle. Such projects include excavations at Coronado’s Jimmy Owens site in Texas, as well as digs in Arizona’s Tonto, Tucson and Phoenix Basins, the Long House Valley, and on the Tohono O’odham Reservation. In New Mexico, Alex has excavated on La Bajada Mesa, in Alamogordo, at Fort Wingate, near Roswell, in the Las Cruces, and the Fence Lake regions, as well as in the Boot Heel and along the New Mexico-Mexico International Border. He has conducted surveys in most regions of New Mexico as well as throughout most of Arizona. With his extensive fieldwork and research experience, Kurota is permitted (or qualifies to be permitted) as a Project Director and Field Supervisor in NW, SE, and SW New Mexico BLM regions.

Alex Kurota has expertise in ceramic analysis of Hohokam, Upland and Lowland Patayan, Ancestral Pueblo, Mogollon, and Jornada-Mogollon cultures as well as the analysis of the historic pueblo, Apache and Navajo ceramics.  He is currently finishing reports documenting the results of survey and excavation projects in Doña Ana, Luna and Hidalgo Counties in SW New Mexico where he served as a project director; and is finalizing final reports for excavations at four sites at the proposed CNM campus in Rio Rancho, NM.  In addition to his expertise in artifact illustration, mapping with EDM, transit, and GPS instruments, Kurota has delivered public talks at professional conferences and popular audiences, and has four years experience as a high school teacher