This section presents OCA's published volumes for archeological surveys, testing, and data recoveries for numerous highway, railroad,
powerline, and pipeline construction projects.


Cultural Resources along the MAPCO Four Courners Pipeline: Huerfano Station, New Mexico to Hobbs Station, Texas, Volume 1 (MAPCO Series)

Authors: Ronna J. Bradley and Kenneth L. Brown (1998)

Pages: 209, OCA/UNM Report No.: 185-547B

5-Volume publication of survey (Vol. 1) with excavations and analysis (Vols. 2-5) along Mid-American Pipeline

See other 4 volumes under List of OCA Publications or OCA Series

Across the Colorado Plateau: Anthropological Studies for the Transwestern Pipeline Expansion Project, Volume V (ENRON Series )

Author: Charles W. Amsden (1992)

Pages: 256, OCA/UNM Report No. 185-423A

20-Volume publication of data recovery at archeological sites in northwestern New Mexico and northern Arizona

See other volumes under List of OCA Publications


Archeological Excavations along the Turquoise Trail: The Testing Program

Author: Patrick Hogan (1984)

Pages: 146,  OCA/UNM Report No.: 185-193d

The ARCO CO2 Pipeline Archeology Project, Volumes 1, 2

Author: Stephen C. Lent (1982)

Pages: 135,  OCA/UNM Report No.: 185-102



Cultural Resource Inventory along the Proposed Continental Divide Pipeline: Southwestern Colorado and Northwestern New Mexico

Author: Marcia Donaldson (1983)

Pages: 200  OCA/UNM Report No.: 185-107


The Excavation of the Cortez CO2 Pipeline Project Sites, 1982-1983

Author: Michael P. Marshall (1985)

Pages: 261,  OCA/UNM Report No.: 185-161 A, C, D, M



An Archaeological Survey and Construction Monitoring Program for the Fence Lake No. 1 Mine Haul Road near Quemado, Catron County, New Mexico

Author: Patrick Hogan (1986)

Pages: 73 + appendices,   OCA/UNM Report No.: 185-315


A Cultural Resources Survey of Seven Segments of a Proposed Railroad Spur Line in McKinley County, New Mexico

Author: Patrick Hogan (1983)

Pages: 45 + appendices,   OCA/UNM Report No.: 185-192



An Archaeological Survey of an Existing Powerline Right-of-way between Silver City and Lordsburg, New Mexico

Author: Patrick Hogan (1992)

Pages: 34,  OCA/UNM Report No.: 185-482

Human Adaptations in a Marginal Environment: The UII Mitigation Project

Editors: James L. Moore and Joseph C. Winter(1980)

Pages: 543, OCA/UNM Report No.: 185-21



Archeological Survey of the Access Road for a Proposed Landfill Site West of Los Lunas in Valencia County, New Mexico

Author: Marilyn K. Swift (1988)

Pages: 40 + appendices,  OCA/UNM Report No.: 185-395

Across the Caprock: A Cultural Resources Survey on the Llano Estacado and in the Canadian River Valley of East Central New Mexico for the Bravo CO2 Pipeline

Author: Frank E. Wozniak (1985)

Pages: 294,  OCA/UNM Report No.: 185-191


An Archeological Survey of Four Possible Corridors for State Highway 47 from Los Lunas to Belen, New Mexico

Author: Robert K. Alexander (1991)

Pages: 23 + appendix,,  OCA/UNM Report No.: 185-447B

Archeological Data Recovery at Five Sites along NM 44 in the Lower Jemez River Valley, New Mexico

Authors: Christine S. Van Pool and Todd Van Pool

Pages: 274, OCA/UNM Report No.: 185-676


A Cultural Resources Survey for a Proposed Mountain Bell Buried Cable through Bosque Del Apache National Wildlife Refuge in North Central New Mexico

Author: Peter T. Noyes (1985)

Pages: 25 + appendices,  OCA/UNM Report No.: 185-285



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