Historic mine shafts and a spoil pile documented by OCA crews on surveys in New Mexico.



OCA helps mining companies gain regulatory approval for their hard rock, sand, and gravel mining, reclamation, and restoration operations.  Mine projects in New Mexico include the Fence Lake Coal Mine Project, where both surveys and historical overviews were prepared for the Salt River Project company of Phoenix, Arizona. This research resulted in the following reports:

Peggry A. Gerow (2003): Eighty-Two Miles from Nowhere; Historical Overview Study for the Fence Lake Coal mine Project, OCA/UNM Report No. 185-716 (report cover shown below)

Patrick Hogan (1978):Archaeological Investigations at Eight Small Sites in West-Central New Mexico, OCA/UNM Report No. 185-211b and 185-271 (report cover shown below)

Patrick Hogan (1985): Prehistoric Settlement Patterns in West-Central New Mexico, OCA/UNM Report No. 185-211

David C. Eck (1982): Fence lake Coal Exploration; An Archeological Survey on the Hubbell Ranch near Quemado, New Mexico for Salt River Project, OCA/UNM Report No. 185-140a and b


Similarly, OCA surveyed the San Lorenzo Mining Claim and an access road in 2002 for the Princess Research and Development Group of Socorro, NM. The work concluded with this report:

Peggy A. Gerow (2002): Cultural Resources Inventory of the San Lorenzo Mining Claim and Access Road, Socorro County, New Mexico, OCA/UNM Report No. 071


OCA also has performed archival research for 48 coal lease tracks in northwestern New Mexico. Our research was concluded with the following publication:

Frederick F. York and Joseph C. Winter (1988): Report of an Ethnographic Study and Archeological Review of Proposed Coal Lease Tracts in Northwestern New Mexico, OCA/UNM Report No. 185-247m (report cover shown below)


Our research concerning historic and modern mines also includes an overview of Native American sites at the Fruitland Coal Gas Development Area located on Navajo Nation land in northwestern New Mexico. The work was conducted for the Bureau of Land Management and finished with the following publication:

David M. Brugge (1993): An Investigation of AIRFA Concerns Relating to the Fruitland Coal Gas Development Area, OCA/UNM Report No. 185-434

Patrick Hogan and Joseph C. Winter(1983): Economy and Interaction Along the Lower Chaco River: The Navajo Mine Archeological Program, Mining Area III, San Juan County, New Mexico, OCA/UNM Report No. 185-94/94A (report cover shown below)


OCA also performed another survey of lands in the west-central New Mexico to assess potential impacts of minig operations in the area. This survey was conducted for the Carbon Coal Company of Gallup, New Mexico. The research ended with these publications:

James L. Moore (1981): An Archeological Study of the Catalpa Mine, and an Ethnographic Profile of the Catalpa Canyon Navajo, OCA/UNM Report No. 185-91 (report cover shown below)

David C. Eck (1980): An Archaeological Survey of Approximately 2300 Acres near Gallup, New Mexico, OCA/UNM Report No. 185-80