Our Senior staff includes the Director and three Project Directors (who altogether work as Co-Principal Investigators) and two Field Directors (who can also operate as small project directors), a GIS Analyst, a Laboratory Director, and a support staff including a Unit Administrator and an Administrative Assistant.  In addition, OCA has a on-call pool of experienced Crew Chiefs and Assistant Archeologists qualified for survey, excavation, artifact analyses, and laboratory tasks. OCA also has long-term consultant relationships with analytical specialists for pollen, macrobotanical remains, and geomorphology. Senior staff regularly update critical skills by participation in workshops, conferences, and classes, particularly those devoted to the evolution of cultural resources laws and regulations, specialized archeological knowledge, and digital applications.

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Robert Dello-Russo, Director/Principal Investigator;

Robin M. Cordero, Project Director/Co-Principal Investigator;

Alexander Kurota, Project Director/Co-Principal Investigator;

Banks Leonard, Project Director/Co-Principal Investigator;

Christian Solfisburg, Field Director/Small Project Director;

Erin Hegberg, Field Director/Small Project Director;

Chris Wenker, GIS Analyst;

Donna K. Lasusky, Unit Administrator;

Gloria Sands, Administrative Assistant;