State Government

OCA has conducted multiform projects for various government offices of the State of New Mexico. These include surveys and/or excavations for the New Mexico Department of Transportation, the New Mexico State Land Office, and the New Mexico State Historic Preservation Division. This research resulted into the following publications:

Alexander Kurota (2006): Class III Cultural Resources Inventory of 435 Acres in Pueblo Blanco Country, Galisteo Basin, New Mexico, OCA/UNM Report No. 185-880

Alexander Kurota(2005): Cultural Resources Inventory of US 64, MP 198 to 211, Rio Arriba County, New Mexico, OCA/UNM Report No. 185-873 (report cover shown below)

Peggy A. Gerow (2001): Boom or Bust: An Archeological Survey of San Pedro Hill, a 2.4 km (1.5 mi) Portion of NM 344, Santa Fe County, New Mexico, OCA/UNM Report No.060

Peggy A. Gerow and Patrick Hogan (2000): Investigations at LA 110299, a Late Dinetah Phase Occupation along US 550, North of Cedar Hill, New Mexico, OCA/UNM Report No.185-653B and 185-653C

William H. Doleman (1997): Prehistoric Occupations near the Lower Placitas Arroyo: Excavations Along State Road 26 West of Hatch, NM. OCA/UNM Report No. 185-511.

Marie E. Brown (1997): Data Recovery along the Alameda Boulevard Improvement Project, Bernalillo County, New Mexico, OCA/UNM Report No. 185-468 (report cover shown below)

William H. Doleman (1989): Island in the Sun; The Mesa del Sol Sample Survey, OCA/UNM Report No. 185-361 (report cover shown above)