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Ronald L. Stauber

Ronald L. Stauber has 27 years of experience in archeology including 14 years of archeological survey, excavation, and analysis in McKinley, Cibola, San Juan, Catron, Socorro, Otero, Lincoln, Bernalillo, Sandoval, Union, Rio Arriba, and Doña Ana counties in New Mexico. From 1980 to 1984, Stauber (in photograph with wife Pat) was the supervisor of graphics production for the Zuni Archaeology Program, Zuni Pueblo, NM. He has been the principal cartographer for the Office of Contract Archeology, UNM since late 1987 and is responsible for all of OCA’s technical report cartography, graphics production, quality control, and final publication. Since 1991 he has also been responsible for developing various geospatial analytical methods used by OCA archeologists for their analyses.

In addition to his work for OCA, Stauber was involved from 1984 to 1991 as a consultant to expert witnesses on behalf of the Zuni Tribe in historical archive research, archeological and ethnological field documentation, data analysis, and production of documents and exhibits for the Tribe’s three land claims cases. This involved work both on and off the Zuni Reservation in New Mexico and Arizona. He has authored and co-authored contributions to several archeological reports and produced maps and graphics for other publications as well, ranging from a hiking book to an annotated bibliography on Rudolfo Anaya. He also produced several historical exhibits for the Zuni Museum.