Excavations at the Volcano Vista High School Site

In the spring of 2006, OCA conducted archeological investigations at a Pueblo IV period site (LA134636). The site needed to be excavated before the new Volcano Vista High School could be built within the Albuquerque Public School property on the city's West Mesa. OCA exposed numerous pit features, postholes and a rubble mound where a fieldhouse with a ramada-like shelter once stood between AD 1300 and AD 1425. Corn recovered from the fire hearth suggests the prehistoric people came there to practice dry land farming in the nearby grassy playa.


Aside from the agricultural locus, a dense concentration of stone artifacts dating to the Late Archaic period was excavated from a deflated sandy area 12 m south of the fieldhouse. The presence of an En Medio projectile point along with a large volume of chipped stone fragments suggest this was a short-term camp.


Alexander Kurota                 Richard C. Chapman

Project Director                 Principal Investigator