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I am pleased to extend to you an offer of a position on the faculty of the Department of (dept name) as a (rank) at tenure code _______. This offer has the unanimous endorsement of the current members of the Department and of Dean (name) of the (department/college). The academic year salary attached to this position for 200X-0X is (salary). In addition to salary, the position carries a variety of fringe benefits as described in the materials accompanying this letter. Your personal expenses in moving to Albuquerque to accept this offer will be partially reimbursed according to the policy statement also enclosed in this mailing.

The rights and responsibilities of UNM faculty are covered chiefly by the Faculty Handbook, of which the pertinent pages are enclosed, and additionally by other University, College, and Department practices and policies documents. Copies of these additional documents will be made available for your review at the beginning of your appointment or as needed, if you so request. The nominal, full instructional responsibility of a full-time, tenure-track faculty member is nine semester hours of classroom assignment each semester, or the equivalent. Depending upon circumstances specific to individuals and units, significantly above average contributions in the areas of service (departmental, university or professional) or scholarship can serve as the equivalent of classroom responsibilities when institutional resources and priorities make this advisable.

(Below is a sample paragraph for the Assistant Professor rank. Your letter should include a similar paragraph appropriate to the rank being offered).

The normal initial appointment for the Assistant Professor rank is a term appointment with a Code 3 evaluation in your third year and an evaluation for tenure during your sixth year. This scheduled evaluation would normally be delayed in the event of your taking a leave without pay, for example, and can, in exceptional circumstances, be advanced with the consent of all parties. The granting of tenure following an appointment as an Assistant Professor will require demonstrated excellence in teaching as well as scholarly and/or creative achievements, during the probationary period, that have earned for the candidate a significant reputation in the relevant national community of professional opinion. These achievements must give convincing evidence of a continued career of achievement that would lead, with normal additional years of service, to the candidate's qualifying for the rank of Associate Professor or Professor. It will also require a positive record of departmental service and colleagueship with the other members of the faculty directed toward achieving the common goals of the Department.

This offer letter is subject to UNM rules and regulations. Should you be offered this position officially, your terms and condition of employment, including such matters as secretarial support, teaching loads, and courses assigned, will be subject to UNM rules and regulations, except as otherwise specified in this letter. UNM rules and regulations are subject to change from time to time.

If you are agreeable to the terms of this offer, please sign the original copy of the letter and return it to _______. keeping a copy for your records. This offer will remain in effect until _______.

This is a tentative job offer, subject to review by UNM's Office of Equal Opportunity and the Provost's office. We will request their decision as soon as we receive your signed copy of this letter.

Let me again emphasize how enthusiastic the (department/college) faculty are about the prospect of your joining us as a colleague.



(Chairman of Department)



(Dean of College)



Offer Accepted,

(Faculty Member)



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