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  Search Committee Charge

Following approval of my request to initiate a faculty hiring process to replace _______, you are to convene as a search and screening committee and continue your work on this committee until a successful candidate has accepted our offer or until I notify you that the process has been terminated.

Your tasks in this matter include:

  • Additional development of the position analysis and recruitment plan outlined in the attached memo;
  • Recruitment of a diverse and highly qualified pool of applicants;
  • Screening of application materials to identify bona fide applicants and to evaluate applicants according to the selection criteria;
  • Selection of 6-7 semifinalists and recommendation of interviewees;
  • Participation in the interviews of candidates for this position according to departmental policy and previous practice.
  • In all of your work, you should follow the instructions in the Faculty Hiring Guidelines available on the OEO Website.

Thank you in advance for your diligent and thoughtful work on this committee. I look forward to the report of your recruitment, screening and selection activities.

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