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Walk-In/Parking Directions

Walk-Ins Map

Please enter OEO through the front entrance on 609 Buena Vista Dr. NE.

  • From University Blvd. NE turn
  • east on Las Lomas Rd.
  • south on Buena Vista Dr.
  • OEO is the second building on
  • west side of Buena Vista Dr. and
  • west side of Dane Smith Hall

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Map of 609 Buena Vista Dr. NE Albuquerque NM 87131-0001

Parking Directions  

Reserved Parking Space

  • From University Blvd. turn
  • east to Los Lomas Rd.
  • turn south to Redondo Dr.
  • turn east into C-Lot on Redondo Dr.
  • The OEO Reserved Space is directly behind the office.
  • Please enter through the east entrance on Buena Vista Dr.
Parking Spaces
  • The Office of Equal Opportunity Reserved Space may be used for interviews, appointments, and meetings.
  • C-Lot Parking may be used if the Reserved Space is unavailable.
    • Please ask for a parking permit at the front desk.
  • Metered Parking (fee required) is available on Buena Vista Dr. NE.
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