If you are registered for a prerequisite course at CNM and need an override in order to register, fill out this form and send it and accompanying documents to Stephonae Nelson at mareeka@unm.edu if you are a declared Chemistry major, and to your regular academic advisor at UNM if you are not.

If you have a different problem that is preventing you from registering, contact your UNM academic advisor. Include your Banner ID and contact information and describe the problem very clearly, especially noting what error messages you are receiving.

If all sections of Chemistry 303L and 304L are full for the Fall 2018 semester or you are trying to switch lab sections, try to find a spot by watching for openings on LoboWeb. Click here to be put on a contact list for communication regarding registration. I will contact everyone on the list periodically by email if there are openings in individual sections, so you need to be sure to check your email over the break. The first person to see the email and register for the course will get in. I am unable to open more sections of either Chem 303L or 304L at this time.

If by August 31 you have not found a spot, follow the instructions below:

1. Students who do not arrive in the first ten minutes will be dropped from the course and their slots made available for someone else. Each section will be filled to a maximum capacity of 18 students.

2. Students who desire to enroll in a section of 303L or 304L must attend the section they wish to join on the first day it meets. If you absolutely must take the course in Fall 2018, valid proof of this (acceptance letter to a graduate program that requires 303L/304L and LoboTrax degree audit) is required and I will verify your situation with your advisor. It is highly recommended that you contact me at lwhalen@unm.edu if you fall into a situation such as this. If you do not have to take the course in Fall 2018, you will have a lower priority situation. Unfortunately, family and work schedules do not count as higher priority.

3. Any available slots in sections will be assigned based on an absolute need to enroll in 303L/304L in Fall 2018 first, and all others will compete for any remaining slots through a lottery system. I will pick a number between 1 and 100 and the closest guesses will win the spots.

4. Those who have obtained slots in 303L/304L will immediately register for the course by following me to my office where I will process the overrides. All holds need to be removed from your record or you will lose your spot. All pre- or co-requisites must be satisfied on your transcript or schedule.

Chemistry 303L is offered in the spring, summer, and fall semesters.

Chemistry 304L is offered in the spring, summer, and fall semesters.

You do not have to take the lab course concurrently with the lecture course. They are separate classes and I recommend that students wait until they see how they do in Chemistry 301 first. Chem 303L must be taken before Chem 304L. You cannot take both labs simultaneously. You can take Chem 303L after Chem 301, or Chem 304L after Chem 302.

You will get your lab manual on the first day and your breakage card during check-in. You need to buy a lab notebook unless you already have one from 124L/303L. You do not need molecular models for the lab. You will need ANSI Z-87 standard lab goggles.

What are your chances of getting in to Chem 303L or 304L? It depends on the section. Monday and Wednesday sections that start at noon are very popular. There is generally more availability later in the week or day. Sometimes many people compete for one spot.