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UNM Faculty-Staff Guidelines for
Dealing with Potentially Dangerous People



In the university setting, faculty members are often in the best position to observe behavior in students or other persons on campus that causes concern for the person’s well being, or even for the safety of the person or others.  The following material is provided as a resource to help faculty identify potentially troublesome behavior and determine a course of action.


If you observe the following, call the University’s

Faculty Intervention Team at 277-SAFE (277-7233). 

You will be connected to a mental health professional who will consult with you about the behavior and recommend possible courses of action, including referrals.  You will be asked to identify yourself, and may be contacted to follow up after the initial call.



If you observe the following, call 911 immediately.  These behaviors suggest an imminent danger, and immediate intervention is required to avert more serious consequences.






Resources for Faculty and Staff

for Student Intervention and Safety



Below are some resources that may assist you when you have concerns and would like to take steps toward identifying the risk and what interventions to take:



Information on identifying disturbing behavior, interventions, resources available and referral sheet, and other UNM relevant resources.


A checklist for changes in behavior for students and what these changes could mean. Also, actions for these changes.


Information/interventions and resources card.


Faculty Intervention Team (FIT)

If you need assistance to determine the most appropriate action to take with identifying a student’s troublesome behavior and what actions to take, there is a phone line you can call.  The phone number is: 277-SAFE (277-7233).


Through this phone line, you have access to a licensed counselor at UNM Student Health Center Counseling (SHAC).  Multiple resources are utilized once there has been a determination of the behavior and the best approach for handling it.


Campus Police website



UNM Police Safety Brochure

This brochure provides information on campus emergency plans, how to be prepared, and the UNM ALERT Network.


LoboAlerts (Emergency Text Notification System)

LoboAlerts is the new, opt-out text messaging system that provides faculty, staff, registered students, affiliates of UNM, and UNMH employees with fast, convenient, real-time message alerts. To learn more about this service and to verify your contact information visit: http://loboalerts.unm.edu or the LoboAlerts Facebook at http://tinyurl.com/loboalerts, or sign up for the UNMCommunity site at www.getrave.com/login/unmcommunity.

Talking with a Student in Distress



The following suggestions may be helpful in dealing with a student about whom you are concerned or if a student seeks you out:

Student Health & Counseling (277-4537) can help with services or referrals. Tell the student what you know about the recommended person or service.