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9th Annual UNM Community Conference
Wednesday, February 19, 2014


No registration required to attend the conference.
A reservation is required for the hosted luncheon and keynote address; click here to sign up

For other conference information, contact OSET at 277-2229 or oset@unm.edu

Scroll down for links to the 2014 conference program.

Luncheon Keynote Address

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"Space Matters! How Active Learning Classrooms
Affect Teaching and Learning"

Have you heard the excitement about UNM's Learning Studio classrooms? Last year, more than 12,000 undergraduates at the University of Minnesota took at least one class in similar “Active Learning Classrooms.” In these classrooms, groups of 9 students sit at a round table that has access to a large LCD which they can control and a whiteboard panel for keeping notes. Classrooms have from 5 to 21 tables, accommodating 45 to 171 students. There is no front or back in these rooms, and students can face each other as easily as they can face the teacher. What happens in an Active Learning Classroom? What is easier there? What is harder? Is it worth the money? In this interactive presentation, we’ll take a look at what Active Learning Classrooms can do to promote learner-centered teaching and explore why they do it. Then, you will want to set your goal to teach in a UNM Learning Studio!

Dr. Robin Wright
Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs in the
College of Biological Science
Professor of Genetics, Cell Biology, and Development
University of Minnesota

Dr. Wright is also conducting workshops for faculty and teaching assistants on Thursday, February 20, 2014. Click here for the OSET Events calendar for more information about "Start Where You Are: Moving from Lecture to Active Learning"

"Success in the Classroom: Sharing Practices that Work" is an annual conference by instructors for instructors that serves as a forum to share insights into successful teaching and learning. Participation is open to all instructors from all UNM campuses. Convened in a professional-conference format, speakers present short, 20-minute summaries of methods and approaches that they have implemented in their classrooms or in online environments. Each presentation is followed by a ten-minute discussion period. field, and experiential.

A poster session also provides a venue for discussion.  The conference provides an opportunity to broaden a teaching commons of UNM faculty desiring to aid one another in developing effective learning pedagogies and teaching practices.


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2014 Keynote Presentation by Dr.Robin Wright, University of Minnesota,
"Space Matters! How Active Learning Classrooms
Affect Teaching and Learning"


2013 Keynote Presentation by Dr.Saundra McGuire, Louisiana State University,
" Shifting the Classroom from Teacher Centered to Learner Centered: It's Easier than You May Think?

2012 Keynote Presentation by Dr. Noah Finkelstein, University of Colorado,
“A Scholarly Approach to Science Education: Key Tools for Transformation at a Critical Time Nationally”

2011 Keynote Presentation by Dr. Ed Nuhfer, California State University Channel Islands
“Orphaning of the Affective Domain: Our University Tradition of Teaching to Half of the Brain”

2009 Keynote Presentation by
Dr. Janice Denton of the University of Cincinnati
"Let’s Talk Publicly About Scholarly Teaching"
Click here for the YouTube Video
Click here for the MP3 Podcast