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Resources for Effective Teaching

Topic:  Peer Review of Teaching

General information:
Peer review of teaching is a process where a faculty member observes and gathers data about methods and effectiveness of another faculty member. Faculty members then use this information to make adjustments to improve the course. This process is used to provide a data base for more accurate and equitable decisions on tenure, promotion, and merit increase and to improve faculty performance. This webpage is designed to help you walk through the peer review of teaching process so you can get valuable feedback for the course you teach.

Links to OSET Resource Pages:
Peer Review of Teaching: This page provides information about peer review of teaching and the distinction between formative and summative peer reviews.


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FacNet Resources – UNM faculty who are happy to help in this area:
UNM faculty have volunteered to offer one-on-one advice about peer review of teaching.  Contact OSET and we will make arrangements for you to meet.

Click here if you would like to volunteer your expertise to colleagues by joining FacNet.


Links to Useful Resources Outside UNM:
Peer Observation and Assessment of Teaching: This website offers an abundance of information regarding peer evaluations from describing what it is and how to design an instrument for you to use; University at Albany.

Peer Evaluations Guidelines: This short article outlines the most effective use of peer evaluations; University of Arizona.

Overview of Peer Review of Teaching: This pdf summarizes background information on peer review of teaching, describing its various types and the processes for conducting such a review; Georgia Southern University.

Prepare for Peer Evaluations: This webpage offers a guide to how to prepare for peer evaluations; University of Texas at Austin.  

Peer Review Process: This site lists suggestions for the peer review process. Related documents can also be found; BYU.

Making Sure That Peer Review of Teaching Works for You: This essay reveals approaches on how to make peer reviews of teaching beneficial;  Nancy Van Note Chism. Featured in the Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education Essays on Teaching Excellence.