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Resources for Effective Teaching

Topic:  Teaching Portfolios

General information
To assist teachers with thinking critically about their teaching styles and the effectiveness of their teaching, it is valuable to compile a teaching portfolio.  Teaching portfolios are narratives of teaching philosophies in action. Teaching portfolios tell the story and include supporting evidence of how you teach, why you teach it the way you do, and how your teaching is affecting student learning. Also, requests for teaching philosophies (a component of the teaching portfolio) are becoming more and more frequent in the academic market and amongst tenure and promotion committees (Bruff 2007; Kaplan et al 2008; Meizlish & Kaplan 2008; Schönwetter, Taylor, & Ellis 2006). This resource page is designed to help you understand how to put together a teaching portfolio to demonstrate the effectiveness of your teaching practices.

Links to OSET Resources:
Tips for Writing a Teaching Philosophy- This short PDF offers tips and questions to guide your thinking while developing a teaching philosophy for your portfolio; Susan Deese-Roberts, University of New Mexico.

Excerpts from Teaching Philosophy Statements- Compiled by Susan Deese-Roberts, University of New Mexico.

You can also come by the OSET office to check out the book The Teaching Portfolio: A Practical Guide to Improved Performance and Promotion/Tenure Decisions by Peter Seldin.

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FacNet Resources – UNM faculty who are happy to help in this area:
Click here if you would like to volunteer your expertise to colleagues by joining FacNet.

Links to Useful Resources Outside UNM:
Writing a Statement of Teaching Philosophy for the Academic Job Search- This paper includes advice for starting a teaching portfolio and a rubric to assess your work; University of Michigan, Center for Research on Learning and Teaching.

Writing Your Teaching Philosophy- Need to write your teaching philosophy or perhaps just hone your existing philosophy? This paper gives great advice of what a teaching philosophy is and what should be included.

Teaching Portfolios- This website describes the basics behind putting together a teaching portfolio and has a link to sample teaching portfolios developed by faculty; Vanderbilt Center for Teaching.

The Teaching Portfolio at Washington State University- A general outline of features to include in your portfolio.

Teaching Portfolio Resources- This link provides links to various websites on teaching portfolios compiled by Texas Tech University.

Developing Your Teaching Philosophy- A short activity that includes reflection prompts to guide you in developing your teaching philosophy; Nancy Ruggeri, Northwestern University.

Philosophy of Teaching Statements: Examples and Tips on How to Write a Teaching Philosophy Statement- This Faculty Focus special report is designed to take the mystery out of writing teaching philosophy statements, and includes both examples and how-to articles written by educators from various disciplines and at various stages of their professional careers.

Teaching Portfolio Check List- Once you have developed your teaching portfolio, use this check list to review your work.

Texas A&M Portfolio Guide: A short guide to reflecting about your teaching practices and documentation you may have as evidence for your teaching portfolio.

Portfolios as a Component of the Peer Review of Teaching Project- This website is designed to serve as an international repository for course portfolios written by faculty who teach at postsecondary institutions. It has portfolios for you to explore, resources available for use, and offers you the opportunity to share your portfolio; University of Nebraska.