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Program Goals

The minor in Peace Studies is an interdepartmental and interdisciplinary program designed to introduce undergraduate students to the basic
causes, technological principles and potential consequences of conflict. More essential, the program will afford students the opportunity to examine alternatives to war and to reflect upon the nature of peace as a sustainable condition at the individual as well as collective level.

In order to satisfy these broader goals, the following specific objectives have been identified:

  • ground students in the essential theories, methodologies and practical applications of relevant disciplines concerning war and peace,
  • assist students in integrating theory and practice through field and/or research experience,
  • encourage dialogue and collaboration among students and faculty in the on-going development of the peace studies curriculum.

Ultimately, the goals of the Peace Studies minor reinforce the overall goals of liberal arts education - to inform, to enrich and to strengthen humanistic values in our society. The minor offers a unique, interdisciplinary addition to existing programs in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Program Requirements

The minor in Peace Studies will require successful completion of 24 credit hours: 12 hours of required courses, with the remaining 12 hours taken from four groups of electives, one course from each group (see course listing here).

Required Courses 12 credit hours

Entry/Social Science:

Pol Sc 240 International Politics (3) [ syllabus ]
Soc 221 Global Issues (3) [syllabus]

Entry/Natural Science:

Environmental Science 101 The Blue Planet (3)
Physics 105 Physics and Society (3) [ syllabus ]

Internship: Peace Studies Internship * (3) [ syllabus ]

Closure: Peace Studies Seminar * (3)

Soc 398 Peace & Conflict [ syllabus ]
Soc 398 Nonviolent Alternatives to Conflict [ syllabus ]

* see your Advisor

Elective Courses - 12 credit hours

One course is required from each of the following four groups.

Group I - Thought, Ideology and Ethics of War and Peace

Group II - Methodology and Practice of Conflict Resolution

Group III - Conflict and Conflict Resolution at the International Level

Group IV - Conflict and Conflict Resolution at the National and Sub-national Level

See electives for Groups I-IV here -- these are lists of suggested courses; substitution of courses of similar nature will be permitted with approval of the Program Committee.