Asset Adjustment Form

The Asset Adjustment Form should be used for two purposes; to transfer equipment between departments and to add equipment not previously tagged. A PO # is only necessary if you are adding a piece of equipment. Signatures are required to transfer equipment between departments. Please fill out the form completely to ensure proper processing.
Employee Equipment Checkout Form The Employee Equipment Checkout Form is used to checkout equipment taken off campus by University employees. Equipment cannot be checked out to students, contractors, or other non-employees. Please give the employees full name on the form. The "PIDM" is the ID number assigned each employee by Banner. The forms should be signed by the Dean, Director, or Chairperson. If the equipment belongs to a contract or grant, the PI must sign the checkout form. Upon return of the equipment, please fill out the bottom portion of the form, the assets new location.

Inventory Contact Form

The Inventory Contact Form is used to change your department's contact point for Property Accounting. Filling out this form will ensure that all inventory related correspondence is directed to the proper employee.

Request for Deletion of Assets Form

The Request for Deletion of Assets Form is to be used for equipment that cannot be removed through the Surplus Property Department. A memo explaning the reason for deletion must accompany all requests. Any police reports used for stolen assets must include the University asset number or the asset serial number.

Request for Disposal of Surplus Property Form

The Request for Disposal of Surplus Property Form is the best way to remove assets from your inventory. All arrangements and any questions regarding this form should be directed to the Surplus Property Department.