Instructions, Guidelines and Tutorials

Account Code Definitions

Account Code Decision Tree

The Account Code Definitions and Decision Tree have been created to make it easier to code equipment. Your department accountant or purchasing agent can use these documents to insure that the equipment is coded properly. Proper coding insures that equipment purchased will be tracked correctly.

New Account Codes Memo

This memo was distributed to the University to inform departments of the new equipment account codes effective July 1st, 2005. There has been a change regarding the proper account code to use for computers under $1000. The account code 3189 should be used for all computers under $5000.

Guidelines for Adjusting your Inventory


Banner Tutorial

The Banner Tutorial will show you how to access information on your assets through the Banner system. There is a wealth of information contained in Banner for your use.

Wave Presentation September 2013

This is the most recent version of our presentation from our annual inventory meetings. It is updated quarterly. Check back for any changes to policy or procedure.