Paul Lusk, Associate Professor of Architecture and Planning

Architect, Planner, Teacher, Farmer. Independent projects in solar building and site design, innovative subdivision and water conservation design, intensive agricultural production, and urban, village and neighborhood planning.

Graduate Studios In: Urban Design, Urban Planning, Regional Planning. Courses In: Site and Environment, Foundations of Physical Planning.

Recent Research, Creative Work:
Construction and testing of Greenroom, interior constructed wetland, passive cool-tower, 1992-2002.








The following pages are excerpts from an illustrated presentation, "Ethical Architecture: Using Development to Enhance the Environment", at the Texas Renewable Energy Roundup, September, 2000. For additional information, see "Architectural Research: A House to Heal the Earth", American Solar Energy Society, 23rd National Conference, Proceedings, pp. 11-16, June, 1998. For related work, see "Anasazi- Pueblo Site Design: Application to Contemporary Urban Development", in Anasazi Architecture and American Design, UNM Press, 1997

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