NCOA (National Change of Address) Service

UNM Mailing Systems can check your list against the USPS National Change of Address database to ensure your mailing list is up to date and that you comply with the latest Move Update standards. If you are not sure if your mailing must meet these requirements or not, please read our Move Update information page first. To use this service, please follow these instructions:

After we process your mailing through NCOA, we will send you a report which you will need to keep for your records and an Excel file of any new addresses found. Please update your records with the new addresses. NCOA is required every 95 days for each mailing list. If you use the same list within 95 days of the date on your NCOA report, please submit a copy of the report to us along with your Print to Mail request.

You will only need to submit the Processing Acknowledgement Form once every year.