USPS Move Update Requirements

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The US Postal Service has identified “undeliverable as addressed” mail as a major expense and is enforcing policies to reduce the volumes of undeliverable or misdirected mail. The USPS is expanding and enforcing requirements titled “Move Update” which requires mailers who wish to qualify for discounted postage rates to certify that they have updated their address lists. These new regulations will affect how you prepare your bulk mailings. The ways in which Move Update will affect your bulk mailings and the options for compliance are outlined below.

1. For customers who use our Print to Mail service and provide us with an electronic address list, we have a new service we will be offering which will check your list against the National Change of Address database (NCOA). If anyone on your list has moved and submitted a forwarding order to USPS within the last 48 months, we will update your list with the new address information. This service generates a report for your records which also serves as documentation for USPS to confirm that your mailing complies with Move Update. There is no charge from us for this service. If you would like to use NCOA for your mailings, please visit our NCOA Information page. If, for whatever reason you do not wish to use the NCOA service, you may choose to add an ancillary endorsement to your mail piece instead. This option is described in part 2 below.

2. For bulk mail that has been submitted to Mailing Systems already addressed, an ancillary endorsement must be added to your mail pieces unless you are able to provide us with an NCOA report as described above. The report must be no older than 95 days. If you have not used NCOA to update your addresses, you must choose one of the following endorsements to print on your mail piece. Below is a list of options and the resulting action taken by USPS if the recipient has moved or if the piece is undeliverable:

Address Service Requested
Forwarding and return. New separate address notification provided.
• Months 1 through 12: mailpiece forwarded; notice of new address provided; address correction fee charged
• Months 13 through 18: mailpiece returned with new address attached. Weighted fee charged (appropriate single-piece First-Class Mail price for the piece multiplied by 2.472)
• After 18 months or if undeliverable at any time: mailpiece returned with reason for nondelivery attached. Weighted fee charged

Return Service Requested
No forwarding, only return. New address notification provided
• Mailpiece returned with new address or reason for nondelivery attached; appropriate single-piece First-Class Mail price charged

Change Service Requested
No forwarding, only return. New address notification provided
• Separate notice of new address or reason for nondelivery provided; mailpiece disposed of by USPS; notification fee charged The endorsement must be placed in one of these four positions:

  1. Directly below the return address.
  2. Directly above the delivery address area.
  3. Directly to the left of the postage area and below or to the left of any price marking.
  4. Directly below the postage area and below any price marking.

Mailing Systems may be able to print the endorsement onto the mail piece for you if you do not have it pre-printed already.

3. You may choose to add "Or Current Resident" to the outgoing addresses of your mail pieces. If you choose this method, you will not be charged for undeliverable or misdirected mail, however, your mail pieces will not be forwarded by the USPS and you will not receive any notification.

Bulk mail customers must comply with Move Update regulations immediately in order for bulk mailings to be eligible for discounted postage rates. Please contact Tonya Rintala, Bulk Mail Supervisor, for more information and assistance at 277-0498.