Print to Mail

Tonya Rintala, Supervisor


Addressing Requirements for Standard Mail Large Envelopes and Flats

Download our PTM Order Formhere. Please fill it out completely and fax it to 277-5012.

To upload your address list to our secure FTP server, please visit our SFTP Request page.

Mailing Systems offers an efficient, less expensive method for processing higher volume mailings called "Print To Mail". This method is available for any mailing that meets certain design requirements and has a list of addresses in a field-based format such as MS Access or MS Excel (MS Word is not a workable format). Mailing Systems can print the addresses directly onto the mail piece so that no labeling on your part is necessary. This method also saves you postage costs because a USPS approved barcode is applied to each address.

Departments may submit pieces which include a valid indicia (permit imprint) and a return address which includes "The University of New Mexico" or the UNM Logo pre-printed on the piece, or can elect to have Mailing Systems print these items onto the piece. Folded pieces must be folded so that the opening is at the top of the piece. Folded pieces must also be tabbed. If Print to Mail sounds like an option your department would like to pursue, please contact Tonya at Mailing Systems for piece approval before it is printed.

Mailing Systems also partners with UNM Copy Center. They may be able to print your mailing for you and they will deliver it directly to Mailing Systems for Print to Mail processing. This option will provide a seamless mailing experience.

Current Print To Mail pricing