Law schools want students from all academic backgrounds, and pre-law students at UNM and other universities come from a variety of majors/minors. 

This e-library of articles allows you to read more about the wide variety of majors/professional backgrounds available to pre-law students.

Communication & Journalism E-Advisement Library
       Blending Academe and Activism

Computer Science E-Advisement Library
       Paradise is paper, vellum and dust
       Personal Data for the Taking

Educational Access and Ethics E-Advisement Library
       The Give-and-Take At the Book Thing
       Where Have You Gone Joe Dimaggio

Economics E-Advisement Library
       God, man and growth
       Diversity and Development
       Teaching the Ethical Foundations of Economics

English E-Advisement Library
       The Journey is Half the Fun!
       My Kingdom for a Word!
       How to Keep Your Writing Career Going

Linguistics E-Advisement Library
       The French Connection
       Going at the Changes in, Ya Know, English
       American Sign Language

Mathematics E-Advisement Library
       The Last Time You Used Algebra Was....
       Math Goes Postmodern

Philosophy E-Advisement Library
       Why Philosophy

Political science E-Advisement Library
       An Overlooked Theory on Presidential Politics
       The Global Reach of American Social Science

Pre-Health Sciences E-Advisement Library
A Surgeon Talks About Medicine as Science, Art, Mystery
       NPR: Stories in Medicine

       Reading bodies, not books

Relegious Studies E-Advisement Library
       Faculty Clubs and Church Pews