Pre-Law Advisement for High School Students
  • Take courses that help you develop skills as well as learn content. Reading comprehension, writing, speaking, and critical thinking skills are especially important for a career in law.
  • Speak with your teachers and counselors about selecting college prep courses in Social Studies, English, Foreign Languages, Sciences, and/or Math. The legal profession needs attorneys with backgrounds in all (science, math, social studies, language arts, etc.) academic areas.
  • Read UNM Pre-Law News to get an idea of pre-law activities at UNM.
  • Contact UNM's Pre-Law Advisor and arrange to visit a class, speak with pre-law students, or attend a pre-law workshop.
  • Attend New Mexico Law Day and speak with law school representatives, collect handouts and brochures, and meet other students interested in pre-law.
  • Check the Calendar of Events and Pre-Law Workshops for information about the availability of pre-law advisement at special events addressed to high school students.  These events include Senior Day and other advisement sessions either on UNM campus or at your high school.