A - Pre-school and elementary vocabulary

abandon                  abbreviate/abbreviation   abdomen                     
able/ability             aboard                    about                  
above                    absent/absence            absolute/absolutely     
absorb                   abundant/abundance        academic               
accent/accentuate        accept/acceptable         accident/accidental   
accompany                accomplish/accomplishment according/accordingly       
account                  accuracy/accurate         ace                     
ache                     achieve/achievement       acid                   
acorn                    acquire                   acre        
across                   act/action                activity        
actual/actually          add/additive              addition/additional    
address/addressed        adequate/adequately       adhesive            
adjective                adjust/adjustment         administer/administration  
admire/admiration        admit/admission           adolescence 
adopt                    adore/adorable            adult       
advance                  advantage                 adventure             
adverb                   advice/advise             advertise/advertisement   
affect(ion)              afford                    afraid           
after/afterwards         afternoon                 again      
against                  age                       agency/agent            
agree/agreement          agriculture               ahead              
aid                      aim                       air         
airplane                 airport                   aisle             
alarm                    album                     alert    
algebra                  alike                     alive                
all                      alley                     alligator      
allow                    along                     aloud                       
alphabet/alphabetical    already                   also           
alternate/alternation    although                  aluminum                    
always                   am                        amaze                       
ambition                 ambulance                 America/American   
ammunition               among                     amount 
ample                    an                        analyze/analysis            
ancestor/ancestry        anchor                    ancient      
angel                    angle                     ankle 
animal                   anniversary               announce/announcement
another                  answer                    ant
annoy                    antenna                   anticipate/anticipation 
antique                  any                       anxious/anxiety 
anybody                  anyhow                    anyway  
anything                 apart                     apartment 
ape                      appoint/appointment       apologize/apology       
apparent/apparently      appeal/appealing          appear/appearance 
appetite                 applause/applaud          apple  
apply/application        appreciate                approach 
appropriate              approve/approval          approximate/approximately 
apt                      arch                      arctic                      
are                      area                      arena                       
argue/argument           arid                      arithmetic                  
arm                      army                      around                      
arrange/arrangement      arrest                    arrive/arrival              
arrow                    art                       artery                      
article                  artificial                artist                      
as                       ash                       asleep                      
aspect                   assemble/assembly         assign/assignment          
assist/assistant         associate/association     assume/assumption          
assure                   astonish/astonishing      astronaut                 
astronomy                at                        ate                        
athlete/athletic         atmosphere                atom                       
attach/attachment        attack                    attempt                     
attend/attendance        attention                 attic                       
attitude                 attract/attraction        auction                     
audience                 auditorium                aunt                       
author                   authority/authorize       automatic(ally)             
automobile               autumn                    available                   
avenue                   average                   aviation                   

A - Middle school vocabulary

abolish=do away with               abound=be plentiful         
abrupt=sudden                      abstain=refrain from 
abstract=only in the mind          absurd=stupid               
academy=school                     access=gain entry     
accommodate=adapt                  accord(ance)=agreement      
accumulate=gather/collect          accuse=charge with     
accustom=make used to              acknowledge=admit as true  
acquaint(ance)=get familiar        acute=sharp, not chronic    
adept=skilled                      adjacent=near, next to  
adjoining=attached                 advent=arrival        
advocate=argue for                 aggression=attack         
agitate=excite, stir up            agony=extreme suffering       
alleviate=make lighter             ally/alliance=partner     
altar=center of ritual             alter=change               
alternative=another choice         ambassador=statesman        
ambush=attack from hiding          amend=change, improve        
amid=in midst of                   anatomy=bodily structure    
anecdote=brief true story          annex=add, take possession
antonym=opposite meaning           apostrophe=possessive mark
apparatus=working device           apprehension=dread future   
apprentice=learner                 aqueduct=to carry water
arc=part of a circle               aristocrat=high class      
armor=metal protection             architecture=building style 
aroma=fragrance                    array=order, grouping       
arrogant=exaggerate self           ascent=mount/climb          
assert=declare                     asylum=refuge                      
atlas=book of maps                 attorney=lawyer             
auditory=hearing                   authentic=genuine           
await=wait for                     awe=reverent fear                  
axle=bar for wheels

A - High school vocabulary

ABATE=lessen  We're waiting for the storm to abate.             
ABERRANT=unusual/not normal  Prisons may elicit aberrant behavior.
ABUSE=improper use  Smoking is one way to abuse your body. 
ACCELERATION=increase rate   The speed acceleration of cars is fast.          
ACUITY=see clearly    Wearing glasses may improve acuity.   
ADAGE=proverb, saying  An old adage is, "A penny saved is a penny earned."    
ADAPT(ive)=fit conditions   Your eyes adapt when you enter a dark theater.
ADHERE=stick to   Some people find if hard to adhere to a diet.           
ADMONISH=scold gently   Some parents admonish children for being noisy.     
ADVENTITIOUS=accidental   Many married couples met adventitiously.         
ADVERSE=unfavorable   One bad grade has an adverse effect on one's GPA.   
AFFILIATION=membership   His affiliation with Phi Beta Kappa was helpful.
AGGREGATE=bring together   He tried to aggregate everyone who was interested. 
AGONIZE=pain of mind/body  The doctor agonized over the death of a patient.    
ALIENATION=turn against   His ex-wife sued for alienation of his affection.
ALLEGE=state w/out proof   The suspect alleges his innocence.
ALLEGIANCE=loyal devotion   "I pledge allegiance to the flag and..."
ALLOCATE=give shares    A will allocates one's money to one's heirs.
ALLOTTED=given share  Each player was allotted a part of the prize money.
ALLUDE=refer to indirectly  He only alluded to his difficulties.
ALTRUISM=concern w/others   Donating to charity is an act of altruism.
AMBIGUOUS=several meanings  A definite answer is better than an ambiguous one.
AMBIVALENCE=like/dislike   Ambivalence is natural when leaving home.
AMPLIFY=enlarge, expand   Travel can amplify one's knowledge of the world.
ANALOGY=similar processes   The British parliament is analogous to our congress.
ANGUISH=extreme pain/grief   He was in anguish over the death of his wife.    
ANIMOSITY=ill-will   There is sometimes animosity between father and son.
ANONYMOUS=unknown author   The suspect was caught after an anonymous tip.  
ANTAGONIZE=make angry   Mean names may antagonize your opponent.
ANTECEDENT=preceding   The antecedent to marriage is usually courtship.
ANTERIOR=before   The anterior part of the brain is the front part.
APATHY=lack interest   A low election turn-out reflects voter apathy.
APPRECIABLE=enough to notice   His speech had no appreciable effect.
APTITUDE=natural ability   Some people have no aptitude for music. 
ARBITRARY=chosen by will   The decision seemed arbitrary, not rational.
ARDUOUS=laborious    The road to fame or fortune is usually arduous.  
ARTICULATION=speak clearly   Mumbling one's words is poor articulation.
ASCERTAIN=find out     The detective wanted to ascertain who did it.
ASCRIBE=belonging to   We often ascribe bad traits to people we dislike.
ASPIRATION=desire for goal   High aspiration often leads to success.
ASSESS(ment)=evaluate    Exams attempt to assess the students' knowledge.
ASSIMILATE=make a part of   Try to assimilate newcomers to your group.
ASTUTE=shrewd    George Patton was considered an astute general.
ATTAIN=reach/get to   Set difficult goals but ones you can attain.
ATTENUATE=reduce in force   It requires morphine to attenuate pain of cancer.
ATTRIBUTE=property    Tolerance is a good attribute in society.
AUGMENT=increase    Diligent study will augment your knowledge.
AUTONOMOUS=self-governing    Our ancestors fought to become autonomous.
AVERSIVE=painful    Punishment uses aversive control of behavior.
AXIOM=self-evident truth    The fight for survival is an axiom of nature.

B - Pre-school and elementary vocabulary

baby                     back                      backbone                 
background               backward                  bacteria                    
bad                      badge                     bag/baggage                 
bait                     bake/bakery               balance                    
bald                     ball                      balloon                     
ballot                   banana                    band                        
bandage                  banjo                     bank                        
banner                   bar                       barber                      
bare/barely              bargain                   bark                       
barn                     barracks                  barrel                      
base                     baseball                  basement                    
basic(ally)              basis                     basket                      
basketball               bat                       bath/bathe                  
battery                  battle                    bay                         
be                       beach                     bead                      
bean                     bear                      beast                    
beat                     beauty/beautiful          because                  
become                   bed                       bee                       
beef                     been                      before                    
beg                      begin(ning)               behave/behavior           
behind                   being                     believe/belief            
bell                     belong                    below                     
belt                     beneath                   benefit                   
bend/bent                berry                     beside                    
besides                  best                      bet                       
better                   between                   beverage                  
beyond                   Bible                     bicycle 
bid                      big/bigger/biggest        bill 
bin                      bind                      biological          
bird                     birth/birthday            bit                         
bite                     bitter                    black                       
blade                    blame                     blank                       
blanket                  blast                     blend                       
bless                    blind                     blink                      
blister                  blizzard                  block                       
blood                    blossom                   blotter                     
blow                     blue                      board                   
boast                    boat                      body                        
boil                     bold                      bolt                        
bomb                     bond                      bone                        
bonus                    book                      boot                     
border                   bore                      born                        
borrow                   boss                      bother                      
bottle                   bottom                    bought                      
bounce                   bound/boundary            bow                      
bowl                     box                       boy                       
bracelet                 brag                      brain                    
brake                    branch                    brandy                    
brass                    brave                     bread                    
break                    breast                    breath/breathe            
breeze                   brick                     bride                     
bridge                   brief/brevity             bright                    
brilliant                bring/brought             broad                     
broken                   brook                     broom                     
brother                  brown                     brush                     
bubble                   bucket                    bugle                     
build                    building                  bulb                      
bunch                    bundle                    burglar                   
burn                     burst                     bury/burial               
bus                      bush                      bushel                    
business                 busy                      but                       
butter                   button                    buy                      

B - Middle school vocabulary

beacon=signal light                baffled=don't understand   
balcony=platform on wall           ballad=poetic story         
bamboo=tropical reed               banister=railing           
barbarian=uncivilized              barrier=obstacle            
benevolent=kind, generous          barometer=measure pressure         
barren=unfruitful                  basin=shallow container            
betray=be disloyal to              bewildered=very confused 
biography=life history             bleak=bare/harsh            
bluff=mislead boldly               blunt=not pointed          
blur=make unclear                  boomerang=curved weapon     
bosom=human breast                 bough=branch of tree        
brace=support                      bristle=short stiff hair                   
brittle=easily broken              brood=offspring                           
brute/brutal=cruel person          budge=move slightly                      
budget=income/spending plan        bulge=swelling                           
bulletin=short news report         bungalow=one-story house    
buoyant=floating                   bureau=chest of drawers     
burden=something carried    

B - High school vocabulary

BECKON=call by gesture       She beckoned to him to come closer.
BELATED=delayed              She sent a belated birthday card.
BENIGN=not dangerous         The tumor was benigh and not cancerous.
BARRICADE=defense barrier    The built a barracade around the fort.
BARTER=trade by exchange     Some people still barter without money.  
BIAS=bent toward/away        He was accused of bias against jocks.
BIBLIOGRAPHY=list of books   Scholarly papers have a long bibliography.
BILATERAL=two-sided          The two men signed a bilateral agreement.
BINARY=choice of two         A true-false test gives a binary choice.
BIZARRE=odd, peculiar        Nature has produced some bizarre creatures.
BLATANT=offensively obvious  His claim was a blatant lie.
BORNE=carried              The mule has borne a very heavy load.
BOUNDED=with set limits    New Mexico is bounded on one side by Mexico.
BUTTRESS=support     The lawyer needed a witness to butress the case.

C - Pre-school and elementary vocabulary

cabin                    cabinet                   cafe/cafeteria 
cage                     cake                      calcium 
calculate/calculation    calendar                  calisthenics 
call                     calm                      calorie 
camel                    camera                    camp 
campaign campus          can                       canal 
canary                   cancel                    cancer 
candidate                candle                    candy 
cane                     cannon                    cannot 
canoe                    canvas                    canyon 
cap                      capacity                  capital 
capitol                  captain                   capture/captive 
car                      carbon                    carcass 
card                     cardinal                  care/careful/careless       
career                   carnation                 carnival                    
carpenter                carpet                    carriage                    
carrot                   carry/carried             cart                        
carton                   cartoon                   carve                       
case                     cash                      casket                      
cast                     castle                    casual/casualty             
cat                      catalogue                 catastrophe                 
catch/caught             category                  caterpillar                 
cathedral                cause/causal              caution/cautious            
cavalry                  cave/cavern               cavity                      
cease                    cedar                     ceiling                     
celebrate/celebration    celery                    cell                        
cellar                   cellophane                cement                      
cemetery                 census                    cent                        
center/central           centimeter                century                     
cereal                   ceremony                  certain/certainly           
certificate              champion                  chance                      
change                   channel                   chapel                      
chapter                  chain                    character/characterize   
chair                    chalk                     challenge                   
chamber                  charcoal                  charge                      
charity/charitable       charm(ing)                chart                       
chase                    chatter                   cheap                       
cheat                    check                     cheer/cheerful              
cheese                   chemistry/chemical        cherish                     
chess                    chest                     chew                        
chicken                  chief                     child/children              
chill                    chimney                   chimpanzee                  
china                    chip                      chisel                      
chocolate                choice                    choir                       
choose/chosen            chord                     chorus                      
Christianity             chrome                    chuckle                     
chunk                    church                    cigar/cigaret               
cinders                  cinnamon                  circle/circular             
circulate/circulation    circus                    citizen/citizenship        
citrus                   city                      civic                       
civilized/civilization   claim                     class                       
clause                   clay                      clean                       
clear/clarity            clergy                    client                      
climate                  climax                    climb
clinic                   clip                      clock                       
clockwise                close                     closet                      
cloth                    clothes/clothing          cloud                       
clown                    club                      clue                        
clump                    clumsy                    cluster                     
clutch                   coach                     coal                        
coarse                   compact                   coast                       
company                  coat                      cobra  
cockpit                  cocoa                     coconut 
code                     coffee                    coffin  
coil                     coin                      cold  
collapse                 collar                    collect(ion)  
college                  collide/collision         colon  
colony                   color/colorful            column  
comb                     combat                    combine/combination  
come/came                comedy/comedian           comfort  
comma                    command                   comment 
commerce/commercial      committee              communicate/communication
community                common                    compare/comparatively
compartment              compass                   compel/compelled
compete/competition      complain/complaint        complete/completely
complex/complexity       complexion                complicate/complicated
compliment               compose/composition       compound
comprehend/comprehension compromise                compute/computation
concealed                conceit/conceited         conceive
concentrate/concentration concept/conception       concern                   
conclude/conclusion      concrete                  condemn
condense                 condition                 conduct
cone                     confer/conference         confess/confession
confident                conflict                  confuse/confusion
congratulate             congress                  connect/connection
conquer/conquest         conscience                consent
consequence              conserve/conservation     consider/considerable
consist                  constant/constantly       constellation
construct/constructive   consult                   consume/consumption
contact                  contain/container         contempt
contend                  content/contentment       contest/contestant
continent                continue/continual        contract/contraction
contribute/contribution  control                   convene/convention
converse/conversation    convert/convertible       convict/conviction
convince                 cook                      cookie
cool                     copper                    copulate
copy                     cord                      core
cork                     corn                      corner
corpse                   corra l                   correct/correction
corrupt/corruption       cosmetics                 cost
costume                  cot                       cotton
couch                    cough                     could
count                    counter                   country
county                   couple                    coupon
course                   court                     courtesy/courteous
cousin                   cove                      cover
cow                      coward                    coyote
cozy                     crack                     cracker
cradle                   cramp                     crane
crank                    crash                     crate
crater                   crave                     crawl
crayon                   creak                     cream
crease                   create/creative           creature
credit                   correspond/correspondence crescent                
crest                    crew                      cricket
crime/criminal           crisis                    crisp
critical/criticism       crocodile                 crop
cross                    crouch                    crowd
crown                    cruel                     cruise
crumb/crumble            crust                     cry
cuckoo                   cucumber                  culprit
cup                      cupboard                  curb
cure                     curious/curiosity         current
curse                    curtain                   curve
cushion                  cut                       cycle

C - Middle school vocabulary

camouflage=disguise                canopy=suspended cover 
canteen=water container            capable=able 
capillary=very small tube          capitalize=take advantage 
capsule=dry seed case              caption=heading 
caravan=traveling group            carbohydrate=sugar/starch 
cask=wooden container              caste=hereditary class      
celestial=heavenly                 cerebrum=upper brain        
chlorophyll=plant green            cholera=very upset stomach  
chronic=lasting/frequent           chromosome=genetic cell     
chronological=time order           churn=stir vigorously       
chaos=very disorganized            charter=grant authority     
circuit=circular course            circumference=circle edge   
clamor=loud steady noise           classic=enduring excellence 
cocked=turned up                   cocoon=silky larvae case  
coerce=force/compe                 coincidence=chance event  
colleague=associate                collective=done by group  
coma=lasting unconscious           combustion=burning  
commence=begin                     commission=authority
commotion=disturbance              commutative=in any order
compassion=pity                    competent=capable           
compile=collect                    comply=act in accordance    
complement=that completes          component=part of whole     
composite=distinct parts           compress=squeeze down       
compulsory=required                comrade=companion           
concerto=solo w/orchestra          concise=minimal words       
concur=agree                       confide=share secrets       
confine=restrict movement          confirm=prove true          
congruent=matching                 conjunction=union/joined    
conscious=aware                    consecutive=in order        
consistent=agreeing                conspicuous=easy to see     
conspire=plot against              constituent=part/element    
constitute=make up whole           contemplate=meditate on     
contemporary=at same time          context=surroundings        
contour=outline                    contrary=opposite to        
controversy=dispute                conventional=agreement      
convey=carry                       cooperate/cooperation       
coordinates=location points        cope=overcome problems      
corporation=business               correlation=mutual relation 
corridor=passage                   corrosion=rot away          
correlation=mutual relation        corridor=passage            
cosmic=of the universe             council=assembly            
counsel=advice                     countenance=appearance      
courage/courageous                 coy=modest 
craft=trade/skill                  cram=stuff into
cremate=burn dead body             crevice=crack 
crucial=decisive                   crude=lacking finish 
crusade=religious war              crystal=clear mineral       
cube/cubic=6 equal sides           cultivate=till, improve     
cunning=clever                     currency=money in use       
customary=common practice   

C - High school vocabulary

CALAMITY=disaster    The train wreck was a real disaster.
CANDID=straightforward    Few politicians give a candid answer.
CAPITULATE=surrender      The atomic bomb caused Japan to capitulate.
CASTRATION=remove testes  Some recommend castration for sex offenders.
CENSURE=disapprove        Lying deserves some kind of censure.
CHASTISE=punish           A teacher should chastise a student who cheats.
CIRCUMVENT=bypass a problem    Good diplomacy may circumvent war.
CLARIFY=remove doubt      A girl may ask a boy to clarify his intentions.
CLICHE=common expression    "Have a good day!" has become a cliche.
COALITION=union           NATO is a coalition of Atlantic neighbors.
COGENT=convincing         The prosecution presented a cogent case.
COHERENT=fit logically    The man's defense was not coherent.
COLLABORATE=work together   Scientists often collaborate in research.
COMMITMENT=pledge    She made a commitment to wait until marriage for sex.
COMMODITY=useful thing    Toilet paper is an important commodity.
COMMONALITY=sameness  There is little commonality between football and baseball.
COMMUNAL=used by everyone   The dorm has a communal laundry.
COMPATIBLE=able to coexist  If raised together, dogs and cats are compatible.
COMPREHENSIVE=covers fully  The final exam will be comprehensive.
COMPRISE=made up of         Water is comprised of hydrogen and oxygen.
CONCEDE=admit as true       The candidate has conceded his defeat.
CONCLUSIVE=decided w/reason His fingerprints provided conclusive evidence.
CONCOMITANT=accompanying    Sex is normally concomitant with marriage.
CONDUCIVE=contributing to   Money is conducive to happiness.
CONFEDERATE=ally            His complex plan required a confederate.
CONFORM(ITY)=comply/be like You should conform to a dress code.
CONGENITAL=inborn           Alcoholism is partly congenital.
CONJURE=summon magically    To relax, conjure up a relaxing scene.
CONNOTE=extra meaning       "Concede" connotes reluctance to admit as true.
CONSENSUS=general agreement The group reached a consensus to ban smoking.
CONSTRAIN=confine, limit    Parents should constrain a child's watching T.V.
CONSTRICT=draw together     An accident may constrict a family's resources.
CONSTRUE=interpret          He construed her smile as a "come on."
CONTAMINATE=make impure     Waste products contaminate many of our rivers.
CONTIGUITY=together/adjacent The contiguity of Mexico and New Mexico is long.
CONTINGENCY=possibility     A good budget plans for contingencies.
CONTINUUM=unbroken series   There is a continuum of grays from black to white.
CONTRADICT=contrary to      Sometimes witnesses contradict each other.
CONTRAST=striking change The contrast between high school and college is great.
CONTRIVE=invent/bring about He contrived a plan to meet her.
CONVERGE=come together      The sides converged on a compromise.
CRITERION=standard to judge Wealth is not the only criterion of success.
CUE=signal, hint            A rattlesnake's rattle is a cue to look out.
CUMBERSOME=hard to carry    For the pioneers, a piano was very cumbersome.
CUMULATIVE=add successively Interest on a credit card has a cumulative effect.
CURRICULUM=plan of study    For some degrees, the curriculum is specified.
CURSORY=hasty               You don't learn much from a cursory reading.
CURTAIL=shorten, cut off    Lung cancer curtailed his great potential.
CYCLICAL=repeated in order  Farming is a cyclical occupation.
CYNICAL=distrust motives    She was cynical of his plea for forgiveness.

D - Pre-school and elementary vocabulary

daily                       dainty                     dairy            
dam                         damage                     damp                 
danger/dangerous            dare                       dark                 
darling                     dash                       data                
date                        daughter                   dawn              
day                         daydream                   daylight          
dead/deadly                 deaf                       dear                
death                       deny                       debate              
depart/departure            decade                     debt               
decay                       decent                     decide/decision      
decimal                     deck                       declare             
decline                     decoy                      decrease           
deed                        deep                       deer               
defeat                      defend/defense             defiance            
define/definition           definite/definitely        degree            
delay                       delicate/delicacy          delicious            
delight                     delinquent                 deliver/delivery      
demand                      democracy/democratic       den                 
dense/density               depend                     deposit              
depth                       depress/depression         derive/derivation     
describe/description        decorate/decoration        desert                 
deserve                     design                     desire/desirable       
desk                        desperate                  despise                
despite                     dessert                    destination            
destroy/destruction         detail                     determine 
detest                      detour                     develop/development  
device                      devil                      devote/devotion 
devour                      diabetes                   diagnosis 
diagram                     dial                       diameter 
diamond                     diary                      dice 
dictate/dictator            dictionary                 did 
die                         diet                       differ/different 
difference                  difficult/difficulty       dig 
digest/digestion            dignity                    dim 
dime                        dine                       dinner               
dinosaur                    dip                        diploma              
direct/director             direction                  dirt/dirty          
disappoint/disappointment   disaster                   discard               
discipline                  discount                   discourage            
discover/discovery          discrimination             discuss/discussion     
disease                     disgrace                   disguise             
disgust                     dish                       dismiss                
disorder                    display                    dispose/disposal        
dispute                     distance                   distinct/distinction     
distract/distraction        district                   ditch                 
dive                        divide/division            divorce               
do/does                     dock                       doctor            
document                    dodge                      dog                 
doll                        dollar                     dolphin             
dominance/dominant          done                       donkey              
don't                       doom                       door               
dope                        dormitory                  dose                 
dot                         double                     doubt/doubtful      
dough                       doughnut                   down              
dozen                       drag                       dragon                  
drain                       drama/dramatic             drape               
draw                        drawer                     dread             
dream                       dreary                     dress               
dresser                     dribble                    drift                 
drill                       drink                      drip             
drive                       drop                       drought            
drown                       drowsy                     drug              
drum                        dry                        dual              
duck                        due                        dull               
dumb                        dump                       dungeon             
duplicate/duplication       duration                   during            
dust                        duty                       dwarf              
dwelling                    dye                        dynamite          

D - Middle school vocabulary

debris=rubbish, ruins               deceive/-eption=dishonesty  
decree=order by authority           dedicate/dedication         
default=fail to act                 defect=flaw, failing        
deficient/-ency=incomplete          deity=god                   
delete=strike out                   deliberate=intentional      
denote=point out                    denominator=fraction part   
denounce=inform against             deplete=make empty          
decisive=settles question           demolish=pull down          
deprive=take/keep away              deplore=regret strongly     
depot=station                       descend/descent=go down     
designate=point out                 desolate=■onely/deserted    
despair=give up hope                destiny=predetermined fate  
detect(ion)=note presence           detergent=cleansing agent  
determination=firm resolve          detract=take away 
deviate/-iation=difference          devise=invent 
diagonal=slanting                   dialect=regional language 
dialogue=people talking             diaphragm=blocks passage 
digit=numeral from 0 to 9           dike=long dam 
dilate=make wider                   dilute=make thinner 
dimension=measure length            diphthong=2-vowel sound     
dire=dreadful                       disciple=follower           
discourse=discuss formally          discretion=choice/decided   
dispatch=send off, prompt           dismal=dreary/gloomy          
dismay=fill w/fear/shock            disposition=tendency, mood  
dissect=cut into pieces             dissolve=melt, waste away   
domain=area included                dome=high rounded roof      
domestic=of the home                dormant=sleeping, inactive  
drudge=hard, dull work              duct=tube, canal          
duly=properly                       durable=lasting            
dwindle=become smaller              dynamic=energetic          
dynasty=ruling family line 

D - High school vocabulary

DEDUCE=draw conclusion        The jury deduced that he was guilty.
DEFER=put off, yield          You can defer a requirement only so long.
DIFFERENTIATE=tell difference You must differentiate between love and lust.
DEFINITIVE=final              The Supreme Court gave the definitive ruling.
DEFY/DEFIANT=bold resistance  Children often defy their parent's orders.
DETERIORATE=grow worse        Her health rapidly deteriorated.
DETERMINANT=causal factor     Effort is one determinant of success.
DETERRENT=discourage w/fear   The atom bomb is a deterrent to war.
DETRIMENT=injury, damage      Drugs are a detriment to health.
DEVASTATE=lay waste           The area was devastated by the storm.
DELUSION=believe incorrectly  Effortless college learning is a delusion.
DEMARCATE=mark boundaries     Monkeys demarcate their territory with urine.
DEXTERITY=skilled movement    Arthritis severely limits one's dexterity.
DEAN=head of college          The dean's office provides academic advice.
DEPARTMENT=division/branch    So does the department office.
DEPICT=represent              The artist tried to depict complete happiness.
DIAMETRICALLY=exact opposite  Their opinions were diametrically opposite.
DEPRECIATE=decline in value   A new car depreciates rapidly.
DECIPHER=make out meaning     The challenge was to decipher the code.
DICHOTOMY=two categories      Male-female is one of the dichotomies in nature.
DICTION=style of speaking     Newscasters should have good diction.
DIGRESS=turn from purpose     His lecture often digressed from the topic.
DILEMMA=undesirable choices   For many, abortion poses a serious dilemma.
DILIGENT=painstaking effort   Even diligent study may not earn an "A" grade.
DIMINISH=make less            Our fresh water supply is diminishing.
DISCERN=detect                She discerned fear beneath his show of strength.
DISCHARGE=fire, let go        The company had to discharge many employees.
DISCREPANCY=disagreement      There is a discrepancy between our accounts.
DISCRETE=distinct units       When you count them, they are discrete items.
DISILLUSION=deny false idea   Gamblers are disillusioned about their chances.
DISINTEGRATE=fall to pieces   The hurricane disintegrated into squalls.
DISPARATE=large difference    Expenses and income are sometimes disparate.
DISPENSE=deal out             The pharmacist dispensed the prescriptions.
DISRUPT(ION)=break up         A telephone call disrupts your nap.
DISSENT=disagree              To your proposal, I register my dissent.
DISTORT=twist out of shape    A good liar merely distorts the truth.
DISTURBANCE=interrupt quiet   The riot was more than just a disturbance.
DIVERT=turn aside             The dam diverts water for irrigation.
DIVULGE=make known            He wouldn't divulge the source of information.
DOGMA=authoritative principle Hitler's "master race" was pure dogma.
DRASTIC=harsh, severe         Castration is drastic punishment for rape.
DURESS=under pressure         A confession under duress is worthless.
DUBIOUS=doubtful              His promise to quit is of dubious value.

E - Pre-school and elementary vocabulary

each                      eager                   eagle 
ear                       earn                    earnest 
early                     earth                   earthquake 
ease/eased                east/eastern            easy/easily 
eat                       echo                    economy/economical 
edge                      edit/editor/edition     educate/education 
effect/effective          eel                     efficient/efficiency 
effort                    egg                     eight/eighty 
eighteen                  either                  elbow 
elder                     elect/election          electric/electricity 
electron                  elegant                 element/elementary 
elephant                  elevation               elevator 
eleven                    eligible                eliminate/elimination 
else                      embarrass/embarrassment emblem                      
embrace                   embroidered             emergency                   
emotion/emotional         empty                   enable
enclose/enclosure         encourage/encouragement encyclopedia  
encounter                 end                     endure/endurance            
enemy                     energy                  enforce                     
engage/engagement         engine/engineer         English                     
enjoy                     enlist                  enormous                    
enough                    enroll/enrollment       ensure                      
entertain/entertainment   enthusiasm              entire                      
entrance/entry            environment             envelope               
envy/enviable             equal/equality          equation               
equip/equipment           equivalent              erase                  
erect/erection            err/error               errand                      
erupt/eruption            escape                  essential                   
establish(ment)           estimate/estimation     etiquette                   
eve                       even                    event                       
eventual/eventually       ever                    every                       
evict                     evident/evidence        evil                        
evolve/evolution          exact/exactly           exaggerate                  
examine/examination       example                 excavate/excavation         
exceed                    excel/excellent         except/exception            
excess/excessive          excite/excitement       exclaim/exclamation         
excuse                    execute/execution       executive                   
exercise                  exert/exertion          exhale                      
exhaust/exhaustion        exhibit/exhibition      exist/existence             
exit                      expand                  expect/expectation          
expedition                expel                   expense/expensive           
experience                experiment(al)          expert                      
explain/explanation       explode/explosion       explore/exploration         
expose/exposition         express/expression      extension            
extent/extensive          exterior                extinct/extinction          
extra                     extreme/extremely       eye                       
eyebrow                   eyelid                      

E - Middle school vocabulary

aves=roof overhang                  ebb=flow back 
eclipse=cast shadow on              eccentric=irregular, odd 
edible=fit to eat                   editorial=opinion re news 
elapse=(time) pass by               elaborate=highly detailed 
elastic(ity)=springy                emerge=come out           
emigrate=leave country              emphasis=make noticeable    
enamel=glossy covering              enchanted=under spell       
endeavor=try to do                  endow(ed)=given naturally   
ensue=happen afterwards             entice=tempt                
entitled=give right to              epidemic=disease of many    
era=time in history                 estate=property             
evoke=call forth                    excerpt=passage from        
exclude/-usive=shut out             exempt=free from            
exile=expel from country            expedite=speed up           
explicit=clearly stated             exploit=use selfishly       
exponent(ial)=power (math)          exquisite=very excellent    
external=outside                    extraordinary=remarkable    
extrapolate=extend data     

E- High school vocabulary

ECSTASY=extreme delight      Many people find ecstasy in sex.
EDICT=authoritative order    The edict was to surrender.
EFFICACY=effectiveness       Some people question the efficacy of prayer.
EGOCENTRIC=concerned w/self  His selfish goals were egocentric.
EJACULATE=spurt out          At sexual climax, a man ejaculates semen
ELATE/-TION=in high spiri    The winning team naturally showed elation.
ELICIT=evoke, draw forth     Romantic music often elicits romantic ideas.
ELLIPSE=oval curve           The earth's path is an ellipse, not a circle.  
ELOQUENT=speak fluently      It was an eloquent political speech.
ENTITY=real thing            With a microscope you can see tiny entities.
ELUCIDATE=explain            The scientist tried to elucidate the theory.
ENUMERATE=count, name off     Can you enumerate the Ten Commandments?
ELUDE/ELUSIVE=avoid, baffle   The suspect managed to elude the police.
ENCOMPASS=include, surround   Biology encompasses all living creatures.
ENUNCIATE=state clearly       If you enunciate properly, spelling is better.
EMBELLISH=fanciful addition   Her story embellished the truth.
EMINENT=distinguished         The speaker was an eminent scientist.
EMIT=give off, put forth      Bats emit high-frequency sounds.
ENDANGER=at risk              Drunk drivers endanger many other lives.
ENIGMA=obscure, puzzling      Airhart's disappearance remains an enigma.
ENLIGHTEN=give knowledge      New facts may enlighten a mystery.
ENTERPRISE=undertaking        Getting an education is a major enterprise.
EQUATE=make/treat as equal    Some people equate money with success.
EQUILIBRIUM=balance           Drugs may cause you to lose your equilibrium.
EQUIVOCAL=vague, ambiguous    There was nothing equivocal about her answer.
EMPIRICAL=based on fact       Scientific research yields empirical information.
EMULATE=strive to equal       Many sons try to emulate their fathers.
EPITOME=example, embodiment   Dropping out of school is the epitome of failure.
ERADICATE=destroy wholly      Some diseases have been eradicated by science.
EROTIC=dealing w/sex          There is a lot of erotic content on T.V.
ERRATIC=behaves irregularly   Patrol officers watch for erratic driving.
ESSENCE=true inner nature     Sex is not the essence of love.
ESTEEM=high regard            Good teachers earn their students' esteem.
ETHICAL=moral, right          Cheating is not ethical.
EXPEDIENT=means to an end     Running away may be an expedient solution.
EXPENDABLE=can use up         Have you expendable money after paying bills?
EXTRAMARITAL=outside marriage An extramarital affair can ruin a reputation.
EXUBERANCE=unrestrained joy   Mardi Gras entails exuberant partying.

F - Pre-school and elementary vocabulary

face/facial                  facility              fact/factual 
factor                       factory               faculty 
fade                         fail/failure          faint 
fair                         faith                 fake 
fall                         false                 familiar 
family                       famous                fan 
fancy                        fantasy               far 
fare                         farewell              farm 
farther/farthest             fascinating           fashion 
fast                         fasten                fat 
fatal                        fate                  father 
fatigue                      faucet                fault 
favor/favorite/favorable     fear                  feast 
feat                         feather               feature 
federal                      fee                   feeble                      
feed                         feel/feelings         feet                        
fellow                       female/feminine       fence                       
fender                       fern                  ferry                       
fertile/fertility            fertilizer            festival/festivities        
fever                        few                   fiancee                     
fiction                      fiddle                field                       
fiesta                       fifteen/fifth         fight/fought                
figure                       file                  film                        
filth/filthy                 final/finally         finance/financial           
find/found                   fine                  finger                      
finish                       fire                  fireplace                   
firm                         first                 fish                        
fisherman                    fist                  fit                         
five/fifth                   fix                   fixture                     
flag                         flake                 flame                       
flap                         flare                 flash                       
flat                         flatter               flavor                      
flea                         flee/fled             fleet                       
flesh                        flight                flip      
float                        flood                 floor                       
flour                        flow                  flower                      
function                     fluid                 flush                       
fly/flew                     foam                  foe                         
fog                          fold                  folk                        
follow                       fond                  food                        
fool/foolish                 foot                  football                    
fox                          for                   forbid                      
force                        forecast              forehead                    
foreign                      foremost              forest                      
forever                      forfeit               forget                      
forgive                      fork                  form                        
formal                       formation             former                
formula                      fort/fortification    forth                 
fortress                     fortunate/fortunately fortune               
forty                        forward               fossil                
foul                         fountain              four/fourth           
fourteen                     fraction              fragile               
fragrant                     frame                 freak                 
freckle                      free/freedom          freeze/frozen                
freight                      frequent/frequency    fresh                        
friend/friendship            fright/frighten       frog                         
from                         front                 frontier                     
frost                        frown                 fruit 
fry                          fudge                 fuel 
fulfill                      full                  fumble 
fumes                        fun/funny             fund 
fundamental                  funeral               funnel 
fur                          furious               furnace 
furnish/furniture            fury                  fuss 

F - Middle school vocabulary

fable=story w/moral                fabric=woven material 
fabulous=unbelievable              facile=easily done 
fallacy=false reasoning            famine=lack of food 
fantastic=beyond imagining         ferocious=very savage       
fiber=slender tissue               fjord=inlet w/cliffs        
flannel=soft woolen cloth          flexible=bend/adaptable     
fling=throw forcibly               flint=hard stone for fire  
forbidding=causing fear            forefathers=ancestors       
forge=place to work metal          forlorn=deserted, pitiful   
formidable=hard to handle          frenzy=wild excitement 
friction=coarse rubbing            fringe=ornamental border 
frivolous=not serious              filter=straining device     
fission=split into parts           flock=large group           
flourish=prosper/thrive            flute=musical pipe          
flutter=wave in air                focus/focal=central         
foliage=leaves of tree             foundation=base of          
fowl=edible bird                   fracture=break              
frail=weak                         framework=fitted structure 
fragment=broken-off part           frank=straightforward      
frantic=very excited               fraud=tricker              
fray=battle                        fugitive=runaway 
fulcrum=point of support           functional=working 
fusion=joining of parts            futile=useless 

F- High school vocabulary

FABRICATE=invent, assemble    To fabricate a good watch is very difficult.
FACET=side                    A well-cut diamond has many facets.
FACILITATE=make easier        Knowing vocaulary can facilitate studying.
FALLIBLE=capable of mistakes  Even the best weather-person is fallible
FARCE=humorous affair         His lame excuse was a farce.
FEASIBLE=can be done          Is world peace really feasible?
FEEDBACK=return message       Good professor want feedback from students.
FEIGN=pretend                 She feigned a headache to avoid sex.
FELONY=serious crime          Is smoking marijuana really a felony?
FERVENT=strong feeling        He made a fervent plea for forgiveness.
FETUS=in womb (or egg)        You can hear the heartbeat of a fetus.
FIDELITY=faithfulness         A marriage vow is sexual fidelity.
FIGURATIVE=symbolic meaning   The Zia has figurative value to native Americans.
FINESSE=delicate skill        She plays the piano with great finesse.
FINITE=definite limits        There is a finite amount of water on earth.
FISCAL=financial              Children must learn sound fiscal management.
FLUCTUATE=wave up and down    One's temperature fluctuates during the day.
FLUENT=easily graceful        It is helpful to be fluent in two languages.
FOOTNOTE=note at bottom       Footnotes sometimes contain important information.
FORMALITY=based on rules      For some, marriage is only a formality.
FORMULATE=state clearly       It is not easy to formulate a good question.
FORTUITOUS=by chance          Their meeting was not entirely fortuitous.
FRESHMAN=first-year student   Many freshman classes are very large.
FRUITION=coming true          Graduation is the fruition of hard study.
FRAUGHT=laden with            Experimenting with drugs is fraught with danger.

G - Pre-school and elementary vocabulary

gadget                    gain                      galaxy                      
gallon                    gamble                    game                        
garage                    garbage                   garden                      
garlic                    garment                   gas/gasoline                
gate                      gather                    gauge                       
gay                       gaze                      gear                        
gem                       general/generally         generation                  
generous                  genius                    gentle                      
gentleman                 genuine                   germ                        
get/got                   geography                 geyser                      
ghost                     giant                     gift                        
gills                     girdle                    girl                        
give/given                glacier                   glad                        
glance                    glass                     glee                        
glider                    glimmer                   glimpse                     
glisten                   glitter                   globe                       
gloom                     glory/glorious            glove                       
glow                      glue                      gnaw                        
go/goes                   goal                      goat                        
god                       gold                      gone                        
gonorrhea                 good                      gorgeous                    
gorilla                   gossip                    govern/government           
gown                      grab                      grade                       
gradual/gradually         grain                     grammar/grammatical         
grand                     grandfather               grandmother                 
grandstand                grant                     grape                    
graph                     grasp                     grass                 
grateful/gratitude        grave                     gravel                      
gravity                   gravy                     gray                        
graze                     grease                    great                       
greed                     green                     greet/greetings            
grieve                    grill                     grim                        
grin                      grip                      grizzly                     
grocery                   groove                    ground                      
group                     grow/growth               grudge                      
guard                     guarantee                 guess                       
guest                     guide                     guillotine                  
guilt/guilty              guitar                    gulf                        
gum                       gun                       gust                        
gut                       gutter                      

G - Middle school vocabulary

gait=way of moving along           gallant=brave, polite       
gallery=place to show art          galley=ship's kitchen       
gaping=open wide                   gaunt=thin/bony  
generalization=inference           generate=produce            
genes/genetic=hereditary           genial=cheerful             
gist=basic idea of                 gland=organ of secretion    
gorge=narrow steep valley          grind=crush into powder    
gross=whole; indecent              grotesque=odd-looking       
geology/-ical=study rocks          geometry/-metric=re lines   
germinate=begin to grow            gesture=expressive movement 
gracious=courteous                 grandeur=splendor/majesty   
granite=very hard rock             graphite=black carbon                
gypsy=wandering race               gym/gymnasium               

G - High school vocabulary

GENDER=male/female        There is still a gender difference in wages.     
GENERIC=whole group/class Generic medicines are cheaper than brand names
GENITALS=sex organs       The genitals are considered your private parts.
GLOSSARY=list of terms      Texts often have a glossary of special words.
GRADATION=change by degree  Test items have a gradation from easy to hard.
GREGARIOUS=live in groups   A hermit is not very gregarious.
GRATIFY/-IFICATION=please   A good husband tries to gratify his wife.
GRIEVANCE=complaint         Take your grievances to the Dean's office.
GRUESOME=horrible           The earthquake left a gruesome sight.
GULLIBLE=easily fooled      Many elderly are gullible for deception.
GUSTATORY=sense of taste    A good steak is a gustatory delight.

H - Pre-school and elementary vocabulary

habit/habitual                hail                 hair 
half/halfway                  hall                 Halloween 
halt                          ham                  hammer 
hammock                       handicap             hand 
handkerchief                  handle               handsome 
handy                         hang/hung            happen 
happy                         harbor               hard/hardly 
hardship                      harm                 harmonica 
harmony                       harsh                harvest 
has/have                      haste                hat 
hatch                         hatchet              hate/hatred 
haul                          haunt                have/had 
hay                           hazard               hazy 
he                            head                 heading 
headquarters                  headline             headway 
heal                          health               hear/heard                  
heart                         heat                 heave                       
heaven                        heavy                hedge                       
heel                          heir                 helicopter                  
hell                          hello                helm                        
helmet                        help                 hen                         
hence/henceforth              her/herself          herb                        
here                          hereafter            hero                        
heroine                       hesitate/hesitation  hiccough                    
high/height                   highway              hill                        
him/himself                   hinder               hinge                       
hint                          hip                  hire                        
his                           history              hive                        
hoard                         hoarse               hobby               
hockey                        hoe                  hog                         
hold/held                     hole                 holiday                     
hollow                        holly                holy                        
home                          homesick             honey                       
honor                         hood                 hoof                        
hoop                          hop                  hope                       
horizon/horizontal            horn                 horrible/horror              
horse                         hose                 hospital                
host                          hot                  hotel                   
hound                         hour                 house/household          
how/however                   huddle               hug                      
huge                          human                humid/humidity              
humiliate                     hump                 hunch              
hundred                       hunger/hungry        hunt                        
hurdle                        hurricane            hurry                       
hurt                          husband              hush                        
hustle                        hut                  hydrant                     
hydroelectric                 hydrogen             hymn                        

H - Middle school vocabulary

habitat=natural home               halve=divide in half 
haphazard=w/out any order          hardware=metal goods 
hardy=withstand cold               harmonic=musical overtone 
hearth=fireplace floor             heed=take notice of         
helium=light-weight gas            hemisphere=half a sphere    
hemp=plant fiber for rope          heredity=born with          
heritage=inherited                 hermit=living alone         
hexagon=6-sided figures            hibernate=sleep in winter   
hideous=horribly ugly              hilarious=loudly cheerful   
hoist=raise w/rope                 homonym=word w/same sound   
hospitable/-ality=generous         hostile=unfriendly                        
hover=wait nearby                  hue=color                                    
humanity=mankind                   humble=very modest                          
humor(ous)=amusing                 hypothesis=assumption■      

H - High school vocabulary

HALLUCINATION=see unreal     The ghost was just an hallucination.
HARASS=annoy                 Some boys like to harass girls.
HAVOC=destruction            The storm brought havoc to the coast.
HEDONIC=bodily pleasures     Most people enjoy hedonic experiences.
HERESY=conflict w/religion   To doubt the virgin birth is heresy to some.
HETEROSEXUAL=different sex   Former men's colleges are now heterosecxual.
HIERARCHY=ordered by power   The Army has a well-defined hierarchy.
HITHERTO=up to this point    The new element was hitherto unknown.
HOAX=practical joke          The UFO sighting was considered a hoax.
HOMOGENEOUS=of same nature   The brothers formed a homogeneous group. 
HOMOLOGOUS=similar relation  Lungs and gills are homologous organs.
HOMOSEXUAL=sex w/same sex    Prisons may encourage homosexual acts.
HORMONE=gland secretion      Testosterone is a male hormone.
HUMANE=kind, sympathetic     Humane treatment is required in laboratories.
HYBRID=mixed origins         Combining strains has led to hybrid vegetables.
HYPOCRITE=pretend virtue     An unfaithful minister is a hypocrite.
HYSTERICAL=wild fear         They became hysterical during the fire.

I - Pre-school and elementary vocabulary

ice                     iceberg                   icicle 
icing                   I'd                       idea 
ideal/ideals            identical                 identify/identity 
idiot                   idle                      if 
igloo                   ignorant                  ignore 
I'll                    illegal                   illuminate 
illustrate              in                        inaugural                   
incense                 inch                      incident/incidental         
incline/inclined        income                    incomparable                
increase                incredible                indeed                      
indefinite              indent                  independent/independence    
index                   indicate                  indispensable               
indulge                 industry                  inevitable                  
infant                  infantry                  infect/infection            
inferior/inferiority    inflate                   influence                   
inform/information      informal                  ingredient                  
inhabit/inhabitant      inhale                    inherit                     
initial/initials        initiate/initiation       inject                      
injure                  ink                       inland                      
inn                     inner                     inning                      
innocent                innumerable               inquire/inquiry             
insane/insanity         inscribe                  inspect                     
install                 instance                  instant                     
instantaneous           instead                   institute/institution       
instruct/instruction    instrument                insult                      
insure/insurance        introduce/introduction    intrude                     
insect                  insist                    inside                      
intent/intention        integrate                 intend                      
intellect/intellectual  intelligence              interest/interesting         
interfere               interior                  intermediate                
internal                interpret/interpretation  interrupt                   
interview               intestine                 into                        
intoxicated             invade/invasion           invent                      
inventory               invert/inverted           invest/investment           
investigate             invite                    involuntary                
involve                 inward                    I'm 
image                   imagine/imagination       imitate/imitation 
immediate               immense                   immune/immunity 
impact                  import                    important/importance        
impress/impression      improve/improvement       iodine                      
ions                    iron                      irregular                   
irrigate                irritate                  is 
island                  isolate/isolation         issue 
it                      italics                   itch 
item                    itinerary                 itself 

I - Middle school vocabulary

idol=object of worship              illegible=can't be read 
illicit=unlawful                    illiterate=can't read/write 
illusion=deceptive image            immigrate/-ant=enter country 
imperative=very necessary           imply=suggest 
impose=take advantage               imprint=pressure mark       
impulse=driving force               inception=beginning         
incur=bring on oneself              indelible=cannot rub out    
indifferent=w/out interest          indignant=anger at unjust   
inert=no power to move              infamous=bad reputation     
infinite=without end                infringe=break              
inherent=natural part               inhibit=restrain            
inquisitive=ask questions           insight=understanding       
inspiration=influence               instill=put in slowly       
instinct=inborn impulse             insulate=protect            
intact=whole                        integer=whole number        
integral=necessary part             integrity=honesty           
intense=high degree                 intensify=make strong       
interact=act on each                interim=temporary           
interval=area/time between          intervene=come between      
intonation=tone of voice            intricate=very involved     
intrigued=arouse interest           invariably=always the same  
inverse=backwards                   ire/irate=anger             
ironic=ill-timed arrival            irrational=lacking reason   

I -High school vocabulary

IDEOLOGY=underlying idea      The ideology of religion is faith in God.
IDIOM=peculiar expression     "It sucks" is an ungrammatical idiom.
IDIOSYNCRATIC=unique trait    Saying "howdy" was an idioyncrdatic habit.
ILLEGITIMATE=■ot proper       Eating ham is illegitimate to some people.
IMMATURE=not fully developed  Many college students are still immature.
IMMINENT=to happen soon       Weathercasters forwarn of an imminent storm.
IMMOBILIZE=make immovable     One needs to immobilize a broken leg.
IMPAIRMENT=reduced strength   Elderly often have impairment of hearing.
IMPARTIAL=not prejudiced      Some referees are not really impartial.
IMPASSE=no escape/solution    Restrictions created an impasse to his plan.
IMPEDE=hinder, obstruct       Emotional problems can impede learning.
IMPENDING=about to happen     Diplomats try to avert an impending war.
IMPERTURBABLE=cannot excite   The elderly monk seemed inperturbable.
IMPETUS=driving force         Curiosity is an impetus for research.
IMPINGE=strike, infringe      The flood waters impinged on the house.
IMPLEMENT=tool, fulfill       Now they must implement the agreement.
IMPLICATE=involve in          Both suspects were implicated in the crime.
IMPLICIT=unstated suggestion  His ambition was implicit in his behavior.
IMPOTENCE=powerless           His impotence left him exposed to danger.
IMPOVERISH(ED)=make poor      The hurricane left an impoverished population. 
IMPROVISE(D)=make do          The survivors improvised ways to cook.
INADVERTENT=not deliberate    Many slips of the tongue are inadvertent.
INANIMATE=lacking life        Children imagine life in inanimate objects.
INCENTIVE=motive              Some students have no incentive to study.
INCEST=sex act w/in family    There is occasional incest between siblings.
INCIDENCE=rate of occurrence  The incidence of AIDS is finally decreasing.
INCIPIENT=just beginning      The police stopped the incipient riot.
INCOMPATIBLE=can't co-exist   Studying and day-dreaming are incompatible.
INCOMPETENT=unable to do      Many homeowners are incompetent plumbers.
INCONGRUOUS=doesn't fit in    To some, jazz in church seems incongruous.
INCREMENT=something added     A dollar saved is an increment to one's resources.
INDUCE(MENT)=cause to do      The jackpot was an inducement to keep playing.
INDUCTION=generalization      His induction that everyone cheats is false.
INEFFECTUAL=not productive    Her efforts to train her puppy were ineffectual.
INFER(ENCE)=deduce, derive    From her smile, he inferred that she liked him.
INFINITESIMAL=very tiny       Even an infinitesimal virus can make you sick.
INFLICT=lay on pain           The wreck inflicted much suffering.
INNATE=inherited by birth     A baby's sucking reflex is innate.
INNOVATION=something new      There seems to be a computer innovation daily.
INSATIABLE=cannot satisfy     Her need for money seemed insatiable.
INSIDIOUS=proceed secretly    At first, a cancer's growth is insidious.
INSTIGATE=incite to bad act   The crime was instigated by a dare.
INTERCOURSE=dealing between   E-mail is a form of verbal intercourse.
INTIMIDATING=make afraid      She found the math course intimidating.
INTRINSIC=natural property    The diamond had an intrinsic flaw.
INTUITION=know w/out reason   Her intuition caused her to refuse to go.

J - Pre-school and elementary vocabulary

jacket                       jail                    jar 
jaw                          jelly                   jet 
jewel/jewelry                job                     jockey 
join                         joint                   joke 
jolly                        journal                 joy 
judge                        judgment                jug 
juggle                       juice                   jumble 
jump                         jungle                  junior 
junk                         just                    justice 
justify/justification        juvenile 

J - Middle school vocabulary

jade=green stone                 jagged=w/notched edges 
jealous/jealousy                 jest=joke 
jovial=merry                     junction=where lines cross 
jury=group who judge 

J - High school vocabulary

JAVELIN=light spear           Throwing the javelin in an olympic sport.
JEOPARDY=danger               The tree was in jeopardy during the storm.
JUDICIOUS=sound, wise         Sometimes, admitting your error is judicious.
JUNCTURE=critical moment      Turning 21 is an important juncture in life.
JUXTAPOSE=place side by side  He carefully juxtaposed his shoes under the bed.

K - Pre-school and elementary vocabulary

kangaroo                    keen                        keep                 
keg                         kennel                      kettle             
key                         kick                        kid                
kidnap                      kill                        kin                 
kind                        kindergarten                king/kingdom        
kiss                        kitchen                     kite               
kitten                      knee                        knife               
knight                      knit                        knob                
knock                       knot                        know/knowledge        

K - Middle school vocabulary

kernel=seed w/in husk                  kit=tools in bag            
knack=special skill                    knoll=low hill              

K - High school vocabulary

KINDRED=related, similar    Home and family are kindred memories.
KINETIC=in motion           Kangaroos jump with kinetic bounce.

L - Pre-school and elementary vocabulary

label                       labor                       laboratory          
lace                        lack                        lad                 
ladder                      ladle                       lady               
lake                        lamb                        lame               
lamp                        land                        landscape          
landslide                   lane                        language          
lantern                     lap                         lapel             
lard                        large                       lark                
laser                       lash                        lasso               
last                        latch                       late/later          
lather                      Latin                       latitude            
latter                      launder/laundry             lava                
lavatory                    law                         lawn                
lawyer                      lay/laid                    layer              
lazy                        lead/led                    leader             
leaf                        league                      leak             
lean                        leap                        learn/learning       
lease                       leash                       least               
leather                     leave                       lecture            
ledge                       left                        leg                
legal                       legend/legendary            leisure            
lemon                       lend                        length              
lens                        lesson                      let                
letter                      lettuce                     level               
lever                       liberty                     library            
license                     lick                        lid                
lie/liar                    lieutenant                  life               
lift                        light                       lightning          
like                        likely/likelihood           lilac               
lily                        limb                        limber                
lime                        limit/limitation            limp                  
line                        linen                       linger                
link                        lion                        liquid                
little                      list                        listen         
literature                  litter                      live          
liver                       lizard                      load
loaf                        loan                        lobby 
lobster                     local                       locate/location 
lock/locker                 locomotive                  locust 
lodge                       log                         lone/lonely 
long                        look                        loop 
loose                       lord                        lose/loss/lost 
lot                         lotion                      lottery 
loud                        lounge                      love/lovely 
low/lower                   loyal/loyalty               luck    
luggage                     lullaby                     lumber 
lunch                       lung                        lure 
lurk                        lust                        lip                  

L - Middle school vocabulary

lacquer=varnish                       lagoon=shallow inlet        
landmark=important event              lapse=slip                  
larynx=hollow in throat               lateral=sideways            
launch=set ship afloat                laudatory=praising          
lavish=abundant                       legislation=making laws     
legitimate=by the rules               lenient=tolerant            
liberal=generous                      likewise=also               
limestone=white earthy rock           linear=straight line        
linguistic=human speech               literal=exact  
loathe=hate                           lofty=elevated 
logic(al)=reasoned proof              longitude=distance east-west 
lubricate=make slippery               luminous=giving light 
luster=brightness                     lynch=illegal execution 

L - High school vocabulary

LADEN=loaded                His backpack was laden with books.               
LAMENT=regret               A drop-out will later lament that decision.
LATENT=hidden               Most of your potential is latent.
LAX=loose                   Many parents are lax in controlling kids.
LETHAL=causing death        Many drugs are potentially lethal.
LIABLE=responsible for      Parents are liable for their kids' crimes.
LOCALIZE=in definite place  The cancer was localized in his lung.

M - Pre-school and elementary vocabulary

macaroni                   machine/machinery           mad                     
madam                      magazine                    magic                  
magnet/magnetic            magnificent                 magnify               
mahogany                   maid/maiden                 mail                  
main                       maintain                    major/majority       
make/made                  malaria                     male                
mallet                     mammal                      man/men             
manage                     mane                        manger              
mangle                     manicure                    manner             
manor                      mansion                     manual             
manufacture                manure                      many                 
map                        maple                       marble              
march                      mare                        margarine           
margin/marginal            marijuana                   marine              
mark                       market                      marry/marriage       
mask                       master                      mat                 
match                      mate                        material           
mathematics                matinee                     matter               
mattress                   mature                      may                   
maybe                      mayor                       me                     
meadow                     meal                        mean/meant/meaning      
meander                    measles                     measure/measurement     
meat                       mechanic/mechanical         medal                 
medicine/medical           medium                      meet/met/meeting      
melody                     melon                       melt                   
member                     memorable                   memorize              
memorial                   memory                      mend                  
mess                       message                     messenger             
metal                      meter                       method                
mental                     mention                     menu                  
merchant/merchandise       mercy                       mere                 
merit/meritorious          merry                       mesa                
microscope                 microphone                  midget             
middle                     midnight                    midst                
might                      migrate/migration           mild                 
mildew                     mile                        military           
milk                       mill                        million              
mind                       mine                        mineral              
minister                   mink                        minor/minority       
minus                      minute                      miracle                
mirror                     miscellaneous               mischief 
misery/miserable           miss                        mission 
mistake                    mister                      mistletoe 
mitten                     mix/mixture                 moan 
mob                        moccasins                   model 
modern                     modest                      moist/moisture 
molasses                   mold                        molecule 
moment                     Monday                      money 
monk                       monkey                      monster 
month                      monument                    mood 
moon                       moose                       mop 
more/moreover              morning                     morphine 
mortgage                   mosquito                    most/mostly           
moth                       mother                      motion                 
motor                      motto                       mound                    
mount                      mountain                    mouse/mice              
mouth                      move/movement               movie                  
mow                        much                        mud                      
mug                        mule                        multiply/multiplication  
multitude                  mumble                      mummy                  
mumps                      murder                      muscle/muscular        
museum                     mushroom                    music/musical          
must                       mustache                    mustard                
mutiny                     mutter                      muzzle                  
my/myself                  mystery/mysterious          

M - Middle school vocabulary

magnitude=size, importance          majesty/-ic=noble/imposing  
malice=active ill-will              mammoth=huge (elephant)     
maneuver=expert movement            manipulate=use w/skill      
mantel=fireplace shelf              manuscript=author's copy    
marital=of marriage                 marrow=inner part of bone   
marsh=low wet land                  martyr=suffer for beliefs   
maximum/maximize=largest            maze=confusing pathways     
meager=scanty                       mechanism=working part      
membrane=thin tissue                menace=threat               
mercury=heavy liquid                meridian=highest point      
meteor=object from space            metric=decimal system       
metropolitan=of big city            mica=shiny stone            
militia=citizen army                mingle=go about among       
miniature=on small scale            minimum/minimize=smallest   
missionary=convert others           momentous=very important 
momentum=moving force               monarch=supreme ruler 
monastery=home for monks            mode=manner of doing
moderate=not extreme                monitor=give feedback 
monopoly=exclusive control          monotonous=unvarying tone 
morpheme=meaningful speech          mortar=cement for bricks 
motive/-ation=need/desire           mourning=show sorrow        
multiple=many                       municipal=related to city   
murmur=low steady sound             musket=old gun              
mute=silent                         mutual(ly)=common/joint     
myth(ical)=imaginary tale   

M - High school vocabulary

MALADY=disease        Cancer is a very painful malady.            
MALIGN=speak badly    Fans often malign the coach if the team loses.   
MANDATE/MANDATORY=command    The president took his victory as a mandate.
MANIFEST=obvious, evident    His disappointment at losing was manifest.
MASTURBATION=manual sex act  Few parents talk to children about masturbation.
MATERNAL=of a mother         Nursing is a maternal instinct.
MAXIM=general rule           "Be prepared" is a useful maxim.
MEDIA=means of communication   T.V. and radio are competing media.
MEDIATE=connect indirectly     Counselors try to mediate a dispute.
MEDIOCRE=not good or bad       His performance was only mediocre.
MEDITATION=dwell in thought    Students need time for meditation.
MENSTRUATION=female discharge  Menstruation begins at adolescence.
MERGE=mix into another         The store merged with the large chain.
METAPHOR=word from context     She used "bah humbug" as a metaphor.
METHODOLOGICAL=re method       The study had a methodological flaw.
MIMIC=copy in action           Actors often mimic politicians.
MISCONCEPTION=wrong idea       You may have a misconception of his motives.
MOBILE=easily moved            A modern army needs to be highly mobile.
MODIFY=change, alter           Many students modify their plans in college.
MOLEST=disturb, harm           Some priests sexually molest altar boys.
MORAL=virtuous                 Honesty is one aspect of a moral character.
MORBID=deadly, unhealthy       Depressed people often have morbid thoughts.
MORTAL(ITY)=causing death      A blow to the head may be mortal.
MUNDANE=down-to-earth          Flowers and candy are mundane gifts.
MUNITIONS=weapons              The munitions of war keep changing.
MURAL=picture on wall          The Sistene Chapel is covered with murals.
MUTILATE=cut off parts         A sadist may mutilate his victim.
MYSTIC(AL)=secret meaning      True love has mystical properties.

N - Pre-school and elementary vocabulary

nail                       naked                       name                   
nap                        napkin                      narrow                
nasty                      nation/national             native               
nature/natural             navy                        near/nearby           
neat                       necessary/necessity         neck                 
necklace                   need                        needle                
negative                   neglect                     neighbor/neighborhood    
neither                    nerve/nervous               nest                 
net                        network                     never               
nevertheless               new                         news/newspaper       
next                       nice                        nickel              
niece                      night                       nightmare           
nimble                     nine/ninety                 nineteen             
nipple                     nitrogen                    no                  
noble                      nobody                      nod                 
nog                        noise                       none                
nonsense                   noodle                      nook                
noon                       noose                       nor                
normal/normally            north/northern              nose/nostril         
not                        notation                    notch               
note                       nothing                     notice/notify        
noun                       nourish/nourishment         novel/novelty        
now                        nozzle                      nuclear             
nude                       nudge                       nuisance             
numb                       number/numeral              numerical           
numerous                   nun                         nurse                
nut                        nutrition=food              nylon             

Middle school vocabulary

narcotic=drug                         narrative=story of event   
nasal=of the nose                     nausea=sick to stomach      
nautical=of sailors/ships             navigate=chart course       
negotiate=try to settle               neutral=take neither side   
nil=nothing                           nomad=no fixed home         
nominal=in name only                  nostalgia=homesickness      
notable=remarkable                    notion=idea                 
nucleus=central part                  nugget=lump of metal        

N - High school vocabulary

NAIVE=simple in mind         Believing that credit cards are free is naive.
NAUGHT=nothing                Her efforts to win the game were for naught.
NEGLIGIBLE=very small         All his work produced negligible results.
NOCTURNAL=of night            Most rodents are naturally nocturnal animals.
NONCHALANT=show indifferenc   She seemed nonchalant about the danger.
NOTWITHSTANDING=in spite of   He fought, notwithstanding his injury.
NOVICE=beginner               There are ski runs for novice skiers.
NOXIOUS=harmful               An electric shock can be very noxious.
NULL=no effect                The result of his effort was null.
NURTURE=bring up              The gardener nurtured the delicate plant.

O - Pre-school and elementary vocabulary

oak                          oar                       oasis 
oath                         obey/obedience            object/objection 
oblong                       observe/observation       obtain 
obvious                      occasion/occasionally     occupation 
occupy                       occur/occurrence          ocean 
o'clock                      octopus                   odd 
odor                         of                        off 
offer                        office                    officer/official 
offspring                    often                     oil 
ointment                     old/older                 olive 
olympic                      omen                      omit/omission 
on/onto                      once                      one       
onion                        only                      onward 
open                         opera                     operate/operation      
opinion                      opponent                  opportunity           
optimist/optimism            or                        oral                  
orange                       orbit                     orchard              
orchestra                    orchid                    order/orderly        
ordinary/ordinarily          ore                       organ                
organize/organization        origin/original/originate ornament              
orphan                       ostrich                   other/otherwise       
ought                        ounce                     our/ourselves        
outline                      ovary                     oven                 
over                         owe                       own                  

O - Middle school vocabulary

obese=very fat                     objective=real, unprejudiced 
obliged=required                   obscure=not clear 
obstinate=stubborn                 odds=chance of event 
ogre=man-eating giant              ominous=threatening   
opaque=cannot see through          oppose/-ition=set against   
optical=of the eyes                option(al)=by choice        
oration=speech                     ordeal=severe test          
organism=living being              outlet=opening              
outlook=view of futu               oval=egg-shaped            
ovation=loud applause       

O - High school vocabulary

OBLITERATE=cancel, wipe out  He tried to obliterate the evidence.
OBLIVIOUS=unaware            She seemed oblivious to the danger.
OBNOXIOUS=offensive          His dirty jokes are obnoxious.
OBSCENE=indecent             His angry gestures are obscene.
OBSOLETE=out of date         A computer becomes obsolete quickly.
OBSTRUCT=stand in way        The traffic obstructed his progress.
OMNIPOTENT=unlimited power   Even the president is not omnipotent.
OPTIMUM=most favorable       She was well above her optimum weight.
ORDINAL=number, rank         She put the cards in ordinal order.
ORGASM=sexual climax         The couple petted to orgasm.
ORIENTATION=give direction   He lost his orientation during the storm.
ORNATE=very ornamented       Many cathedrals are very ornate.
ORTHODOX=approved,accepted   Episcopalians are not orthodox Catholics.
OSCILLATION=vary up/down     Her blood pressure showed a lot of oscillation.
OSTENSIBLE=pretended         His ostensible excuse was clearly false.
OUTRAGE=shameful wrong       "Ethnic cleansing" is an outrage.
OVERT=open, observable       She gave no overt sign of her feelings.

P - Pre-school and elementary vocabulary

pace                        pack                        package              
packet                      pad                         paddle               
page                        pageant                     pail                
pain                        paint                       pair                
pajamas                     palace                      pale                
palm                        pamphlet                    pan                 
pane                        panel                       panic                
pant                        pantry                      paper               
parade                      paradise                    paragraph            
parallel                    paralyze/paralysis          parasite             
parcel                      pardon                      parent               
parentheses                 parish                      park                  
Parliament                  parlor                      parole               
parrot                      parsley                     parson               
part                        partial/partially           party                
participate                 particle                    particular            
partition                   partner                     pass                 
passage                     passenger                   passion              
past                        paste                       pastry               
pasture                     pat                         patch                
patent                      path                        patience             
patient                     patriot                     patrol               
patron                      pattern                     pause                
parachute                   pave/pavement               paw                     
pay/paid                    peace                       peach                  
peak                        peanut                      pearl                   
peasant                     pebble                      peck                  
peculiar                    pedestal                    peer                   
pelican                     pen                         penalize/penalty       
pencil                      pendulum                    penicillin            
peninsula                   penis                       penitentiary          
pennant                     penny                       pension 
people                      pepper                      percent 
perch                       perfect                     perform/performance 
perfume                     perhaps                     peril/perilous 
period                      perish                      permanent 
permit/permission           perpendicular               person 
perspire/perspiration       persuade                    pessimism 
pest                        pet                         petal 
petition                    petroleum                   petty 
phase                       phonograph                  photograph 
phrase                      physical                    physician 
physics                     piano                       pick                   
pickle                      picnic                      picture/picturesque   
pie                         piece                       pig                   
pigeon                      pile                        pilgrim               
pill                        pillar                      pillow                
pilot                       pimple                      pin                   
pinch                       pine                        pineapple              
pink                        pint                        pioneer               
pipe                        pirate                      pistol                 
piston                      pit                         pitch                 
pitcher                     pity/pitiful                place                 
plague                      plaid                       plain                 
plan                        plane                       planet               
plantation                  plaster                     plastic                
plate                       plateau                     platform              
platinum                    platter                     play/player        
plea/plead                  pleasant                    please                
pledge                      plenty/plentiful            plot                
plow                        pluck                       plug                  
plumbing                    plump                       plunder               
plural                      plus                        ply                    
pneumonia                   pocket                      poem/poet/poetry       
point                       poison                      poker                  
polar                       pole                        police             
policy                      polio                       polish                 
polite                      politics/political          pollen                 
pollution                   pond                        pony                  
poodle                      pool                        poor                 
pop                         popular                     populate/population   
populous                    porch                       porcelain            
porcupine                   pore                        pork                 
porpoise                    port                        portable              
portion                     portrait                    pose                  
position                    positive                    possess/possessive    
possible/possibility        post                        postage               
poster                      postpone                    postscript            
posture                     pot                         potato                  
poultry                     pound                       pour                   
poverty                     powder                      power/powerful         
prank                       pray                        practical              
practice                    prairie                     praise                 
preach                      precaution                  precede                
precious                    precipitation               precise                
predicate                   predict                     prefer                 
pregnant                    preliminary                 prepare 
present/presence            preserve                    preside 
president                   press                       pressure 
prestige                    pretend                     prevent 
preview                     previous                    prey 
price                       pride                       priest 
primary                     prime                       primitive 
prince                      principal/principally       principle 
print                       prior                       prison 
private/privacy             privilege                   prize 
probable/probably           probability                 problem 
procedure/proceed           process                     profess/professor 
program                     progress                    project/projector      
prolong                     promise                     prompt                  
prone                       pronoun                 pronounce/pronunciation  
proof/prove                 propaganda                  propel/propeller        
proper                      property                    proportion           
propose                     prose                       protect              
protest                     protrude                    proud                
provide/provision           pry                         public               
publish/publication         pudding                     pueblo              
pull                        pulley                      pulp                
pump                        pumpkin                     punch              
punctuation                 puncture                    punish              
pupil                       puppet                      purchase            
pure/purity                 purple                      purpose             
purse                       pursue/pursuit              push                
put                         putty                       puzzle               

P - Middle school vocabulary

pacify=bring calm                    palatable=good to eat       
par=average/normal                   participle=both verb/adverb 
pathetic=evokes pity                 pending=not yet decided     
penetrate=force entry                perceive=know via senses 
percussion=striking                  perimeter=outer boundary 
perpetual=ever-lasting               perplexed=puzzled 
persecute=cause to suffer            persistent=keep existing 
perspective=size-wise                petrify=turn to stone 
phenomenon=observed event            philosophy=study reality 
pigment=coloring matter              pivot=turning point         
placid=calm                          plunge=throw self forward   
poise=balance, manners               portray=describe, play part 
porous=absorb fluids                 potential=possible power    
pouch=small bag/pocket               predicament=rough situation  
predominant=superior                 prejudice=biased opinion    
preposition=phrase word              prescribe=guide action 
prevail=gain dominance               prevalent=widespread 
priority=comes first                 prism=triangular glass 
probe=search                         procession=parade 
proclaim=announce                    profile=outline 
profound=great knowledge             profusion=abundance         
prohibit=forbid                      prolific=very productive    
prominent=standing out               promote=help advance        
prophecy=foretell future             prosecute=action against     
provisional=for time being           proximity=nearness          
prudent=sensible                     pulsate=throb               
pun=play on words                    putrid=rotten, bad odor     
punctual=on time            

P - High school vocabulary

PACT=agreement        NATO is a pack for mutual defense of members.             
PALPABLE=can be touched     The bullet is palpable evidence of the crime.
PARADIGM=pattern, example   Democracy is one paradigm for government.
PARADOX=seems-false truth   That air has weight was once a paradox.
PARAMOUNT=most important     His paramount goal was to be rich.
PARAPHRASE=put in own words  He quoted instead of paraphrasing the idea.
PARSIMONY=simplicity         She chose the most parisomious solution.
PASSIVE=being acted on       They accepted the decision passively.
PATERNAL=of a father          He had a paternal interest in her plan.
PENSIVE=deep in thought       He claimed to be pensive instead of sleeping.
PERIODICALLY=at regular times The tides change periodically.
PERIPHERAL=outer surface      The sense of touch is peripheral.
PERMEATE=spread through       Her perfume permeated the air.
PERPETRATE=carry out (crime)  The thief perpetrated his plan.
PERSEVERE=keep going on       A marathon runner must persevere.
PERTAIN=apply/relate to       His thoughts pertained to his family's welfare. 
PERTINENT=to the point        She didn't know if her information was pertinent.
PERVADE=spread widely         The epidemic pervaded the country.
PERVERSION=stubbornly wrong   Sex with animals is a perversion.
PHONETIC=spoken sounds        Slips of the tongue are often phonetic.
PHYSIOLOGICAL=life process    Memory has a physiological basis.
PINNACLE=highest point        To many, parenting is the pinacle of existence.
PIOUS=religious               Billy Graham's crusade elicited a pious response.
PITTANCE=small amount         His donation was only a pittance.
PLACATE=calm anger            He hoped the flowers would placate his fiancee.
PLAGIARISM=copy as own work   His books were full of plagiarism.
PLAUSIBLE=believable          The explanation seemed plausible enough.
PREMISE=basis of argument     His excuse that everyone cheats is false.
PREOCCUPIED=mentally focused  She was preoccupied with her appearance.
PREPONDERANT=most in number   The preponderant feeling was to strike.
PODIUM=raised platform      He rarely left the podium during his lecture.
PONDER=weigh in mind          Everyone needs time to ponder the future.
PORNOGRAPHY=obscene materials A photograph of oral sex is pornography.
POSTERIOR=situated behind     He spanked the child's posterior.
POSTULATE=assume in theory    The virgin birth is a religious postulate.
POTENT=powerful               Red chile is more potent than green.
PRAGMATIC=practical concern   The pragmatic solution is to get results.
PRECEDENT=example from past   There was no precedent to guide the judge.
PRECLUDE=shut out             Immunization may preclude some diseases.
PRECONCEIVED=advance idea     The plan was preconceived by their parents.
PREDISPOSE=advance tendency   Some people are predisposed to alcoholism.
PREMATURE=too early           Their wedding plans seemed premature.
PREREQUISITE=requirement      Vocabulary is a prequisite for reading. 
PREROGATIVE=special right     It was her prerogative to refuse.
PRESUME=take for granted      He presumed that he was ready for college.
PRETEXT=not the true purpose  His sickness was a pretext to cut class.
PROCURE=get, with effort      The army needed to procure more weapons.
PROFICIENT=skilled            He was proficient at fooling her.
PROFUSE=given freely          He cussed profusely at the accident.
PROLIFERATE=spread rapidly    A cold can proliferate rapidly.
PROPENSITY=bent/disposition   She had a propensity for shopping.
PROPONENT=person in favor     He was a proponent of mercy killing.
PROSCRIBE=forbidden           Swimming in the ditch was proscribed.
PROTOCOL=ceremonial rules     Follow protocol at an official meeting.
PROTOTYPE=original model      He built a prototype of his machine.
PROVOKE=bring about           The insults provoked him to fight.
PSYCHEDELIC=mind-altering     Marijuana is a psychedelic drug.
PUBERTY=sexual maturity       His voice began to change at puberty.
PURGE=empty, clear out        He purged the computer of old files.

Q - Pre-school and elementary vocabulary

quack                       quail                       qualify              
quality/qualitative         quantity/quantitative       quarantine           
quarrel                     quarry                      quart              
quarter                     quartet                     quartz             
queen                       queer                       quest               
question                    quick                       quiet              
quit                        quite                       quota              
quote/quotation             quotient                    

Q - Middle school vocabulary

quantum=elemental unit■     
quell=put an end to         

Q - High school vocabulary

QUAGMIRE=soft, wet land     The heavy rain made a quagmire of the yard.
QUANDARY=state of doubt     She was in a quandary about getting married.
QUESTIONNAIRE=question set  Some items on the quesgtionnaire were personal.
QUORUM=required number      With no quorum, the senate adjourned.

R - Pre-school and elementary vocabulary

race                        rack                        racket                 
radar                       radiator                    radio                
radioactive                 radius                      raft                 
rage                        raid                        rail/railroad         
rain                        rainbow                     raise                
raisin                      rake                        ranch                
range                       rank                        rape                 
rapid/rapids                rare                        rash                 
rat                         rate                        rather              
ration                      rattle                      rave                
raw                         razor                       reach               
react/reaction              read                        ready/readily        
real/really                 realize/realization         reap                 
rear                        reason/reasonable           rebel/rebellion 
recall                      receipt                     receive/reception 
recent                      recess                      recipe 
recite                      recognize                   recommend 
record                      recover/recovery            recreation 
rectangle                   red                         reduce 
refer/reference             refine                      reflect 
reform                      refugee                     refund 
refuse                      regard/regardless           register/registration 
region                      regret                      regular 
regulate                    rehearse/rehearsal          reign 
rein                        reject                      rejoice 
relapse                     relief/relieve              rely/reliance           
remain/remainder            remark/remarkable           remedy/remedial       
resist/resistance           relation/relationship       relay                
release                     religion                    remove             
rent                        repair                      repeal               
repeat/repetition           repent                      replace              
reply                       report                      represent            
reptile                     republic                    reputation           
request                     require                     rescue                
research                    resemble/resemblance        resent/resentment       
reserve/reservation         reside/residence            resign               
resin                       resolve/resolution          resort               
resource                    respect                     respond/response       
responsible                 rest                        restaurant          
restrict                    result                      resume              
retail                      retain/retention            retard              
retina                      retire                      retract             
retreat                     retrieve                    return              
reunion                     reveal                      revenge              
review                      revoke                      revolt/revolution       
revolve                     reward                      rheumatism          
rhyme                       ribbon                      rice                
rich                        rid                         riddle               
ride/rode                   ridge                       ridicule/ridiculous     
rifle                       right                       rim                  
ring/rang/ringing           rinse                       riot                 
rip                         ripe                        rise                
risk                        rival                       river               
road                        roam                        roar                
roast                       rob                         robe               
rock                        rocket                      rod                
rodent                      rodeo                       role               
roll                        romance                     roof                
room                        roost/rooster               root                
rope                        rose                        rot                 
rotate/rotation             rough                       round                
route                       routine                     row/rowboat          
royal/royalty               rub                         rubber             
rude                        rug                         ruin                 
rule/ruler                  rumor                       run/ran/running       
rural                       rush                        Russia/Russian       
rust                        rut                         

R - Middle school vocabulary

radiant/radiate=bright                radical=extreme             
random=without design                 ratify=approve formally     
ratio=numerical relation              rational=sane, w/reason     
ravine=deep narrow valley             raze=tear down              
reality=in fact                       realm=kingdom               
reassure=give confidence              recede=go down 
reciprocal=to each other              reckon=figure out 
redeem=earn/buy back                  reef=sea rocks 
reflex=automatic response             refrain=keep from doing 
refuge=shelter                        relent=less severe          
reliable=dependable                   reluctant=unwillin         
reminiscence=remembering              remote=distant, slight      
rendezvous=meeting place■             renowned=famous             
repel=drive back                      repercussion=after(c)effect   
reprimand=blame formally              repudiate=disown, reject    
reputable=respectable                 requisite=required          
rescind=repeal                        reservoir=storage place     
respectively=each in order            respite=interval of rest    
revenue=income                        revere(nce)=deep respec    
rigid=stiff, strict                   ritual=ceremony             
robot=human-like machine              rout=utter defeat           

R - High school vocabulary

RAMIFICATION=implication       There are many ramifications to the law. 
RATIONALE=underlying reason    There was no obviouis rationale for his act.
RATIONALIZE=explain away       She tried to rationalize her behavior.
REASONING=think logically      Solving the problem requires reasoning.
RECALCITRANT=resist handling   The horse was recalcitrant with the trainer.
RECAPITULATE=restate briefly   Please recapitulate your arguments.
RECEPTACLE=container          There is a receptacle for recycled cans.
RECESSIVE=tending to go back  Senility often leads to recessive behavior.
RECIPIENT=one who receives    Heirs are the recipients of one's estate. 
RECONCILE=bring to agreement  She wanted to reconcile with him.
RECTIFY=put right             He tried to rectify his mistake.
RECUR/RECURRENT=happen again  His nightmare was recurrent.
REDUNDANT=more than needed  To signal a turn in a turn lane is redundant.
REFUTE=prove to be false      The evidence refuted his claim.
REITERATE=say over again      He kept reiterating his love. 
RELATE(D)=tell/connect with   He related a true story of adventure.
RELEVANT=bearing on topic     Skin color is not relevant for employment.
RELINQUISH=give up           King Edward relinquished the British throne.
RENDER=cause to become       Too much to drink rendered him unconscious.
REPERTOIRE=list of skills    She had a large repertoire of tricks.
REPRIEVE=temporary relief    The breeze gave some reprieve from the heat.
REPULSIVE=disgusting         To most people, canabalism is repulsive.
RESIDUAL=remainder           Getting a skin tan has residual effects.
RESTRAIN(T)=hold back        The leash restrained the dog from running.
RETALIATION=return injury    She bit him in retaliation for his abuse.
RETICENT=not inclined to     She was reticent to become engaged.
RIGOR(OUS)=exact/severe      Professional sports requires rigorous training.
ROBUST=strong/vigorous       The marching band gave a robust performance.
RUBRIC=heading, category     Psychology falls under the Natural Science rubric.
RUDIMENTARY=undeveloped part The outline gave a rudimentary idea of the plot.
RUPTURE=break open           A rupture in the dam caused a flood.

S - Pre-school and elementary vocabulary

sack                          sacrifice               sad 
safe/safety                   sail                    sailor 
saint                         sake                    salad 
salary                        sale                    saliva 
saloon                        salt                    salute 
same                          sample                  sand 
sandals                       sandwich                sane/sanity 
sanitary                      sap                     satellite 
satin                         saturate                Saturday 
sauce                         sausage                 savage 
save                          saw                     say/saying/said 
satisfy/satisfaction          scald                   scalp 
scandal                       scar                    scarce/scarcely 
scare                         scarf                   scarlet 
scatter                       scene/scenery           scent                 
schedule                      school                  science              
scientist                     scissors                scold                
scoop                         score                   scour               
scout                         scramble                scrap               
scrape                        scratch                 scream              
screen                        screw                   scrub               
sea                           seal                    seam                
search                        season                  seat               
second/secondary              secret                  secretary            
section                       secure/security         seduce              
see                           seed                    seek/sought          
seem                          seize                   seldom               
select/selection              selfish                 sell/sold            
semen                         semester                semicircle           
Senate/senator                send/sent               senior/seniority       
sensation                     sense                   sensitive           
sentence                      sentiment               sequence            
separate                      serenade                sergeant            
series                        serious                 sermon              
serpent                       servant                 serve/service         
session                       set                     settle/settlement     
seven/seventeen               seventy                 several              
severe                        sew                     sewer/sewage         
sex/sexual                    shade                   shadow              
shaft                         shake/shook             shall               
shallow                       shame                   shape               
share                         shark                   sharp               
shave                         she                     shed                
sheep/shepard                 sheet                   shelf               
shell                         shelter                 sheriff             
shield                        shift                   shine/shone         
shirk                         ship                    shirt                   
shock                         shoe                    shoot                   
shop                          shore                   show                
short/shortage                shot                    should               
shoulder                      shout                   shove                
shovel                        shower                  shrill               
shrimp                        shrink                  shrub               
shrug                         shudder                 shuffle              
shack                         shut                    shutter               
shy                           sick                    side                   
sift                          sigh                    sight 
sign                          signal                  signature 
significant                   silent/silence          silk 
silver                        similar                 simple/simply 
simplify                      sin                     since 
sincere                       sing/sang               single/singular 
sink                          sir                     siren 
sister                        sit/sat                 site 
situation                     six/sixteen             sixty 
size                          skate                   skeleton 
sketch                        ski                     skid 
skill                         skillet                 skin 
skip                          skirt                   skit 
skull                         sky                     slack 
sidewalk                      slang                   slant 
slap                          slave/slavery           sleeve                
slender                       sleigh                  slice                
slick                         slide                   slight               
sling                         slip                    slippers             
slippery                      slogan                  slope               
slot                          slow                    slum                
slumber                       sly                     small                 
smart                         smear                   smell              
smile                         smoke                   smooth             
snail                         snake                   snap                
sneeze                        snore                   snort              
snout                         snow                    so                  
soak                          soap                    soar                
sob                           sober                   social             
society                       sock                    soda                 
sofa                          soft                    soil                 
solar                         soldier                 solid                
solo                          solve/solution          some                
someone                       something               somewhere            
son                           song                    soon                 
sophomore                     sore                    sorority             
sorrow/sorry                  sort                    soul                 
sound                         soup                    sour                  
source                        south/southern          souvenir              
space                         spaghetti               spank                
spare                         spark                   speak/speech        
spear                         special/specialize      specific           
speck                         spectator               speed              
spell                         spend                   sperm                
spice                         spider                  spill                
spin/spun                     spinach                 spine              
spirit                        spite                   splash              
splendid                      splinter                split               
spoil                         sponge                  spool                
spoon                         sport                   spot                
spout                         sprain                  spray                
spread                        spring/sprung           sprinkle            
spurt                         spy                     squeak               
squeeze                       squint                  squirrel            
squirt                        stab                    stack                 
stadium                       stage                   stagecoach             
stain                         stair                   stake 
stale                         stalk                   stall 
stamp                         stampede                stand 
standard                      staple                  star 
starch                        stare                   start 
startle                       starve                  state 
statement                     static                  station 
statue                        stay                    steady 
steak                         steal                   steam 
steel                         steep                   stem 
step                          stern                   stick 
sticky                        stiff                   still 
stilts                        sting                   stir                 
style                         stitch                  stock                
stomach                       stone                   stool               
stoop                         stop                    storage             
store                         storm                   story                 
stove                         straight                strain                 
strange/stranger              strap                   straw                
stray                         streak                  stream               
street                        strength                stress               
stretch/stretcher             strict                  strike/struck          
string                        strip                   stripe                
strive                        stroke                  strong                 
structure                     struggle                stubborn              
student                       study                   stuff                  
stumble                       stunt                   stupid                
sturdy                        subject                 submarine             
submit                        substance               substitute             
subtract                      suburb                  subway                
succeed/success               superstition            supervise             
supper                        supply                  support               
suppose                       sure/surely             surface              
surgeon                       surpass                 surprise               
surrender                     surround                survive               
suspect/suspicious            suspend                 survey                
sudden                        sue                     suffer                
sufficient                    suffix                  sugar                
suggest/suggestion            suicide                 suit/suitable         
sum                           summary/summarize       summer                
sun/sunny                     Sunday                  sunflower            
sunlight                      superb                  sustain              
swallow                       swamp                   swear                 
sweater                       sweep                   sweet                 
swell                         swift                   swim                   
swing                         switch                  sword                  
syllable                      symbol                  sympathy               
symphony                      symptom                 syrup                  

S - Middle school vocabulary

sabotage=deliberate damage            sac=animal pouch 
sacred=holy                           salvage=goods from wreck 
sanctuary=refuge/holy place           sarcasm=mocking criticism 
satire=make fun of weakness           scheme=systematic plan      
scholar=learned person                scoff=show contempt         
scope=area covered                    scorn=strong contempt       
scowl=angry frown                     script=text of play         
sculpture=carved artwork              scurvy=vitamin deficiency   
scuttle=sink own ship■                secession=formal withdraw   
seclude=stay apart                    sector=part of an area      
sedate=calm                           segment=natural part        
segregate=set apart                   semblance=likeness          
sensible=■aving good sense            sequoia=large redwood tree  
sensory=of the senses                 serene=calm                 
serial=happening in order             shatter=break into pieces   
shear=cut w/scissors                  shingle=roofing board       
shrewd=smart in dealing               shriek=loud/sharp cry       
shrine=sacred place                   siege=surround, cut off     
sieve=sort fine particles             silhouette=outline profile 
sill=windowframe bottom               simultaneous=at same time 
sinew=tough tissue                    sinister=wicked, evil
slander=false bad statement           slate=thin sheet of rock    
slaughter=brutal killing              smother=deprive of air      
snare=trap w/noose                    socket=hollow receptacle    
sodium=white chemical(salt)           solace=comfort in sorrow    
solemn=grave, seriou                  solicit=ask, invite         
solitary=done alon                    soluble=can be dissolved    
somber=gloomy                         sophisticated=not simple    
sovereign=supreme power               spacious=large expanse      
span=distance between                 sparse=thinly scattered     
species=class of animal               specimen=sample of whole    
spectacle=grand show                  spectrum=range of colors    
speculate=form theory about           spinal=of backbone          
spindle=rounded rod                   spiral=winding about center 
splendor=brilliant/glorious           splice=join together        
spouse=husband/wife                   sprout=begin to grow        
squad=small army unit                 stable/stability            
stallion=male horse                   stamina=endurance 
stanza=division of a poem             stationary=not moving 
stationery=writing paper              statistics=numerical facts 
stature=height of body                status=state of affairs 
sterile=free of life                  steward=attendant on ship 
stimulate=cause action                stimulus=event causing act 
stout=fat/strong/brave                strait=narrow sea passage   
strategy=large-scale plan             strenuous=vigorous effort   
stride=walk w/long steps              strife=fight, conflict      
studio=art workroom                   stupendous=amazingly large  
stutter=broken speech                 subjected=exposed to        
submerge=put under water              subsequent=following        
subside=become less violent           substantial=large, solid    
subtle=fine, cunning                  succession=each following   
suction=draw w/vacuum                 suitor=one who courts       
sulfur=yellow chemical                sullen=angry silence        
summit=highest point                  superintendent=overseer     
superlative=of highest kind           supernatural=beyond nature 
supplement=something added            supreme=best, excellent     
surplus=amount left over              susceptible=easily affecte 
swirl=whirl (as water)                symbolize=stand for         
symmetry=sides equal                  synonym=word w/same meaning 
synthetic=artificial                  systematic=orderly          

S - High school vocabulary

SALIENT=prominent/noticeable  Red hair is a salient feature.
SALINE=salty water     We may need to convert saline into drinking water.
SANCTION=approve, enforce    The laws don't sanction mercy killing.
SANGUINE=cheerful, hopeful   She appeared sanguine about her troubles.
SCAN=look over               He just scanned the paper briefly.
SCAVENGER=eats refuse        The vulture is a well-known scavenger.
SCRUTINY=close examination   Detailed scrutiny revealed flaws in the plan.
SECRETION=fluid from gland   Saliva is an important secretion in the mouth.
SEQUEL=what follows after    Very popular movies often have a sequel.
SEMANTIC=meaning of words    Some arguments reduce to semantics.
SENILE=feebleness of aged    We tend to lose memory as we get senile.
SEVER=cut/break off          She decided to sever her relationship with him.
SIBLING=brother/sister       Twins must be siblings.
SIGNIFY=mean, be a sign of   Dark clouds may signify an impending storm.
SIMULATE=act like            Actors try to simulate their characters.
SKEPTICAL=critical doubting   Scientists are skeptical of common knowledge.
SLOVENLY=untidy               His slovenly appearance cost his the job.
SOJOURN=stay a while          We had an interesting sojourn to Australia.
SORDID=mean, morally low      The killer had no excuse for his sordid acts.
SPASM=sudden tightening        A muscle spasm in the leg can be painful.
SPATIAL=relating to space      The animal marks his spatial territory.
SPECIOUS=seems OK but isn't     The evidence proved the argument specious.
SPONTANEOUS=no outside cause    His confession was spontaneous.
SPORADIC=at intervals            The geyser's eruptions were sporadic.
SQUANDER=waste (as money)        Heirs may squander their inheritance.
STATUTE=written law              There is a statute against child abuse.
STAGNATE=become foul             Water in a ditch can quickly stagnate.
STALWART=brave                   His was a stalwart defense of freedom.
STEREOTYPE=common features       Being dumb is a sterotype of blonds.
STIGMA=mark of disgrace         He bore the stigma of a person who cheats.
STIPEND=regular pay             He got a bonus in addition to his stipend.
STIPULATE=insist on             The strikers stipulated their demands.
STOIC=tolerate pain             She was a stoic during the tragedy.
STRATA=layers, levels           The are many strata in the Grand Canyon.
STRINGENT=very strict           Military rules are very stringent.
SUBDUE=conquer                   Alcoholics must subdue the urge to drink.
SUBJECTIVE=w/in self, personal   Faith in a Deity is subjective.
SUBLIME=noble, superb            Marriage can be a sublime experience.
SUBMISSIVE=yield to another      In many families, the wife is submissive.
SUBSIDIARY=secondary             Sex is subsidiary to love.
SUBSISTENCE=support life         The family farm provided subsistence.
SUBSTANTIATE=prove w/evidence    An alibi substantiated his innocence.
SUCCEEDING=following next        Each succeeding generation takes charge.
SUCCINCT=brief, concise          A good essay answer is succinct.
SUFFICE=be enough                An apology sufficed to end the fight.
SUFFOCATE=choke                  City smog can suffocate people.
SUMMON=call                      It is best to obey a court summon.
SUPERSEDE=take place of          The son superseded his father as boss.
SUPERFICIAL=on the surface       The wound was only superficial.
SUPERIMPOSE=lay over             He superimposed one graph over the other.
SUPPRESS=hold back               It is difficult to suppress a sneeze.
SURMISE=guess, suppose           He could only surmise her real motives.
SYNCHRONIZE=same time/speed      Dancers must synchronize their moves.

T - Pre-school and elementary vocabulary

table                      tablet                 tack 
tackle                     tail                   take/took 
tale                       talent                 talk 
tall                       tame                   tan 
tangle                     tank                   tantrum 
tap                        tape                   tar 
tardy                      target                 task 
taste                      tavern                 tax 
tea                        teach/teacher/taught   team 
tear/tore                  tease                  teat 
technical/technology       technique/technician   teeth 
telegram/telegraph         telephone              telescope 
television                 tell/told              temper 
temperature                temple                 tempo                       
temporary                  tempt/temptation       ten                         
tenant                     tend                   tender                      
tennis                     tense/tension          tent                        
term                       terminal               termite                     
terrain                    terrible               terrier                     
terrific                   territory              terror                      
test                       testify/testimony      text                        
textile                    texture                than                        
thank                      that                   the                         
theater                    their                  them                        
theme                      then                   theory                      
therefore                  thermometer            thermostat                  
these                      they                   thick                       
thief                      thigh                  thimble                     
thin                       think                  third/thirteen              
thirst                     this                   thorn                       
thorough                   those                  though                      
thought                    thousand               thread                      
threat                     three/thirty           thrift/thrifty              
thrill                     throat                 throb                       
throne                     through                throughout                  
throw/threw                thrust                 thumb                      
thunder/thunderous         Thursday               thus                        
tick                       ticket                 tickle                      
tide                       tidy                   tie                         
tiger                      tight                  tile                        
tilt                       timber                 time                        
tin                        tiny                   tip                         
tire                       tissue                 title                       
to                         toast                  tobacco                     
today                      toe                    together                    
toilet                     tomato                 tomb                        
tomorrow                   ton                    tone                        
tongue                     tonight                too                         
tool                       tooth                  top                         
topic                      torch                  tornado                     
torture                    toss                   total                       
touch                      tough                  tour/tourist
tournament                 tow                    toward                 
towel                      tower                  town                   
toy                        trace                  track                  
tractor                    trade                  tradition              
traffic                    tragic/tragedy         trail                  
train                      trait                  tramp                  
transfer                   transform              transport              
trap                       trash                  travel                 
tray                       treason                treasure/treasury      
treat/treatment            treaty                 tree                   
tremble                    trespass               trial                  
triangle                   tribe                  trick                  
trickle                    trigger                trim 
trip                       triple                 triumph 
trolley                    troops                 trophy 
tropical                   trouble                trousers 
truck                      trudge                 true/truth/truly 
trumpet                    trunk                  trust                       
try                        tub                    tube                        
tuck                       Tuesday                tuition                     
tulip                      tumble                 tundra                      
tune                       tunnel                 turkey                      
turn                       tusk                   tuxedo                      
tweezers                   twelve/twelfth         twenty                      
twig                       twilight               twins                       
two/twice                  type/typewriter        typical                     

T - Middle school vocabulary

tactics=use of resources            tallow=fat for candles 
tangible=real, can be felt          taper=get narrow at end 
tapestry=cloth wall hanging         tariff=tax on imports 
tarnish=make dull                   tedious=boring/tiresome 
temperate=moderate                  tentacle=animal feeler      
terminate=finish                    terrace=raised land strip   
thermal=related to heat             therapy=treatment           
thicket=dense shrubbery             thorax=between neck-naval   
thrive=prosper                      throng=mass of people       
throttle=choke                      tiller=lever for rudder     
timid=easily frightened             tinkle=light ringing sound  
token=symbol/coin                   tolerance=put up with       
torrent=violent stream/rain         tortoise=land turtle        
trough=long open container          trustee=manages property    
traitor=betray trust                tranquil=quiet 
transition=change                   treacherous=bad, looks OK 
tremendous=extremely large          trench=long ditch 
tributary=flow into river           tribute=mark of respect 
trifle=of small value               tuberculosis=lung disease   
tumor=unnatural body growth         turbine=steam-driven wheel  
turbulent=very agitated             turpentine=oil and resin    
tutor=private teacher               tyranny=cruel ruler         

T - High school vocabulary

TABOO=socially forbidden      Incest is a universal taboo.
TACIT=unstated             Many couples have a tacit knowledge of their love.
TANGENT=changed course     A professor may go off on a tangent in a lecture.
TELEPATHY=mind communication  Some people claim to receive telepathy.
TEMPERAMENT=mental nature  His enthusiasm is a natural temperament.
TEMPLATE=pattern/mold      Money is printed from a very special template.
TEMPORAL=of time           Can you name the presidents in temporal order? 
TENABLE=can be defended    The notion that sex "weakens you" is not tenable.
TENACIOUS=holding fast        He was tenacious in his religious beliefs.
TENDENCY=inclined to do       She had a tendency to be late for a date.
TENET=doctrine, belief        A major tenet of democracy is equality.
TENTATIVE=on a trial basis    His initial schedule was only tentative.
TENUOUS=thin, weak            The evidence of his guilt is tenuous.
TERMINOLOGY=special words     Each discipline has its own terminology.
TERRIFY=fill w/fear           Even a pretend monster may terrify a child.
TERTIARY=3rd in rank/order    After health and happiness, wealth is tertiary.
TESTES/TESTICLES=male glands  Testes produce sperm for reproduction.
THWART=defeat plans           Rain thrwarted the plan for a picnic.
TORMENT=inflict suffering     Flies can really torment a person.
TOIL=work hard                He toiled night and day to build a cabin.
TOXIC=poisonous               Many house plants are toxic.
TRANCE=dazed state            Hypnotism results in a trance-like state.
TRANSCEND=exceed, surpass     Optimists try to transcend their goals.
TRANSIENT=passing through     Transient people may need assistance.
TRANSITIVE=verb needs object  "Lay" is a transitive verb (lay me down).
TRAUMA=injury                 Child abuse may result in serious trauma.
TRIVIAL=of little importance  Reporters often ask trivial questions.
TRUCE=stop war temporarily    They agreed to a truce over Christmas.
TURMOIL=excitement/disorder   The police used tear gas to stop the turmoil.
TYPIFY=serve as symbol        "In the mood" typifies swing music.

U - Pre-school and elementary vocabulary

ugly                        ulcer                       umbrella               
umpire                      uncle                       under/underneath       
underline                   understand                  undoubtedly          
unified                     uniform                     union               
unique                      unit                        unite                
universe/universal          university                  unless             
until                       up/upper/upward             upset              
uranium                     urge                        urgent              
urine/urinate               us                          use/usage            
usher                       usual/usually               uterus               

U - Middle school vocabulary

ultimate=final              unison=agreement, together  
urban=of a city             utensil=useful instrument   
utility/utilize=make use of utmost=furthest, highest    

U - High school vocabulary

UBIQUITOUS=everywhere at once  Insects are a ubiquitous fact of life.
ULTIMATUM=final terms          The winnng general sent an ultimatum.
UNANIMOUS=100% agreement       The vote of censure was unanimous.
UNILATERAL=by one side only    He made a unilateral decision to quit.
UNOBTRUSIVE=inconspicuous      She made an unobtrusive entrance.
USURP=take by force            The general tried to usurp authority.

V - Pre-school and elementary vocabulary

vacant                      vacation                    vacuum               
vagina                      vague                       valley               
value                       van                         vanilla             
vanish                      vapor                       variety             
various                     varnish                     vase                 
vast                        vegetable                   vehicle              
vein                        velvet                      venom                
venture                     Venus                       verb                 
verbal                      verdict                     verse     
vertical                    very                        vessel        
vest                        veteran                     veto        
via                         vibrate                     vice           
victim                      victory                     view  
vigor                       vile                        village         
villain                     vine                        vinegar     
violate/violation           violent/violence            violin    
virgin                      virtue                      vise       
vision/visible              visit/visitor               vital    
vitamin                     voice                       volcano     
vocabulary                  vocal                       volume 
volunteer/voluntary         vomit                       vote 
vow                         vowel                       voyage 

V - Middle school vocabulary

vaccine/-ation=weak germ              valiant=brave               
valve=control liquid flow             vane=direction of wind      
vanity=high opinion of self           varmint=pesky animal        
vault=underground storage             veil=ransparent covering   
vengeance=hurt in return              vertebrate=backbone         
version=one point of view             vicinity=nearness
vicious=evil/ugly/spiteful            virtual(ly)=in effect 
virus=disease germ                    vitality=liveliness 
vocation=occupation                   void=empty 
vulture=bird eats dead 

V - High school vocabulary

VAIN=useless                 They made a vain attempt to find survivors.
VALID=sound reasoning        He had no valid excuse for quitting.
VANDAL=damage purposely      The vandals trashed the science lab.
VARIABLE=not constant        The team's performance was highly variable.
VEHEMENTLY=w/strong feeling  He was vehemently opposed to war.
VELOCITY=rate of speed       High velocity is needed to reach orbit.
VENTILATE=move fresh air     Open a window to ventilate the room.
VERBATIM=exactly as stated   Memorizing is learning sometime verbatim.
VERIFY=show as true/correct  Always verify your bank statement.
VERNACULAR=usual language    Curse words were not in his vernacular.
VERSATILE=many skills        A handyman is versatile in fixing things.
VERSUS=against               For a soldier, it is often life versus death.
VESTIGE=trace left           Anthropologists look for a vestige of the past.
VIABLE=workable, practical   Although complex, the plan was viable.
VICE VERSA=in reverse order  She loved him, but not vice versa.
VINDICATE=justify, defend    His apparent crime was eventually vindicated.
VISUAL(IZE)=form an image    Television added visual effects to radio.
VIVID=bright, distinct       Her description of the rape was very vivid.
VOLITION=act of willing      His confession was an act of volition.
VULNERABLE=easily wounded    Dogs are vulnerable to fleas.

W - Pre-school and elementary vocabulary

wade                        wafer                       wage              
wager                       wagon                       waist                
wait                        waiter                      wake                
walk                        wall                        wallet              
walnut                      wand                        wander              
want                        war                         ward                
wardrobe                    warm                        warn                 
was                         wash                        waste                
watch                       water                       wave                 
wax                         way                         we                  
weak                        wealth/wealthy              weapon              
wear/wore                   weary                       weather              
weave/woven                 web                         wed/wedding          
wedge                       Wednesday                   weed                
week                        weep                        weigh/weight         
welcome                     welfare                     well              
west/western                wet                         whale                
what/whatever               wheat                       wheel                
wheelbarrow                 when/whenever               where/wherever     
whether                     which                       while               
whimper                     whip                        whisker            
whiskey                     whisper                     whistle            
white                       who/whom                    whole          
whose                       why                         wide/width  
widow/widower               wife                        wiggle             
wild                        wilderness                  will               
willow                      win/won                     wind                 
window                      wine                        wing                  
wink                        wipe                        wire              
wise/wisdom                 wish                        witch                
with                        withdraw                    within/without        
wolf                        woman/women                 wonder/wonderful      
wood/wooden                 wool                        word          
work                        world                       worm                 
worn                        worry                       worse/worst    
worship                     worth/worthy                would               
wound                       wrap                        wrath             
wreck                       wrench                      wrinkle            
wrestle                     wrist                       write/wrote          
wrong                       wrought   
W - Middle school vocabulary

wane=become smaller                    warrant=justification
warrior=trained soldier                weird=odd, mysterious       
whirl=spin rapidly                     wicked=evil                
wilt=become limp                       wit=clever, humorous  

W - High school vocabulary

WAIVE=give up rights    A prisoner may waive the right to a lawyer.       
WARES=merchandise       The peddler on the corner displayed his wares.
WARY=watch carefully    Be more wary of a growling than a barking dog.
WHIM=fanciful desire    She bought the dress on a whim.
WIELD=handle, manage    It takes strength to weild a sledgehammer.
WONT=habit, custom      As was his wont, he ordered wine with dinner.
WRITHE=roll/twist in pain   He was writhing in pain from the cancer.

Pre-school and elementary vocabulary

yacht                        yarn                     yard 
year                         yeast                    yell 
yellow                       yes                      yesterday 
yet                          you                      young 
your/yourself                you're                   youth 

Middle school vocabulary
yearn=long for 
yield=produce, give up 

High school vocabulary

YOKE=link two animals      As a team, the horses were yoked together.

Pre-school and elementary vocabulary


Middle school vocabulary


High school vocabulary

ZENITH=highest point      Winning Wimbleton was the zenith of his career.