UNM Engineering

Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering

Greek Mythology
Greek Philosophers
Roman Encyclopedists
The Cross
The Crescent
And Back to the Cross
The Concept of Circulation
Transmutational and Biologic Engines
Thermodynamic Engines
Geophysical, Pneumatic and Electromagnetic Engines
Straining the Salt
Superterranean Metrics
Fountains of the Nile
Hollow Earth Geophysics
The Maelstrom
Underground Rivers in English Fiction
Underground Rivers in Continental Fiction
Picture Books
The Stratemeyer Boys Club Serials
More Boys Club Serials
Boys Club Singles
Boys' Life
Girls, Too!
Underground Rivers in the Comics
Radio Days and Saturday Matinees
Subterranean Water Bodies
Virtualizing the Imagined:
    Underground Rivers in Games
Et In Arcanda Ego
Underground Rivers as Metaphor
Down to a Sunless Sea
Poems for Subterranean Sailors
To Cross the Styx
Twenty-Five Centuries
     of Subterranean Portraits
Charonic Political Cartoonary
Underground Rivers in the Fine Arts
Underground Rivers in Sound and Song
Underground Rivers in Caverns other than Karst
Insurgent Streams
Submarine Springs and Rivers
The Hydraulics of Underground Waters
Reciprocating Springflow in Nature
Subterranean Geophysics
Finding the Underground Rivers
Wrecks of Ancient Life
Snotties, Floating Dumplings and Other Earthly Delights
Counting the Coliforms

Diversity in Darkness, Texan Ecology
Subterranean Watercraft
Then, Madam, You Should Go
    and See the Great Cave in Kentucky
The Tourist Trade Wroldwide
The American Tourist Trade
Chinese Electricians
Three Tales of Two St. Pauls
A Superfluity
    of Surficial Stygian Streams
Underground Rivers on Postage Stamps
The Taste Test
Cargo Conveyance
The Grand Tour, European Sewers of Distinction
Subterranean Aqueducts
Amusement Parks
Damming Underground Rivers
More Hydropower from the Deep
The Law of Subterranean Streams
Cave Diving
Subterranean Shipwrecks
Tunnels du Canal
More Aquatic Perils
The Caspian Connection
On Some Repairs to the
    South American Company's Cable
Sub-Saharan Streamflow
    and Shambhala
Underground and Bulkanized
The Sinking of the Fleet
Railroads and Incrusted Lakes
Mainlining the Sewage
Repercussive Urban Subversions
Public Access to Underground Rivers
Native American Legends
Beneath the Great Lakes
Veins of the Heartland
To Lie Like a Mulhatton
East Side, West Side,
    All Around the Town
Alligators Below
Professor Denton's New England
    Underground River
General Bouton's Southern California Underground River
Underground Rivers of Gold
The Rio San Buenaventura
Message in a Bottle
The Paranormal
Extraterrestrials and Lost Races
    of the American West
Underground Rivers in Outer Space
Why Do We Believe What We Believe?

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