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Graduate Assistantships

The John D. Robb Graduate Music Assistantship at the University of New Mexico was established in the Spring of 2000 to support the preservation and improvement of the John D. Robb Archives of Southwestern Music and the Robb manuscript collection at the Center for Southwest Research at UNM. Students interested in pursuing a Masters in performance, music education, theory and composition, music history, conducting, or piano accompaniment at the University of New Mexico are encouraged to apply.

The Assistantship offers a stipend of $10,000/year for 20 hours of work per week, plus tuition remission for one year. It is a renewable position.

The 2005 Graduate Assistantship
Has Been Awarded to
Ethan Smith

Congratulations Ethan!

Primary Responsibilities:
Primary Responsibilities determined by the John D. Robb Musical Trust may include: Improving access to the Robb Archive of Southwest music, updating folk music collection format; assisting with of the Robb Composers’ Symposium, Composers’ Competition and other performances; and assisting with educational and community outreach programming; other duties as directed.
Skills Sought:
music archive experience, knowledge of general library
systems, music score reading, excellent communications and writing skills, performance production experience, database, spreadsheet, website design/maintenance. Other useful skills include composing, editing, sound recording, and ability to work with multi-level administration.

To Request an Application

for graduate study at UNM or the
Robb Graduate Music Assistantship,
please contact:

Prof. Karl Hinterbichler
Graduate Advisor
Department of Music
University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131
Khtbn@unm.edu or 505-277-4331

For information
about the
John D. Robb Musical Trust

Alicia Ultan
Executive Director
John Donald Robb Musical Trust
Department of Music
University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131
Aultan@unm.edu or 505-277-8967

Click Here for a PDF File
of Our Poster


Grant Criteria

Proposals made by individuals or organizations to the John D. Robb Musical Trust must fulfill one or more of the following criteria:

A. Support the study, propagation, production, and/or performance of the music of John Donald Robb.

B. Support the preservation, maintenance and/or improvement of the JOHN DONALD ROBB ARCHIVES OF SOUTHWESTERN MUSIC - primarily those items contributed by John D. Robb, as well as other materials contributed to the UNM library by Robb, including music scores, recordings, books, personal papers and materials related to his students.

Proposals will be judged on the basis of how closely the intended project represents the goals of the John D. Robb Musical Trust, as stated in criteria A. and B. above.

Proposals will also be evaluated on the quality of the project. Clarity of intent and overall plan stated in the proposal, management of project components, qualifications of participating parties, methods for evaluating success of project and proposed outcome or impact will all be considered.

All grant recipients are required to submit a final written report on the expenditures of grant funds and on the results of the supported project. Any funds not used for the specified purpose of the grant must be returned to the John D. Robb Musical Trust Committee with an explanation of why funds were not used. No funds should be diverted to other uses unless approved by the Robb Trust.

Guidelines for Proposals

Please submit three (3) copies each of the following information:

1. A one-page typewritten cover letter expressing the applicant's interest in the music of John Donald Robb, a brief description of intended project and amount requested.

2. Resume of person(s) participating in the main activity of project.

3. For organizations: Please submit a typewritten fact sheet on the organization, including size (staff, budget) of organization, mission statement, history, and identification of person(s) responsible for administering the project. Please also include a copy of the IRS tax exemption ruling under Section 501 (c) (3) and 509 (a) of the Internal Revenue Code. Page 3--John D. Robb Musical Trust.

4. A detailed typewritten description of the project, including:
____ Statement of Intent
____ Goals and Objectives
____ Method/Strategy for Carrying out and Completing Project
____ Persons Involved in the Project and Qualifications

____ Time Frame of Project from Start to Finish
____ Detailed Budget

(Include all costs associated with project, any other funding sources and the amounts of their contribution).
____ Statement of Expected Results of Project
(Include who will benefit and how).

Procedure to follow if your grant proposal is approved

A typewritten request for funds must be submitted no later than 90 days before the funds are needed.

Ten copies of the printed concert program, including the date and location of the performance(s), must be submitted to the
Robb Musical Trust, Music Department,
University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM 87131,
at least one week prior to the date of the performance(s).

Printed programs must include a bio of John D. Robb and all programs and PR materials must include the following statement: Partial funding for this program provided by the John D. Robb Musical Trust, at the University of New Mexico.

Submit a detailed typewritten report within 60 days to the John Donald Robb Musical Trust Committee following the final concert(s) and/or project completion date. Include the following information:

____ An evaluation of the items listed in #4 of Guidelines for Proposals, with respect to the success of the project based on your original projections, including budget projections.

____ Estimated concert attendance figures and related information for each performance.

____ Copies of all PR related to project:
previews, reviews, posters, flyers, letters, photos.

Past Projects Funded

The Trust supports and coordinates performances of Robb's music and the work of other composers in a variety of venues and with a variety of artists, ie: UNM's Annual Composers Symposium; the Corrales Arts Council Music Series; colleges and universities throughout the region and country; private and community recitals and faculty concerts, among others.

The Bella Cosi String Quartet, UNM women's chorus, Las Cantantes, the Chamber Orchestra of Albuquerque, pianist, Tatiana Vetrinskaya, and the Polish Radio National Symphony Orchestra (PRNSO) are among some of the artists that have recently performed Robb's work.

The Trust encourages and welcomes requests for funding for projects, concerts, research, etc. that support the mission and goals of the Trust. Some of the projects funded in the last few years include: a regional and national tour to introduce the piano music of John Robb to new audiences; the transfer of field recording tapes to CD format to preserve the Robb folk archives; a music coordinator position to research and create an authentic musical score using the Robb folk archives for TVI's educational CD-ROM project, New Path into New Mexico's Past; Las Cantantes' Stepping Westward CD, which includes the choral arrangements of Robb's Two Trios, Opus 57; and others.

Contact Us!
Call (505) 277-8967 or email robbtrust@comcast.net

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