University of New Mexico

Greg Rowangould

Assistant Professor | Civil Engineering

Courses Currently Offered and Planned

Engineering Economy, CE350 Spring 2018 (taught by CE faculty in Fall 2017)


Transportation Engineering CE382 Fall 2018 (taught by adjunct in Fall 2017)


Urban Transportation Planning, CE481/CE581,  Spring 2018

This course introduces students to contemporary regional transportation planning models and analytical methods. The course focuses on modeling and forecasting travel demand including mode choice decisions and the connection between land-use and travel demand. The course is open to graduate students from any department and there are no prerequisites. Students should be familiar with basic statistical and microeconomic principals.


Design of Sustainable Transportation Systems and Policy, CE491/CE598, TBA

This course introduces students to contemporary theory, thought, and practice in the  design of sustainable transportation systems and policies. Methods for analyzing the environmental, health, social, and economic consequences of transportation infrastructure and policy decisions are also covered. Students will apply theory and analytical methods introduced in the beginning of the class to create a more sustainable solution to a contemporary transportation design and/or policy problem.



Gregory Rowangould

Civil Engineering Department, MSC01 1070

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