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Community Partners
RSLP coordinates activities between the University and a variety of community groups. Our current community partners include:
> Neighborhood Associations
> Non-Profit Organizations
> Albuquerque Public Schools
> City of Albuquerque
> Top
Community Partners :: Neighborhood Associations
  • Barelas
  • Downtown
  • Highland
  • La Mesa Community Improvement Assocation
  • Los Duranes
  • Pat Hurley
  • Santa Barbara Martineztown
  • Silver Hill
  • Southeast Heights Neighborhood Association
  • Sycamore
  • United South Broadway Corporation
  • Community Partners :: Non-Profit Organizations
    Community Partners :: Albuquerque Public Schools
  • Atrisco Elementary
  • Kirtland Elementary
  • La Luz Elementary
  • Reginald Chavez Elementary
  • Wherry Elementary
  • Whittier Elementary
  • Community Partners :: City of Albuquerque
    Funding Partners
    The Research Service Learning Program is a pilot project aimed at improving undergraduate education at UNM. This pilot project is funded primarily by private donations. Our current funding partners include:
    Funding Partners
    University Partners
    RSLP partners with a large number of UNM departments and programs to develop and deliver our unique courses. Our current UNM partners include:
    > College of Arts & Sciences Departments
    > College of Education Departments & Programs
    > College of Fine Arts Departments
    > College of Fine Arts Departments
    > Division of Student Affairs
    > University College
    University Partners :: College of Fine Arts Departments
    University Partners :: Division of Student Affairs
    University Partners :: University College