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The goal for the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) was to demonstrate to scientists and the public that there was an answer to the problem of nuclear waste disposal. Drums of waste are now moving down the shaft and into the tunnels at the WIPP site in southeastern New Mexico. Did WIPP scientists solve the problem? This web page is about the successes and failures of science at WIPP.

Study of the earth's past climate has been my research interest for many years and my work on climate led to my being a consultant for the government on geological problems encountered at the WIPP site. In this page I bring together some of my experiences during and after geologic exploration at the WIPP site and give my perspective on WIPP and the dilemma of nuclear waste.

The Other WIPP contrasts official claims and explanations about WIPP and the WIPP site with alternate explanations or comments.

A Praedial Universe, evolved from talks presented to a workshop on Art and Guardianship and for the annual UNM Faculty Research Lecture, in the 1990's. The story examines the geologic setting of WIPP from the outlook of art and looks at WIPP in the larger scheme of things.

The other items listed under CONTENTS include stories written for children about evolution (Nate the Nautilus) and the earth's global environment (Blue Whale).

Biographical information, topics related to climatic research in Estancia Basin in New Mexico, and some other items are also included.

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