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I am currently pursuing my masters in Computer Science at University of New Mexico. I have completed my Bachelor in Computer Science and Engineering from Chittagong University of Engineering & Technology, Chittagong in 2011. After that I have started working as a software engineer at Samsung Research & Development Institute, Bangladesh. I left Samsung as a senior software engineer at July, 2014 to pursue my higher study at UNM. My research interest is on biological computation. I work in the biological computation lab of Prof. Melanie Moses at department of Computer Science, UNM. Currently I am studying ant’s behavior under her supervision. I am investigating, how the pheromone is involved in foraging performance of ants.

I love my self very much, which is the only reason I value most to my dreams. To me, my work is not just my profession, it is a passion for me. I am not saying I have achieved so much in my little career, but I have seen lots of peaks and valleys in my career and my commitment to my work always helped to me overcome the huddles.My dad says, your talent is your power if you can use it in the proper way. But I think it’s not just the talent, it’s your hard work and commitment to your duties which makes you great professional. And to keep this commitment I am ready to do anything… Just anything.

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Safeeul Bashir Safee

Phone: +1(505)-301-9708