The Following is a list of our officers, including a brief description of their job and how to contact them.

Seneschal: Iuette du Canard Blanc

The Seneschal is equivalent to 'President' for other student groups, acting as the overall decision maker and responsibility taker for the group.

Reeve: Caltsuna of Blaiddwyn

The Reeve is equivalent to 'Treasurer' for other student groups, being in charge of dealing with the monies allocated to the group and self-generated funds.
Reeve Email:

Knight Marshal: Magdalen Gunn

Rapier Marshal: Eoghan MacArthur

The Knight Marshal is the person in charge of overseeing our martial activities, making sure that people fight safely at 'Fighter Practices' and other events.
Email: (Magdalen Gunn)
Email: (Eoghan MacArthur)

Hospitaller: Katarinka Korsakova

The Hospitaller is our liaison to new members - inviting them to join us and helping them become part of our group. The Hospitaller will have information on hand to answer many of your questions and can connect you with others who share your interests within the SCA.

Arts & Sciences: Katarinka Korsakova

The Arts and Sciences officer is the person who organizes classes relevant to what it is we do, and is generally responsible for encouraging us to learn more about pre-17th Century cultures.

Chronicler: TBD

Maintains journals and newsletters as appropriate to disseminate and recall information. Publishes the Wolf's Tale.

Webminister: Lord Alysandir Keyth

Designs and maintains the website and administers the discussion list.

UNM Staff Advisor: Kathleen Roberts