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Welcome to the website for the College of Blaiddwyn.

Herein may you find all information you seek on the ongoings of our pack.

If you are a UNM Student, Please go to www.unm.edu/~sac and click the join a group link, follow the instructions and search for the Society for Creative Anacronism, then join the club.  you must have a UNM NetID.

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Our Mission Statement:

Our club, “The Society for Creative Anachronism” organizationally known as “The College of Blaiddwyn”, is an official branch of the non-profit SCA, Inc. (www.sca.org)


“The avowed purpose of the SCA is the study and recreation of the European Middle Ages,  its crafts, sciences, arts, traditions, literature, etc. The SCA "period" is defined to be Western civilization before 1600 AD, concentrating on the Western European High Middle Ages. Under the aegis of the SCA we study dance, calligraphy, martial arts, cooking, metalwork, stained glass, costuming, literature... well, if they did it, somebody in the SCA does it (Except die of the Plague!).” – www.sca.org


The thing that separates the SCA from a Humanities 101 class is the active participation in the learning process. 

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