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AAST: Administrative Assistant Catalog Description

  Three Year Fall Semester Average
Course Catalog Description Enrollment Section
AAST111 Presentation of keyboard by the touch method and development of basic machine operations. $25 lab fee.
AAST112 This course is designed to help students develop skills and knowledge in the preparation of various types of business correspondence (memos, letters, reports, etc.), in the preparation of statistical communications, and in special development and control in the operation of the typewriter. Prerequisite: ASM AS 111. $25 lab fee. 11.33 11.33 34.00
AAST124 An introductory course designed to acquaint students with basic concepts of word processing. Students will learn to create, edit, file, retrieve and print various types of documents produced in an office. Prerequisite: AAST 111 or permission of instructor. $25 lab fee. 5.33 5.33 16.00
AAST134 An individual laboratory course used to develop proficiency on word processing and microcomputer equipment and software. Types of lessons include document assembly, multi-page documents, page formatting, tables, and math columns. Prerequisite: AAST 124. $25 lab fee.
AAST205 Teaches the touch method of operating office adding and calculating machines. Basic operating instructions and realistic problems from simple addition and subtraction to complex calculations are included for both ten-key and electronic calculators. $25 lab fee. 10.00 12.00 30.00
AAST220 The Business Math course is designed to strengthen mathematical skills as well as to expand their understanding of mathematical terms relating to the business arena. (MATH 100 or equivalent). 5.00 11.33 15.00
AAST224 This course is designed to refine word processing skills then progress to desktop publishing. Students will create letterheads, design menus, create brochures and forms, and develop newsletters. Prerequisite: AAST 134. $25 lab fee.
AAST230 This course is designed to help students develop verbal communication skills in a business environment and in composing various business letters, reports, proposals, minutes, and other types of written communication. 5.00 5.33 15.00
AAST240 An individual laboratory course teaches the mechanics of machine transcription of dictated materials. A knowledge of grammar, punctuation and capitalization along with good spelling capability is needed to successfully transcribe dictated materials. Prerequisites: AAST 112, AAST 134 and AAST 230. $25 lab fee.
AAST250 Teaches the principles, methods and procedures for the selection, operation, and control of records systems. Students will be made aware of established filing rules as well as changing trends in records management. 3.67 4.00 11.00
AAST260 Computer-based course in sole proprietor business applications. Includes computer use in accounting, planning, organizing, managing, and communicating. Prerequisite: AAST 111 or instructor?s permission. Prerequisites: AAST 111, AAST 124. $25 lab fee.
AAST262 This course is designed to familiarize students with legal/medical terminology, layout, formatting, and the transcribing of legal and medical documents using correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. (Prerequisites: AAST 112, AAST 134, AAST 230 (recommended), AAST 240) $25 lab fee. 3.33 3.33 10.00
AAST264 Legal Offices Procedures is designed to utilize a project-based approach to completing legal office activities. The projects will allow a hands-on approach offering the legal secretarial student the ability to perform in a simulated environment. (Prerequisites AAST 134, AAST 240) $25 lab fee.
AAST265   4.00 4.00 12.00
AAST271 This course will provide a background in the basic accounting procedures used to operate a business. The accounting procedures presented will serve as a sound background for enjoyment in office jobs as well as preparation for studying advanced business courses in college. Office Accounting Procedures will cover financial reports, the double-entry accounting system, the accounting cycle, and payroll.
AAST272 Computerized Accounting will provide students with a realistic approach to computerized, integrated principles. The computer software used will process a wide variety of accounting tasks used to operate a business. (Prerequisites: AAST 271) $25 lab fee.
AAST280 This course is designed for students to work and gain experience in an approved office setting. Students are not paid for their work but are supervised jointly by instructor and employer. Prerequisites: AAST and Basic Educational requirements or Program Assistant permission. 1.67 6.00 6.67

"AAST: Administrative Assistant "Three Fall Subject Average - Enroll: 49.33 Capacity: 62.67 Credits: 149.67'