The University of New Mexico
AUTT: Automotive Technology Catalog Description

  Three Year Fall Semester Average
Course Catalog Description Enrollment Section
AUTT103 Teaches theory, diagnosis, and repair of modern gas engines. Procedures for diagnosis and repair will be performed without removing the engine from the chassis.
AUTT110 Theory and diagnosis of modern drive train. Includes modern standard transmissions, clutches and differentials. Prerequisite: permission of instructor.
AUTT111 Intended to give the student a background in testing and diagnosis of electronic, electrical and fuel systems found in current automobiles. 7.00 6.67 42.00
AUTT113 Automatic transmission theory and diagnosis, hydraulic theory, planetary gears, fluid couplings and the use of test equipment will be taught.
AUTT115 The study of modern brake theory including drum and disc-type brakes. Mechanical and hydraulic principles as they pertain to brakes will be covered. 16.67 13.33 100.00
AUTT130 Electrical theory and diagnosis. Starting, charging, lighting and related electrical systems in automotive application will be studied.
AUTT140 Theory, design, and diagnosis of modern fuel delivery systems. Covers carburetion, fuel injection, and turbo charging. Prerequisites: Completion of course 110* and 160* or similar training at some other school.
AUTT157 A detailed study of steering and suspension components and their repair and alignment. Prerequisite: 150* or equivalent. 4.67 6.67 28.00
AUTT160 For students who have little knowledge of mechanics but need to know basic maintenance, maintenance scheduling and minor repairs.
AUTT165 Basic course in conventional and electronic ignition tune-up.
AUTT167 To familiarize the student with the various emission control devices including functions, diagnosis, repair, and/or service. 14.33 23.33 43.00
AUTT170 Covers the basic and advanced instruction of the latest heating and air-conditioning systems, also the testing, diagnosis and repair of A/C compressors and components. 9.00 6.67 54.00
AUTT203 To teach the student the repair and overhaul procedure performed on a gas engine.
AUTT210 A detailed study of diagnosis and overhaul of domestic rear wheel drive, automatic overdrive transmissions, and automatic front wheel drive transmissions. 6.67 6.67 40.00
AUTT213 A detailed study of the overhaul procedures on all current domestic automatic transmissions.
AUTT230 To review basic electrical theory and learn the testing and overhaul procedures for electrical system components. 18.33 20.00 55.00
AUTT265 The student will be taught to use equipment such as used in a modern garage or service facility.
AUTT293 A heading for special course offerings, seminars and workshops in various areas of automotive technology. The special offerings will be taught by regular faculty and will focus on topics of special concern on an as-needed basis. 26.33 48.33 79.00
AUTT295 The student will work on the Gallup Campus in an assignment involving a variety of tasks equivalent to the functions and responsibilities of the line mechanic or parts counter person. 10.67 13.33 35.33
AUTT299 The student will work in a garage or training facility in the Gallup area and at the same time will be attending the college during part of the day. May be repeated for a maximum of 12 hr. 1.33 20.00 5.00

"AUTT: Automotive Technology "Three Fall Subject Average - Enroll: 115.00 Capacity: 165.00 Credits: 481.33'