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BSTC: Business-Technology Catalog Description

  Three Year Fall Semester Average
Course Catalog Description Enrollment Section
BSTC100 Prerequisites: READ 100 or Compass>=71. MATH 118. Covers the basic concepts of financial accounting including the accounting cycle, preparation of financial statements, examination of assets and liabilities as they relate to a sole proprietorship. 7.33 27.33 22.00
BSTC103 This course acquaints students with business topics including economics, management, marketing, technology, production, and finance. Restriction: permission of instructor. 15.33 30.00 46.00
BSTC108 Prerequisites: READ 100 or Compass>=71. ISE100. A basic course on the operation of the American economic system for students not planning to take additional economics courses. Includes the effect of money and government policies on the economy, credit management and income tax preparation. 0.00 10.00 0.00
BSTC110 This course includes instruction in the development of a business plan. Basic compliance issues that the small business person faces will be addressed, i.e. state and federal taxes, bonding, licenses and fees, unemployment payments, etc. The course will aid the individual in assessing when and if to start a small business and describe what the different tax statutes mean, i.e. sole proprietorship, LLC, C, or corps.
BSTC114 Examines techniques for successful customer service, how to handle difficult and irate customers, customer complaints, and to build relationships with internal and external clients. 2.33 6.67 2.33
BSTC115 Examines methods of managing personal and professional time during the workday. 6.00 16.67 6.00
BSTC116 Examines techniques and tips for managing stress in the work environment. 0.67 8.33 0.67
BSTC117 Examines techniques for organizing workplace space and filing systems. 4.67 23.33 4.67
BSTC119 Prerequisites: READ 100 or Compass>=71. ISE100. IT 118. Teaches the mechanics of machine transcription of dictated materials. Students must possess grammar, capitalization, and punctuation skills along with good spelling skills to successfully transcribe dictated materials. 5.67 72.67 17.00
BSTC131 Prerequisites: READ 100 or Compass>=71. ISE100. Basic information about supervision. Emphasizes supervisor's role in planning, training, time management, communication, appraisal and discipline. Useful for future supervisors and department heads.
BSTC142 Prerequisites: READ 100 or Compass>=71. ISE100. Provides a general overview of the legal system. Includes structure and operation of the court system as well as private and public legal systems.
BSTC145 Survey of personal and family finances including budgeting, consumer buying, personal credit, savings and investment, home ownership, insurance, and retirement. 3.67 10.00 11.00
BSTC150 Covers the fundamental skills of selling. Topics include sales approaches, presentations, demonstrations, overcoming objections, selling, and closing sales.
BSTC151 Overview of business cash flow management with emphasis on financial statement analysis, time value of money, management of cash flow, risks and sources of financing.
BSTC181 Co-listed Health Careers-Health Sciences (HCHS) 111*. 12.00 55.00 36.00
BSTC193   18.67 48.67 56.00
BSTC202 Course uses accounting software applications to record, classify and report business activities. Prerequisites: MGMT 101. 11.67 49.33 35.00
BSTC203 Course emphasizes theory and application of customer contact skills, questioning and listening techniques, business etiquette, multicultural awareness, letter and memorandum writing, the job application process and interviewing, and conflict resolution.
BSTC204   30.33 56.67 91.00
BSTC205 Financial statements and data are examined to make business decisions. Desktop computers are used to compare analysis. Topics: statement analyses, forecasting, budgeting, investments, asset selection, credit policies, tax planning. Prerequisites: Mgmt 101, CT 102.
BSTC206 Material will cover the small business environment, economics, entrepreneurship, marketing, and management. Prerequisite: MGMT 113.
BSTC207 Prerequisites: READ 100 or Compass>=71. MATH 118. Students learn touch method for operating ten key and printing calculators. Covers basic operating instructions and realistic problems from simple addition and subtraction to complex calculations. 22.67 82.67 68.00
BSTC210 A review and extension of financial accounting fundamentals and further analysis of individual items on the balance sheet. Present value concepts and applications. FASB statements. Prerequisite: MGMT 102 with a C or better.
BSTC212 IRS code and regulations as they pertain to the individual. Includes capital gains and losses, accounting methods, income, deductions, social security, installment sales and alternative tax methods.
BSTC213 Concepts and standards of independent auditing, integrating them with contemporary audit methods and with the judgment and decision processes common to audit procedure. Prerequisite: MGMT 102. 2.33 8.33 7.00
BSTC214 Prerequisite: MGMT 102 or MGMT 202.
BSTC216 Prerequisite: MGMT 102 or 202. A study of information that can be gained from financial statements by investors and managers. Among other topics, students will learn how to perform ratio and comparative analyses. 3.33 10.00 19.00
BSTC218   10.00 20.00 30.00
BSTC220 Course includes the role of accounting in the management information system, collection and processing of data for management decisions. Prerequisites: MGMT 101 and MGMT 102, or MGMT 202 and MGMT 113. 4.33 15.00 13.00
BSTC221 Prerequisites: MGMT 202 or 102. A study of theory and methods of accumulating and analyzing the cost of manufactured products. 3.67 12.00 11.00
BSTC222 Prerequisite: MGMT 101 andIT 121. A study ofthe methods ofaccountingfor payrollcosts and deductions,includingfed-eraland state payrolltaxes. Teaches how to compute payroll costs and deductions and how to make payrollpaymentsfor large and smallorganizations. 12.00 30.00 36.00
BSTC223 Prerequisite: MGMT 102. A study of how organizations plan and control their activities through budgeting. Students will study different types of budgets and will learn how to prepare master budgets for manufacturing and non-manufacturing activities.
BSTC233 Introduction to federal income taxation: principles of income taxes, locating tax sources,applying principles and concepts to tax return preparation. Prerequisite: MGMT 101.
BSTC235 Prerequisites: READ 100 or Compass>=71. ISE100. Principles, methods and procedures for the selection, operation and control of records systems in a supervisory capacity. 12.00 68.33 36.00
BSTC241 Prerequisites: READ 100 or Compass>=71. ISE100. A simulation of actual tasks done in a modern medical office: record management, correspondence, appointments, business checking accounts, purchase orders, patient billing and insurance claims. 33.33 70.00 100.00
BSTC243 Prerequisite: BSTC 142*. Provides basic legal concepts of common forms of wills, trusts, and intestacy. Includes fundamental principles and estate administration. 0.33 1.33 1.00
BSTC244 Prerequisite: BSTC 142*. Introduction to process of civil and criminal litigation. Defines basic principles of pretrial procedures, survey of court jurisdictions, investigation of facts, settlements of lawsuits, judgments, and post-trial considerations. 2.67 10.00 8.00
BSTC257 Prerequisite: BSTC 265* and IT 120*. Students learn to apply administrative office skills and to handle the responsibilities of administrative assistants. 9.33 71.33 28.00
BSTC258 Prerequisite: BSTC 258*, 257* and CS 150. Students apply critical thinking skills and computer applications skills to administrative office situations using simulated office activities.
BSTC265 Prerequisites: ENGL 101. IT 118* or equivalent. Students use word processing to develop psychologically sound business communications, oral and written, in correct and forceful English. 7.67 20.00 23.00
BSTC270 Prerequisite: BSTC 142*. Addresses the general practice of law in relationship to the family unit. Laws related to marriage, divorce, annulment, custody, and support, adoption, name change, guardianship, and paternity are presented. Includes written pleadings and necessary research.
BSTC275 Prerequisite: BSTC 142*. Introduces basic concepts of real property law. Includes fundamental information on recording statutes, title abstracting, title insurance, surveys, mortgages, leasing, deeds of conveyances, and closings. (NOTE: can substitute BSTC 282*). 0.67 6.67 2.00
BSTC276 Prerequisite: BSTC 142*. Overview of tort law. Areas of research, analysis, drafting, investigation, and interviewing are studied. Proper procedure utilized in tort work is covered.
BSTC280 Prerequisites: BSTC 142* and ENGL 101. Provides students with practice in finding and interpreting statutes, case law and administrative regulations with an emphasis on writing and formatting legal documents such as briefs, pleadings, contracts, wills, partnership agreements and corporation papers.
BSTC281 Prerequisites: CJ 201* and BSTC 142*. Survey of civil and criminal rules of procedure and evidence, and the practical application of these rules in trial and administrative settings. Includes review of civil and criminal litigation process for tribal advocate. 0.67 6.67 2.00
BSTC282 Prerequisite: BSTC 142*. Introduces basic concepts of real property law including interests in Indian land, tribal grazing rights, and land disputes and their resolution. Includes information on leasing, rights of way, and other uses of reservation, allotted and trust status lands. (NOTE: can substitute BSTC 275*) 0.33 0.00 1.00
BSTC291 Prerequisites: Permission of instructor. For students who wish to work on an independent study project outside the realm of regular course work. 1.00 8.00 2.67
BSTC292   0.33 6.67 0.33
BSTC293 Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. Courses on a variety of subjects offered by need and interest. Different section numbers indicate different topics. 61.33 269.67 149.67
BSTC294 Prerequisites: READ 100 or Compass>=71. ISE100. Acquaints students with Navajo Nation law. Helps prepare students to successfully pass the Navajo Nation Bar Exam.
BSTC296L   0.00 10.00 0.00
BSTC299 Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. Designed to give students credit for volunteer or paid work experience. 2.00 13.33 6.00

"BSTC: Business-Technology "Three Fall Subject Average - Enroll: 316.33 Capacity: 1,163.00 Credits: 879.33'