The University of New Mexico
CADT: Computer Aided Drafting Catalog Description

  Three Year Fall Semester Average
Course Catalog Description Enrollment Section
CADT150 This course is designed for students interested in developing computer-aided drafting skills. It consists of both lecture and system operation assignments. Lecture/lab: 3 hours. Prerequisite: Approval of the instructor. 44.67 46.67 134.00
CADT160 An introductory course to Building Information Modeling. The basic features of Autodesk's REVIT software will be covered. Lecture/Lab
CADT180 Introductory course in 3D modeling, rendering and animation. Lecture: 11/2 hours, lab: 2 hours. Prerequisite: CS 150 or permission of instructor. 15.33 20.00 61.33
CADT185 An introductory architectural drafting course covering basic drafting skills and conventions. 8.33 19.00 33.33
CADT195 Includes basic drafting skills, geometric construction, multi-view projection and dimensioning. 21.67 35.33 86.67
CADT255 Students will use design software to create 3D models of buildings, generate floor plans and other working drawings, create a ?walk through,? and generate construction estimates. This class can be used for elective credit in the CAD certificate and degree programs. Prerequisite: IT 101 or equivalent computer literacy.
CADT260 This course covers discipline, specific environment, and data input/export. Lecture: 3 hours; lab: 2 hours. Prerequisite: CAD 150. 6.33 20.00 25.33
CADT270 Course in advanced CAD techniques, including macro programming and production drafting. Prerequisites: CAD 260. 4.67 10.00 18.67
CADT293   14.67 46.67 43.33
CADT295 Students are placed in a business in order to gain on-the-job skills and knowledge. Prerequisite: approval of the instructor; enrolled in the last semester of their associate degree or certificate program. 1.67 10.00 6.67

"CADT: Computer Aided Drafting "Three Fall Subject Average - Enroll: 117.33 Capacity: 207.67 Credits: 409.33'