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CHMS: Chicano Hispano Mexicano ST Catalog Description

  Three Year Fall Semester Average
Course Catalog Description Enrollment Section
CHMS201 Introductory survey of the Mexican American experience in the United States, with special reference to New Mexico. Exploration of historical, political, social, and cultural dimensions. 36.67 50.00 110.00
CHMS332 (Also offered as WST 332.) This course is an introduction to the interdisciplinary field of Chicana Studies. Includes historical and contemporary research on labor, political involvement, cultural studies and feminism. 7.67 20.00 23.00
CHMS342 Hispano and Native perspectives of New Mexico history begin with colonialism, mulitary history, politics, economics, but must also consider culture, gender, and class to understand the resilience of people as actors in their own history.
CHMS351 Experiential course taught both on campus and in Mexico, Latin America, and Spain (Spring/Fall breaks). Site lectures and documentary assignments introduce students to international contexts and issues for U.S. Latinos.
CHMS384 (Also offered as FS 384.) Taught in English. Families of Hispano, Indo-Hispano, Mexican American and Mexicano heritage originating and/or currently residing in New Mexico are studied from a family-ecological-system perspective. Family and child development topics across the life span are included. {Spring}
CHMS393 Special topics in Chicano Hispano Mexicano Studies are interdisciplinary in nature and draw from the Humanities, Social Sciences, and the Arts. May be repeated as subject matter varies. 51.33 138.33 154.00
CHMS490 Advanced Chicano Hispano Mexicano Studies senior seminar emphasizing synthesis of previous courses, research skills, and service learning. Designed as a capstone seminar for the Minor. Restriction: junior or senior standing. 9.33 20.00 28.00
CHMS495   0.33 42.00 1.00

"CHMS: Chicano Hispano Mexicano ST "Three Fall Subject Average - Enroll: 105.33 Capacity: 270.33 Credits: 316.00'