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CNST: Construction Technology Catalog Description

  Three Year Fall Semester Average
Course Catalog Description Enrollment Section
CNST101 A study of wood form construction techniques which include methods of wall, roof and deck framing. Planning the layout of structural members is emphasized. Stress and strain on these structural members is studied in conjunction with the structural capacities of various types of wood and other materials. These courses consist of lab and classroom experiences. Fall. 0.67 26.67 2.00
CNST102 A study of roofing and siding materials; the durability, disadvantages, and advantages of application. Includes examination of fastening devices. Taught through classroom and lab experience. Spring. 12.00 26.67 40.67
CNST103 A study of exterior trim techniques; selection of doors and windows; method of installing doors and windows. Includes paint, stain, and prefabrication materials. Taught through lab and classroom experiences. Fall.
CNST105 A study of the interior of building which includes methods of wall, ceiling, and floor finishing. The use of different types of covering, paint, paneling, and texture, will be emphasized. The installation of decorative tile for bathroom, kitchen, and floors will be explored. Spring. 47.67 83.33 182.33
CNST106 A study of cabinet making. Students will have the opportunity to make kitchen, bathroom and special cabinets. Includes construction methods of cabinet making as well as various finishing techniques. Counter top materials, such as formica, will be examined. Taught through classroom and lab experience. Fall. 27.33 33.33 104.33
CNST109 Covers occupational introductions, human relations, safety, tools and equipment used in plumbers trade, plumbing components, sizes of various residential and commercial plumbing systems, pipe fittings, pipe joining and cost estimation. Fall. 12.67 16.67 38.00
CNST110 A study of concrete block construction which includes the use of the different types of tools used in laying block. The importance of block footings and foundations and basement walls, as well as load bearing partitions, will be emphasized. Fall.
CNST113 A study of the different methods and types of brick construction such as decorative, fire brick, walkway, floors. The history of brick buildings and all installation methods as well as leveling instruments will be explored. Spring.
CNST115 A study of the use of concrete in building construction. The use of power tools and hand tools to finish walls and work will be demonstrated. Spring. 21.00 53.33 77.33
CNST119 A study of fireplace construction techniques which will include the different types of fire places, block, metal, fire brick. Planning and layout of two types of fireplaces will be emphasized, flue and circulation vents will be studied in conjunction with heat loss and retention factors. The course will consist of lab and classroom experiences. Fall.
CNST120 A study of A.C. and D.C. circuits and components. Practical applications of electrical principles are stressed. Includes assignments on circuit boards and calculations according to formulas of electrical functions. The working principles and proper use of various types of electric motors will be examined. Taught through classroom and limited lab experience. Fall. 3.33 13.33 10.00
CNST121 A study of wiring procedures including electrical service entrances, switching circuits, fuse and circuit breakers, and ground fault interrupter circuits. 21.67 30.00 80.33
CNST122 Commercial electrical wiring will be studied using New Mexico State codes and the National Electric Code as references. Wiring problems in locations such as restaurants, offices, and various businesses will be reviewed. Studies may includes lighting, motor controls, appliance circuits, and other electrical projects. Fall. 10.67 56.67 32.00
CNST130 A study of various piping systems including drainage, sewage, septic, water supply, natural and propane gas systems. Many types of piping materials are examined, including threaded steel pipe, copper pipe, plastic pipe. Selection and installation of plumbing fixtures will be emphasized as will safety and workmanship. Taught through classroom and lab experiences. Spring.
CNST140 A study of the design and installation of heating systems as well as material of calculating the heat loss structures. It will include hydronic, forced air and electrical heating systems. A section of this course examines modern insulating materials and their use in reducing the cost of heating. Taught through classroom and lab experiences. Fall. 8.67 13.33 34.67
CNST175 An introductory course in blueprint reading to help the student interpret the ideas of others and to express his/ her own ideas in an understandable manner through drawings. It will stress the necessary skills and processes used in architectural drafting. The students will have the opportunity to develop their own originality and ingenuity. Taught through classroom and laboratory experiences. Fall. 8.67 11.67 26.00
CNST184   4.33 8.00 13.00
CNST195 The first of two courses based on wood manufacturing or millwright curriculum. The theory part of instruction will examine the industry and basic such as tools of the trade. Laboratory activity will involve wood shop or on the job training activities. Upon demand.
CNST206 An in-depth study of cabinet making in which both methods of cabinet making and practical aspects of cabinet making will be covered. Spring. 11.33 20.00 41.33
CNST208 The design and construction of various types and styles of furniture including functional analysis thereof. Fall, Summer. 8.00 13.33 24.00
CNST220 A preparatory course to apply for the New Mexico Residential Electrical Contractors license. No assurance of actual issuance of a license is given with this course. Spring. 10.67 30.00 32.00
CNST250 A preparatory course to apply for the New Mexico G.B. 98 license. No assurance of actual issuance of a license is given with this course. Fall.
CNST293 Various topics related to Construction Technology. May be repeated for credit, no limit. 102.00 231.00 310.00
CNST295 An individualized course of study within the psychomotor domain. Upon demand Prerequisite: Program Coordinator approval. 14.00 46.67 45.00
CNST299 This course to provides actual work experience. Upon demand Prerequisite: instructor approval. 0.33 20.00 1.00

"CNST: Construction Technology "Three Fall Subject Average - Enroll: 325.00 Capacity: 734.00 Credits: 1,094.00'