The University of New Mexico
CRT: Collision Repair Technology Catalog Description

  Three Year Fall Semester Average
Course Catalog Description Enrollment Section
CRT101 History of Auto Body, auto body materials, parts of an automobile, a hand and power tools, methods of strengthening, sheet metal, using fillers, and plastics for panel repair. 6.67 6.67 26.67
CRT103 Detailed study of the uses and properties of paint and refinish equipment, used in the trade for undercoats and topcoats. 6.00 6.67 24.00
CRT105 Frames, sheet metal, torch uses, heating and cutting, brazing, soldering, and set up of equipment.
CRT106 To teach the students the repair and replacement of structure.
CRT107 Auto glass replacement and restraint systems, restraint system repairs, windshield, door glass, back glass, replacement, operation air bag system, operation of seat belt, and child safety seat. 7.00 6.67 28.00
CRT108 Mechanical repairs include tasks such as replacing water pump, radiator, or engine bracket. Mechanical components like these are often damaged in a major collision. Electrical repairs include tasks such as repairing several wiring replacing engine sensors, and scanning for computer or wiring problems.
CRT110 Theory and design of plastics, their uses and the repair of plastic in the auto field.
CRT115 Advance course designed to give the student the skills needed to perform spot repairs along with tint and toning of paints to achieve a color match. 16.67 33.33 60.00
CRT120 Teaches theory, diagnosis, basic sheet metal work, steering-suspension, and the difference between perimeter and unibody construction.
CRT121 To teach students the repair and replacement of structural components. 11.67 13.33 40.00
CRT122 Measuring principles and techniques is the study of modern measuring concepts and use of reference manual. 5.00 6.67 15.00
CRT124 Detailed study of anchoring, pulling equipment, pulling concepts, and stress relieving in body repair.
CRT210 Modern graphics, frames, design, and pin-striping. New paint systems and spray equipment. 20.00 33.33 73.33
CRT211 Restore car and truck to original shape. Leading rust repair panel, replacement of weather.

"CRT: Collision Repair Technology "Three Fall Subject Average - Enroll: 73.00 Capacity: 106.67 Credits: 267.00'