The University of New Mexico
CT: Computer Technology Catalog Description

  Three Year Fall Semester Average
Course Catalog Description Enrollment Section
CT101 Fundamentals of using microcomputers; Logging on, saving work to disks, operating system basics, using software, using the UNM-LA network. 4.00 13.67 4.00
CT102 An overview of the use of computers and data processing in today's society. Discusses PC history, terminology, and applications. Introduces the rudiments of a word processor (Word), a PC database (Access), and a PC spreadsheet (Excel) 61.67 88.67 208.33
CT103 Basic terminology and practical applications of spreadsheets: moving around the spreadsheet, commands, formatting, function operations, printing, and graphing. CR/NC 2.00 4.67 2.00
CT104 Introduces fundamentals of relational databases and database software; basics of database creation, entering and editing data, creating and using forms, creating and printing reports, customizing fields and tables, and integrating with other data sources and the Internet. CR/NC 5.33 14.00 5.33
CT106L   16.67 18.00 50.00
CT107L   14.00 14.67 42.00
CT108L   14.67 23.00 44.00
CT109L   8.00 17.00 24.00
CT110L   15.00 14.67 45.00
CT111 Entry-level course intended for the technician or draftsperson interested in the use of computer aided design in an engineering environment. Prerequisite: C T 101LT or C T 102LT, and a basic knowledge of drafting techniques. 0.67 8.33 2.00
CT113L   11.67 13.33 35.00
CT114L   13.00 14.67 39.00
CT115L   10.00 14.67 30.00
CT119 Topics will include two and three-dimensional drafting, three-dimensional wireframe and hidden line modeling, and basic system automation utilizing script files, menu customization, and the AutoLISP programming language. Prerequisite: C T 111. 5.00 7.00 15.00
CT122 (Previously CT 120LT). Course introduces the student to Macintosh computers, computer terminology, hardware and software. Topics covered include using the Macintosh operating system, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and basic Internet applications. 3.67 5.67 11.00
CT125 (Prevously CT 105LT). Overview and demonstration of Macintosh and its programs. Topics include the Macintosh operating system (file and folder management, using disks, system preferences settings), and the basics of typical applications such as word processing, spreadsheets, desktop publishing, databases, and web browsing. 14.67 14.67 44.00
CT126 (Previously CT 106LT). The use of Microsoft Word for the Macintosh computer. Prerequisite: CT 125. (Previously CT 105LT)
CT127 (Previously CT 107LT). The use of Microsoft Excel on the Macintosh computer. Prerequisite: CT 125 (Previously CT 105LT)
CT128 Introduces the student to the fundamentals of using the Internet from a Macintosh computer in the UNM-Los Alamos local area network. This course will cover the local area network, the background of the Internet, and the many resources available to the Internet user, such as electronic mail, FTP file transfer, Usenet news groups, and World Wide Web sites. A fundamental knowledge of using the Macintosh is assumed.
CT129 (Previously CT 109LT). Introduces page layout software for desktop publishing. Topics include placing text and graphics on the page, type manipulation and formatting, graphics placement and text flow, basic drawing tools, and plug-ins. Prerequisite: CT 125 (Previously CT 105LT)
CT131L   1.00 10.00 1.00
CT140L   3.67 17.00 3.67
CT143 Designed to introduce students to using Microsoft Word. Students will learn to create and save documents, using existing documents and how to edit their text. Students will also learn to delete selected text and undo margins and tabs. 1.00 7.33 1.00
CT144 Introduction to creating web pages using hypertext Markup Language (HTML). Students learn to edit HTML in a text editor, create basic web pages, and learn the functions of basic HTML tags for formatting text, linking pages, placing graphics, making tables, and using frames.
CT148 Fundamentals of Microsoft Outlook: sending and receiving messages, managing schedules, arranging meetings, creating contact lists, recording tasks, making journal and notes entries, and integrating and customizing Microsoft Outlook.
CT165 This course is an introduction to making and designing web pages using HTML generating software. Students learn how to make well-designed web pages from simple to the complex. Site creation with text, graphics, tables, Cascading Style Sheets, and simple animation effects are included. Design principles as they apply to the World Wide Web are also presented. (Cross-listed as IT165). No knowledge of HTML is required. 5.00 11.00 15.00
CT170 Designed to introduce students to fundamentals of working in the INTERNET from a PC, UNM-Los Alamos local network. Covers local area network, background of INTERNET, and services available and electronic mail. Prerequisites: CT 101 or CT 102
CT175L   4.33 5.33 13.00
CT190L   1.33 2.00 4.00
CT192 Titles will vary. CR/NC.
CT193 Titles will vary.
CT195L   1.33 1.67 4.00
CT201 A basic understanding of the hierarchical, network and relational database models, with emphasis placed on relational model. Introduces fundamentals of relational databases and database software. Students will construct a relational database using current UNM-LA microcomputer software. Prerequisite: C T 102 or CT 104 or CS 150L.
CT202 Introduces fundamentals of spreadsheets and spreadsheet software; formatting, formulas and functions, charts and objects, sorting and filtering, data validation, consolidated views and reports, pivot tables and charts, software auditing and collaborative tools, and integrated spreadsheet applications. Prerequisite: CT 102 or CT 103 or CS 150L. 3.00 11.33 9.00
CT203 Introduction to Desktop Publishing software and page design concepts on the personal computer. Topics: importing files, interaction with word processor/text editor, creating/using style sheets, editing/manipulating text, simple graphics, desktop publication. Cross-listed as DMA 203LT. Prerequisite: CT 125 or CT 122 (Previously C T 105LT or C T 120LT). 1.00 11.33 3.00
CT207L   13.67 18.67 41.00
CT210L   11.67 14.67 35.00
CT211L   6.33 8.00 19.00
CT213L   1.33 4.00 4.00
CT216L   0.00 1.67 0.00
CT293 Titles will vary. 29.00 82.67 59.00
CT296 A work-study program with local industry to give the student practical experience in an industrial environment. Prerequisites: Third or fourth semester standing and permission of the Technology Coordinator. CR/NC. 0.00 10.00 0.00

"CT: Computer Technology "Three Fall Subject Average - Enroll: 283.67 Capacity: 503.33 Credits: 812.33'