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DEHY: Dental Hygiene Catalog Description

  Three Year Fall Semester Average
Course Catalog Description Enrollment Section
DEHY205 Introduction to Dental Hygiene is a comprehensive overview of major topics and issues germane to the practice of dental hygiene. Topics selected in this course are intended to provide entering dental hygiene students with an understanding of the role of the dental hygienist in disease prevention, therapeutic services provided by dental hygienists and professional growth. {Spring} Restriction: DH majors only. 23.67 30.00 47.33
DEHY210 Anatomy of head and neck with emphasis on oral structures and their function. Three lectures. {Spring} Restriction: DH majors only. 24.00 30.00 72.00
DEHY211   23.67 30.00 47.33
DEHY250 Study of cells, tissues, organ systems and embrology with emphasis on the oral structure. Restriction: DH majors only. 24.00 30.00 48.00
DEHY301 Provides student with the theoretical basis to perform clinical dental hygiene. Topics covered include: intra- and extraoral examination procedures, periodontal tissue characteristics, occlusion and basic dental hygiene instrumentation. Restriction: DH majors only.
DEHY302 Dental Hygiene 302 provides the student with hands-on experiences in a clinical setting. Students practice dental hygiene evaluative and instrumentation skills learned in 301. Restriction: DH majors only.
DEHY303 Theories and clinical performance of specific dental hygiene treatment concerns as well as biomedical/dental concerns are emphasized. Content includes nutritional counseling, intraoral photography, periodontal debridement and microscopic evaluation of plaque samples. Restriction: DH majors only. 23.67 30.00 47.33
DEHY304 DH 304 refines assessment and instrumentation skills. Emphasis is focused upon developing case management skills relative to periodontal debridement, dietary counseling, desensitization, phase contrast microscopy, subgingival irrigation and other related preventive skills. Restriction: DH majors only. 23.67 30.00 71.00
DEHY312 Didactic, laboratory and clinical course which includes basic concepts for radiation physics, radiation biology and protection, exposure techniques, film processing and mounting, quality assurance and radiographic appearance of normal and some abnormal anatomic landmarks. Restriction: DH majors only.
DEHY312L .
DEHY320 A survey of materials used in dentistry and dental hygiene and dental laboratory procedures. Restriction: DH majors only. 23.67 30.00 47.33
DEHY330 This course includes the Etiology of prevalent oral diseases with a focus upon developing the education skills necessary to counsel dental hygiene patients. Dental and periodontal charting techniques are introduced. Restriction: DH majors only.
DEHY335 An introduction to emergency situations in the dental office with emphasis on taking and recording health/dental history and procedures required to prevent occurrence of an emergency situation. {Fall} Restriction: DH majors only.
DEHY340 Pathology of the head and neck and the major diseases that affect the oral cavity. Two lectures. {Spring}
DEHY370 A didactic course with topics covered to include medically and physically compromised patients, management of the geriatric population and hospital dentistry. Assigned rotations with affiliated health care facilities are a part of 440. Restriction: DH majors only. 23.67 30.00 47.33
DEHY400 In depth discussions focusing on current issues facing the dental hygiene discipline. Restriction: DH majors only. 25.67 60.00 77.00
DEHY401 Advanced clinical concepts and procedures. Restriction: DH majors only.
DEHY402 Students refine DH skills while learning new techniques. Emphasis is placed upon the quality of care the student renders. Restriction: DH majors only.
DEHY403 This course is designed to emphasize treatment of medically compromised patients. Guest speakers representing various dental specialties are also included. Restriction: DH majors only. 23.00 30.00 46.00
DEHY404 Clinical course which helps the student develop time management skills necessary for private practice and provides an environment necessary to further develop the students periodontal skills through routine periodontal treatment and periodontal surgery. Restriction: DH majors only. 24.00 30.00 96.00
DEHY407 Topical research and new procedures that cannot be accommodated in the regular dental hygiene curriculum. Hours arranged. Offered on a CR/NC basis only. Restriction: DH majors only. 9.00 90.00 9.67
DEHY410 Developing of research in regard to special areas in dental hygiene with emphasis on writing reports. Restriction: DH majors only.
DEHY422 Study of the dental care delivery system in the world today and a global perspective of the science of oral disease prevention. Restriction: DH majors only.
DEHY423 Application of principles and objectives studied in 422. Students will plan and develop specific educational programs for schools, hospitals, nursing homes, mental retardation centers and other groups in the community. Prerequisite: 422. Restriction: DH majors only. 22.67 24.00 22.67
DEHY440 Provides the student with the opportunity to achieve educational and clinical skills and in depth knowledge in various dental care delivery systems. Restriction: DH majors only. 26.33 40.00 62.67
DEHY442 Introduction to dental hygiene professional ethics, professional association, principles, laws, regulations and office management. Restriction: DH majors only. 24.00 28.00 48.00
DEHY470 Didactically covers basic biological principles and the prevention and treatment of periodontal disease. Three lectures. {Fall} Restriction: DH majors only. 23.67 28.00 71.00
DEHY475 Didactically covers periodontal surgeries maintenance and support periodontal services. Restriction: DH majors only.
DEHY480 Instruction and clinical practice in the administration of local anesthetic agents and other pain control treatment modalities. Restriction: DH majors only.
DEHY500 Restriction: DH majors only. 2.33 10.00 7.00
DEHY501 Restriction: DH majors only. 5.33 10.00 16.00
DEHY502 Restriction: DH majors only.
DEHY503 Restriction: DH majors only. 5.67 10.00 17.00
DEHY504 Restriction: DH majors only. 3.67 10.00 16.00
DEHY505 Restriction: DH majors only.
DEHY507 Topical research and new procedures that cannot be accommodated in the regular dental hygiene curriculum. Restriction: DH majors only. 3.33 10.00 10.00
DEHY510 Developing of research in regard to special areas in dental hygiene with emphasis on writing reports. Restriction: DH majors only.
DEHY560 Restriction: DH majors only. 0.67 30.00 2.00
DEHY561 Restriction: DH majors only.
DEHY562 Restriction: DH majors only.
DEHY599 Continuation of research, culminating in Master s Degree Thesis. The student is responsible for following procedures of the Office of Graduate Studies. Restriction: DH majors only. 3.00 16.67 9.00

"DEHY: Dental Hygiene "Three Fall Subject Average - Enroll: 392.33 Capacity: 666.67 Credits: 937.67'