The University of New Mexico
DRFT: Drafting Technology Catalog Description

  Three Year Fall Semester Average
Course Catalog Description Enrollment Section
DRFT101 Lettering Techniques of mechanical drafting, drafting constructions, shape descriptions. Orthographic projection drawings, geometry, sketching, and sectional views.
DRFT102 A continuation of DRFT 101*, taking in the drawings of sectioning, intersections, and developments. Dimensioning and Pictorial drawings. Prerequisites: DRFT 101* and MATH 115. 8.33 12.00 25.00
DRFT115 Students build CAD skills, create production drawings, and develop a CAD library of symbols. Prerequisite: DRFT 105 or instructor approval. 17.67 18.00 53.00
DRFT119 Fundamentals of technical industrial communication: drafting, sketching, blueprint reading, layout work in specialized areas; visualization and interpretation of blueprints and sketches of parts, assemblies, and processes. Prerequisite: DRFT 101L 4.67 13.33 14.00
DRFT125 Students build skillsfrom AUTO CADI, utilization ofsoftware and 3-D drawing concepts. Prerequisites: DRFT 115*. 12.67 18.00 38.00
DRFT135 Auto CAD Level III is an advanced CAD course. Using Auto CAD software, students continue to build on CAD skills created in Auto CAD Level II. Advanced 3-dimensional drawing and advanced customization. This course is designed for the experienced CAD user who wants a greater understanding of the advanced customizing features of Auto CAD. Teaches the student advanced 3D and customization of CAD software. Prerequisite: DRFT 125. Upon demand.
DRFT141 An introductory course in drafting designed to help the student interpret the ideas of others and to express his/ her own ideas in an understandable manner through drawings. It will stress the necessary skills and processes used in architectural drafting. The students will have the opportunity to develop their own originality and ingenuity. Taught through classroom and laboratory experiences.
DRFT241 Principles of architectural design and residential/light commercial construction. Development and use of elevations, plans and details for designing and developing residential structures and light commercial, working drawings to include pictorial drawings and portfolio development. Prerequisite: DRFT 141*. 8.33 12.00 25.00
DRFT293 For special course offerings, seminars, and workshops in various areas of drafting. It will be taught on an as needed basis. Upon demand. 9.00 28.00 27.00
DRFT295 An individualized course of study within the psychomotor domain. Prerequisite: Chairperson approval. Spring, Fall. 1.67 20.00 8.00

"DRFT: Drafting Technology "Three Fall Subject Average - Enroll: 62.33 Capacity: 121.33 Credits: 190.00'