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EDPY: Educational Psychology Catalog Description

  Three Year Fall Semester Average
Course Catalog Description Enrollment Section
EDPY303 Principles of human growth and development across the life span and implications for education. 152.33 174.67 457.00
EDPY310 The basic principles of learning, particularly cognition, motivation and assessment, and their application to classroom situations. 146.33 161.67 439.00
EDPY391 May be repeated for credit, no limit.
EDPY472 Provides educators with skills in assessment and knowledge of issues in measurement and assessment. Skills necessary to understand and communicate large-scale test information are also developed. 0.33 16.67 1.00
EDPY500 Overview of quantitative and qualitative research methods for research consumers. Emphasis is on locating published research and reading research reports with critical understanding of researchers methods of data collection and analysis. 8.00 8.33 24.00
EDPY502 Non-technical overview of statistical methods in educational research; computation is not covered. Emphasis on developing critical understanding of statistical methods and results when reading and interpreting research, not on producing research or calculating statistics. Pre- or corequisite: 500. 15.00 16.67 45.00
EDPY503 Principles of human growth and development, which include cognitive, psychosocial and physical development across the life span, with a particular focus on educational implications. 56.00 73.33 168.00
EDPY504 Provides open lab, practicum-style opportunity to learn SPSS for Windows. First five weeks (1 unit) cover introduction, orientation and basics. Remainder covers other techniques (1-2 credits) by arrangement with instructor. Prerequisite: 511. Restriction: permission of instructor.
EDPY505 Provides students with skills for designing quantitative educational research, including identifying a problem, reviewing literature, formulating hypotheses, considering ethical issues, selecting participants, selecting or constructing measures, making valid inferences, writing reports. 22.67 25.00 68.00
EDPY510 Research and theory in learning, particularly cognition, motivation and assessment, with emphasis on educational implications.
EDPY511 Foundations of statistical methods for research producers. Covers sampling methods, descriptive statistics, standard scores, distributions, estimation, statistical significance testing, t-tests, correlation, chi-square and effect size using SPSS for Windows and computation. Pre- or corequisite: 505. 26.33 24.00 79.00
EDPY513 Characteristics of the aging process and theories about aging which have special relevance for educators dealing with adults.
EDPY515 Covers survey research from item writing and survey development to sampling, administration, analysis and reporting. Emphasizes applications and interpretations in educational and social science research and use and interpretation of statistical software for survey research. Prerequisite: 511. 10.00 15.00 30.00
EDPY520 The course promotes understanding of current theories and research in motivation with an emphasis on applications in educational settings. Strategies for establishing motivation-rich environments will be developed. 4.67 5.00 14.00
EDPY524 Students will be introduced to several ways computers may be used in educational settings. Also programming in BASIC. Restriction: permission of instructor.
EDPY565 (Also offered as LING, PSY 565.) 1.33 2.33 4.00
EDPY572 Provides educators with skills in assessment and knowledge of issues in measurement and assessment. Skills necessary to understand and communicate large-scale test information are also developed. 20.33 25.00 61.00
EDPY574 A survey of classical and modern approaches to measurement and assessment as applied to education and/or psychology. Includes measurement and scaling, reliability and validity, traditional and alternative assessment methods. Prerequisite: 511. 2.67 8.33 8.00
EDPY586 Prerequisite: an introductory course in the psychology of personality. An introductory course in women studies is recommended but not essential. Prerequisite: PSY 331. 4.00 5.67 12.00
EDPY591 May be repeated to a maximum of 6 credit hours for Masters Plan I and a maximum of 12 credit hours for Masters Plan II. 1.67 166.67 3.00
EDPY593   10.00 15.67 26.33
EDPY598   1.67 116.67 6.00
EDPY599 Offered on a CR/NC basis only. 0.67 141.67 2.00
EDPY603 Includes factorial analysis of variance (ANOVA), planned comparisons, post hoc tests, trend analysis, effect size and strength of association measures, repeated measures designs. Emphasis on solving applied problems using statistical analysis with computer software. Prerequisite: 511. 13.33 17.00 40.00
EDPY604 Includes bivariate regression, multiple regression with continuous and categorical independent variables and interactions, orthogonal and nonorthogonal designs and selected post hoc analyses. Computer analysis, conceptual understanding and applications to educational research are stressed. Prerequisite: 603. 4.33 6.00 13.00
EDPY606 Advanced statistical techniques including discriminant function analysis, multivariate analysis of variance, canonical correlation, principal components analysis and exploratory factor analysis. Emphasis on conceptual understanding and use and interpretation of computer software. Prerequisites: 603. Grading Option: A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, F, CR/NC. 8.33 22.00 25.00
EDPY607 Theory, application, interpretation of Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) techniques. Includes covariance structures, path diagrams, path analysis, model identification, estimation and testing; confirmatory factor analysis, structural equation modeling and linear structural relations using latent variables. Prerequisite: 604 or 606.
EDPY610 An examination of selected research and theory on learning and cognition in specific domains with emphasis on application to classrooms or other learning situations. 2.33 5.00 7.00
EDPY613 Examination of selected topics in research and theory relevant to human growth and development, including implications for instruction and child rearing. May be repeated once for credit when topics differ.
EDPY645 Seminar introduces students to current research topics and professional issues in Educational Psychology. 4.00 4.67 12.00
EDPY650 Offered on a CR/NC basis only. 4.00 4.00 12.00
EDPY651 Seminar introduces advanced students to current research designs and controversies, statistical analysis techniques and computer applications. Prerequisites: 603.
EDPY674 Topics and issues in measurement, including generalizability theory, item response theory, differential item functioning, test development, bias, and fairness. Corequisite: 604. Prerequisite: 574 and 603.
EDPY696 Offered on a CR/NC basis only. 1.67 141.67 6.00
EDPY698   2.00 141.67 6.00
EDPY699 Offered on a CR/NC basis only. 12.00 158.33 76.67

"EDPY: Educational Psychology "Three Fall Subject Average - Enroll: 536.00 Capacity: 1,502.67 Credits: 1,645.00'