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ENGF: Engineering-Freshmen Catalog Description

  Three Year Fall Semester Average
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ENGF130 This course presents an overview of the earth's ecosystems and various threats to the environment resulting from our way of living. Problems of pollution of our ground and surface water, ozone depletion, gaseous and particulate pollution of our atmosphere, and production of hazardous wastes of all types are discussed; groundwork is laid for study of possible alleviation of the problem.
ENGF131 A continuation of ENGF 130. The sources of energy, their use and misuse, are studied. Environmental and human health problems associated with air, water and land pollution are discussed in detail.
ENGF193 Titles will vary.
ENGF201 An introductory study of chemical and radiological materials that are potentially threatening to human safety or health, and procedures to use in working around and with them. Topics include identification of such materials and their particular threat. Practices to follow to avoid occurrences in incidents or to mitigate the damage; and an overview of federal and state standards and regulations. Prerequisite: CHEM 121L.
ENGF222 Elementary concepts of atomic and nuclear structure. Radioactive decay, radiation effects and shielding, radiation detection and measurement techniques, and special problems in waste management presented by radioactive materials are covered. Prerequisities: CHEM 121L and MATH 150.
ENGF293 Titles will vary.

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